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  1. Managed to log back into my wotlabs account

    Anything interesting going on?

    1. kolni


      dead forum in regards to content unless someone takes to time to make any, mostly just game updates being discussed by a better playerbase than the official forums now

      the 2 wotlabs discords are more active, the wotlabs chat discord and the official wotlabs discord

    2. punishersal


      We have the 0(O) thing going on

    3. echo9835
  2. I'm basically a corpse so haha what even is my opinion but the t28 was bad largely due to comically inaccurate gun forcing it to close range where its armor that only worked if it was directly pointed at someone was ineffective and easilly abused due to potato speed. idk what exact changes were but it would still be pretty trash even if the front armor was upgraded above "decoration" T95 seems like speed buff is counteracted by permanently being reduced to a 50% crew. and yes, gc is still a poor brittish mans house put on treads and told to lob potatos at kv2s @BedakCoa
  3. I'm makin some of ye olden catfish for anyone whos interested (BoVT6Ve.jpg these things)


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    2. leggasiini


      Its been quite a while...how are ya m8

      As masochist IRL as u were in tenks? :minidoge:

    3. zapyoug


      Well if you count crippling insomnia as mashochism then yes

      also rip reply speed, haven't been around much :fat:

    4. leggasiini


      well dont worry, im not much around here on wotlabs either, so face the wrath of even worse reply speed :serb:

  4. Darned kids, back in my day, above 3 fps was good
  5. ideally you should just be playing for safe aggression whenever you can. Bully peoples HP away as fast as you while burning as little of your own HP as possible. The alternative being yolo damage for situations when your team is getting wiped and you need to clean up. Thats the idea in theory atleast. I quit wot months ago so I might be behind in the cancermeta
  6. There is no such thing as too much aggression, just make sure you don't die during the yolo.
  7. that gif is the exact mental image I get whenever someone asks me if I'm coming back to wot
  8. From what I've heard, war thunder is just as shitty as wot What'dya think?
  9. I think the real question is why the hell are you still playing this game?
  10. You can actually tackdamage the maus, you just need to avoid the side skirt.... It's an incredibly narrow shot but its possible, same goes for the type5 really but with a significantly larger margin of error.
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