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  1. im really confused (its not hard) im working my way through the t28htc missions, anyway ive got spg, td and heavy all done with honours = 15 commendations right? however it states i have 19 out of 20 commendations, so i was thinking 4 were carried over from the stugg but i only got 20 there and moved on so ive gone back and just finished the stugg lt15 mission (without honours) and its not given me any extra so where have the 4 extras come from ?
  2. cheers lazer gun installed now grind the engine
  3. got the engine and top gun left to grind, which first?
  4. tell me about it, Leo PTA weakist ammo rack ever, I watch the replay this evening it wasn't even a aimed shot
  5. thaks for the platooning today it was great fun, except for the ammo rack i had 30secs into the first game
  6. thanks for platooning today it was great

    1. kukis12345


      Thanks as well! It was fun, we can do the same next time since most of the time I am too bored to play alone :P

    2. HawkT1


      deff, I sent a friend request ill be back on Monday I'm working the weekend

  7. thanks for all the imput guys, ive played 30 games with the 15 now and well, i hate it, ok it can derp well but the reload, appears easier to keep tanks perma-tracked, and then i just unload on them
  8. it appears to be personal preference?
  9. ive recently got the waffle 4 and am still using the stock gun, but which gun do i go for and why? thanks
  10. im always up for a platoon, im on most days from 9am - 7pm GMT
  11. is there any updates to this, as ive been playing this today for the first time in ages and well it appears to be massivly buffed, the snipping ability has improved imensly ans well it seems to overall play better and earn more
  12. are the servers down again ive just been booted out and cant get back in
  13. i cant get into either the 1 or 2 eu server are they down?
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