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  1. That's what divisions are for. To coordinate and have a strategy with other players. Pubbies usually don't do that, they'll go whatever direction best suites them except the one that works best for the team.
  2. Psycodriver, We have a friends and family clan if you want some tags to avoid getting random invites. We are trying to build it up with active people, but at this point there is no need to feel obligated for divisions and other clan activities. Although we have plenty of people to division with if you choose.
  3. Updated our post to include information about OXIDE. Both OXIDE and RUST are recruiting.
  4. Premium time seems to be more rare than getting a ship, so congrats on getting 180 days.
  5. Dreadnought looks really cool, but I found it a little lacking. Hopefully it's improved since I last played it.
  6. We've got a couple of spots available if anyone is interested in joining.
  7. On the NA server the in-game premiums are on sale. Good time to buy. Not sure about other servers.
  8. The problem isn't that CV's are OP or UP. It's that there is a huge difference between a CV played by good players and one played by average or even bad players. It's almost a guaranteed loss if the average or bad player is on your side and the good player is on the other side.
  9. You don't need to pick every single plane either, just squadrons. Maybe a CV is limited to 5 squadrons, the player would have the capability to select what plane types those squadrons could be . I don't think that is too hard for the average player to understand.
  10. I've been thinking that would be for the best for a long time.
  11. Is that the Hood? If it is, then no bueno. The Hood broke into to many pieces.
  12. Sure drop on by. Most of us are on in the evenings US times, but there are some people on throughout the day. We also allow Bismarks, but only if you have the Rusted sunken camo for it.
  13. No experience so far. Time limitation prevents me from playing. As for my clan it's not doing so well, again mainly due to our better players and callers not being able to make the restrictive time. So we've been relying on our lower skilled players going in to battle with callers that have little to no experience. GG WG.
  14. Picked up the Moskva last night. Played one random in it to retrain my captain (I'm cheap). It seems like a very good ship. AP does major damage, and HE has good fire chance. I think the DM is a better DD killer with it's good concealment, high DPM, and longer radar (nearly 1 min with mod). The Moskva seems like a better all-round ship doing well against all ship classes. So far I'm following @OnboardG1 advise for captain skills. Although I'm not sold on vigilance, since RL and hydro give you a sense of where torps will be coming from, and you should have some ships screening out in front. My
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