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  1. Nice. Although, I've found though that the wiki doesn't always go into the details and calculations behind a mechanic. At least it's been that way for WOT, and it took WG a long time to provide details about WOWS dispersion mechanics.
  2. Yes I think they have that too. I'm also pretty sure it gets harder to start fires on ships that have already been on fire. This is one area that WG is awful at, no go documentation or place to go to find out exactly how game mechanics work.
  3. This gave him an indication that you were not stationary, and the direction you were moving. You are right though that he did have RNG. Getting distance right is difficult on non-targeted ships.
  4. When AR was implemented this was not the case, but WG said they would make it work on secondary's. Have they done this already?
  5. That's not how cumulative probabilities is calculated with multiple independent events. You are calculating it as X1+X2+X3 ... = 1.17 where X is the probability of starting a fire and the number represent the number of shells hitting. You can't have more than a 100% chance of starting a fire. The equation you need to use is 1 - X^N where N is the number of hits. So with three shells landing your cumulative probability would be 1 - .39^3 = .94 or 94%. If all 8 shells land it's 1 - .39^8 = .999 or 99.9% chance of starting a fire. With all that being said, I landed four HE hits with a BB tha
  6. I believe the Moskva is suppose to be at 21, but correct me if I'm wrong. Yamato: 25 Montana: 18Großer Kurfürst : 18 Zao: 22 Des Moines: 19 Hindenburg: 24Moskva: 21 Minotaur: 21Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 20 -3 = 17 Why get this RU DD when you have the option of getting the Khab?Khabarovsk: 21 + 1 = 22 I don't have it, but it can be a pain in the ass to fight if played well.Hakuryu: 17
  7. and what are you down voting? for every ship you up vote you have to down vote one. You can vote again. Just once per day.
  8. I can't tell what you are voting for. Are you voting the Khab up and down at the same time? Like conjay810 said you need to vote pos(+1) for one ship, and neg(-3) for another ship. No more or less. The easiest way to do that is to copy the list exactly from the person who voted prior to you and then adjust the numbers. Since Cheereereeios was on a tablet I'm includeing his votes, and you should use the list below. Also, I'm not counting the -1 that Crossfader gave the Khab because it was second downvote in one post, and he didn't downvote by the required -3. Yamato: 23Montana: 18
  9. The scoring got a little off. I've corrected it, so whoever votes next please copy my numbers below. Yamato: 23Montana: 18Großer Kurfürst : 21Zao: 20Des Moines: 17Hindenberg: 22 + 1 = 23 Great all-round cruiser, decent armor, good guns, decent AA. Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 11Minotaur: 21Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 17 Khabarovsk: 21 Hakuryu: 20 -3 = 17 Don't have it, but CV play is pretty boring in pubs and 99 times out of 100 I'd choose a regular ship.Midway: 8
  10. Good idea. I'm posting the rules below and adding them to the OP. Updated list with @Jarkorsis downvote. Yamato: 21 Montana: 21Großer Kurfürst : 20 Zao: 20Des Moines: 17Hindenberg: 20 Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 17Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 20 Khabarovsk: 21 Hakuryu: 20 Midway: 14
  11. Thanks @Rodrigopine and @publord, I've added you results an updated the list below. Yamato: 21 Montana: 21Großer Kurfürst : 20 Zao: 20Des Moines: 20Hindenberg: 20 Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 17Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 20 Khabarovsk: 21 Hakuryu: 20 Midway: 14
  12. Are you going to vote for a ship to eliminate? Also, updated the scoring since my vote from the OP didn't get included. Yamato: 21 Montana: 21Großer Kurfürst : 20 Zao: 20Des Moines: 20Hindenberg: 20 Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 20Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 20 Gearing: 20Z-52: 17Grozovoi: 20 Khabarovsk: 21 Hakuryu: 20 Midway: 17
  13. They've done this in tanks, but we haven't done it yet in Ships. You can vote once per day, one ships getting an up vote and another getting a down vote. All ships will start with 20 points, add 1 point to the ship you like, and take away 3 points from the ship you don't like. Rules: Here is my first vote. Yamato: 20Montana: 20 +1 = 21 Love the guns on this ship, and the citadel buff made it more tanky.Großer Kurfürst : 20 Zao: 20Des Moines: 20Hindenberg: 20 Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 20Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 20 Gearing: 20Z-52: 20Grozovoi: 20 Khabarovsk: 20 Hakuryu: 20 Mid
  14. The Montana is much harder to citadel now after the buff. With it's accuracy and fast reload it's a great CA killer. I also have the German tier ten BB and I enjoy the Montana more. Not saying that the Kurfurst is bad, I still like too play it but it's got a different play style and I like the Montana play style more.
  15. With different people some ships click and some ships don't.
  16. Everyone had mentioned the Hindenburg on the German line. While it is a great ship, and very fun to play, the Roon is also a great ship. In fact I think the Roon is a better cruiser compared to other tier 9 cruisers than the Hindenburg is compared to tier 10 cruisers. The konisberg and nurnburg are also fun cruisers but like people have said MM hurts then and you see too many tier 7 and 8 battles.
  17. You've got better players at those ranks. Over time more and more average and some bad players reach those ranks and you can start playing BB's like you do in other ranks. I'd recommend playing a little more conservative at first, wait until you do one of their shops make a mistake and then punish then as quickly as you can. Hopefully getting you team up a shop or two will allow you more freedom to play like you do in other ranks.
  18. Maybe they are just Rusty. I've been on a summer break from the game, so I can't tell you much about this season of ranked and how my guys are doing in any detail. From what I've read it seems like there is more frustration with the tier 6 players this season. Maybe that's a contribution factor for people. I tell my guys that ranked is all about streaks. If your losing and get frustrated stop and try again later. If your winning, keep playing.
  19. Jump on our Discord. https://discord.gg/yrYabbJ
  20. I haven't played for almost three months now, but I logged on last night to play a ranked battle to collect my rewards from reaching rank1 last season. I played two games (Shinonome, and Arizona) and here are some things I observed. New Mexico shooting only HE Lots of max range BB's who don't want to do things necessary for a win. Mostly BB's, hardly any CA's and DD's CA's get vaporized, one shot an Aoba in my Arizona Shinonome has pretty good torp wall, but I got outspotted easily by the Hatsu So basically everything bad that everyone else has been saying. Do
  21. Mesrith listed the primary skills that will make you better than 95% of the player base. There are also some minor skills that if mastered can help you be better than 99% of players. Things like angling/tanking, and repair management.
  22. I go full secondary for fun on my German tier 8-10 BB's. I don't bother with secondary builds on the IJN BB's. As for USN you can go both CE and AA, which is pretty nice.
  23. Thanks for letting us know. There are a few of us who can't play much this summer, so you're just joining the club. Maybe when clan battles start we'll get more strict on activity, but you're fine for now.
  24. Usually min/max'ing is the way to go like Rodrigopine suggested. There are few ships that benefit from improving weaknesses, but only if there are no other viable options. Although improving weaknesses can make those ships more enjoyable to play. For instance mods that improve turret rotation on RU destroyers makes them more comfortable to play in close range battles, but they will still be at a disadvantage to a DD that has good base turret rotation.
  25. I stopped playing this game shortly after CW2.0 came out, and have only played a handful of games since (mostly 1v1 tournaments). From what I'm reading from everyone in this thread is that things have only gotten worse, and there is even less of a reason to play tanks? At least they haven't shit on ships yet. It's still fun.
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