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  1. So I did a full wipe of my toaster and brought it back to life

    Only problem is that mother fucking norton antivirus is on the fucking computer by default (its an old pos HP) 

    how do I get rid of this shit? :duneven:

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    2. TheMarine0341


      @Folterknecht I do have arealy old laptop where its actually impossible for me to uninstall Norton. It ask for my windows key and an active Norton account to get it uninstalled. Using some of the uninstallers floating around, those just make it unhappy but still there. Finally gave up. Its annoying as shit. I couldnt even install something like Security Essentials though, because it would be seen by norton as a threat even if norton wasn't running

    3. Folterknecht




      Thats why I suggested a clean install in my first post

    4. TheMarine0341
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