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  1. Sounds like someone has a man crush. I should tell you I'm already taken.
  2. We primarily do it when we have four people online. (Two divisions of two people.) Although I'm thinking it's better to either not sync or have three person division with the fourth person trying to sync individually.
  3. One thing that prevents sync ins is that match maker tries to put the same number of divisions on each team. So if there are only two or three divisions in queue then the odds aren't very good for being the same team. Sync ins will work best if there are a lot of other divisions. We've got enough people in RUST now that we might be able to try and sync three divisions, that should put at least two divisions on the same team. I've also wondered if it would be better to try and sync one division with a group of individuals. Individual syncs worked for us in ranked battles before.
  4. Sure thing, I've got an invite out to you. All our wotlabs people have been pretty cool, so I feel safe inviting wotlabers like yourself who meet our ability requirement. Also, here is the link to our discord server. https://discord.gg/yrYabbJ I also added it in the top post so any wotlaber can come join us even if their not interested in joining the clan.
  5. Sent you both a discord invite.
  6. You are still welcome to join us in divisions, and we can give you a few tips after watching you play. Many of us weren't that great when we first started, and have improved to where we are now. I quickly looked at your stats, and noticed that your win rate seems to decrease as you go up in tier. Take a break from grinding and go back to tier 4-5 and work on some of the ships you've played well in the past (Fubuki, Nicholas, Konigsberg) and figure out what you've been doing well in those ships. I'd also try to focus on one ship class so you don't have to worry about differences, maybe DD's fir
  7. Sure thing. I messaged you with the discord information.
  8. Rusty Old Frigates (RUST & OXIDE) Who Are We - Rusty Old Frigates is a group of like minded seamen interested in divisions, grinding ships, and competitive game play. Most of our players are Rusty and Old (30+) just like our ships, but we will accept anyone who meets our recruitment standards. Our community consists of two clans RUST and OXIDE. We are spread out across all US time zones, with most people playing during US prime time. While we like to be competitive and win games our primary mission is to have fun playing as a group. We participate in clan battles, operat
  9. You have more experience with competitive team play, so I defer to @OnboardG1 in that case. I was mostly speaking from a pub battle experience, where I've found that my BB AP is still sufficient enough to either kill or severely damage a DD that gets close enough to be spotted. My biggest weakness against DD's is when they appear while I'm in the middle of a reload and when expert loader doesn't seem to work. By time I finish reloading or switch to a different ammo I've already missed the opportunity against the DD.
  10. I haven't formed the clan yet, was hoping to do that tonight. Although if you've already got a Wotlabs group together I'd be interested in joining. Would you have room for the 6-7 other guys I mentioned? About half of them are wotlabs visitors, the other half are friends from tanks. If I join your clan I might still make my own and transfer ownership to my alt account just to reserve the name. I'd need another invite if I do that, but I'll let you know.
  11. The easiest thing for them to do will be recreate team battles under clans. Something similar to stronghold battles in tanks. This would most likely be tier 6 and tier 8 ships. I'm just guessing that tier 10 12v12 battles is still a year away. Also, I'm creating a clan if anyone wants to join. It's forming out of my team "Rusty Old Frigates". We are mostly blurples players and there are currently 6-7 very active people, with another 3-4 semi active. I'm going to create an official recruitment thread, so look for it if you are interested in joining. For the moment I'm just going to
  12. From my experience it only works when fully loaded. Personally I don't think it's a skill worth taking unless you use it with the Steven Segal captain. Even then I think it's only useful if you have him trained as a cruiser captain. DD's reload fast enough that the skill doesn't add much benefit, and BB's should mostly be using AP and it still takes about 8 seconds to switch which is enough time where you could miss the opportunity to use the different shell type.
  13. You can join me and my group. We mostly play during prime time to late.
  14. It depends which one. You need to check in game to see which ship has the most DPS in the large caliber AA guns. MAA is good on the Neptune, but I think the Minotaur might be better with AFT since the small caliber (highest DPS) guns get to 6.0km and the large out to 7.2 km. Although you could go either way with the Minotaur and be fine. Upgraded Neptune <85 mm = 330 dps , >85mm = 193 (501 MAA) dps Minotaur <85 mm = 376 dps , >85mm = 118 (306 MAA) dps
  15. The main problem with cruisers is their staying power. In my battleship the first ships I target are cruisers, because it's the fastest way to take guns away from the enemy team. Just giving them heal like the RN cruisers would fix many of the problems.
  16. I know AP penetration drops of at range. Did the same happen with HE? If so that does mean that boarder sniping really is the counter. Seems like the best fix for this skill is to limit it to guns under 150mm like to do with BFT.
  17. I've also been wondering this with secondary build BB's. I saw a video where someone tested it with a Bismark. The secondaries did a lot more damage with IFHE, but the fire was reduced about the same amount. One of the best things about a Bismark secondary build is that you can keep constant fires on the enemy, and I've even gotten wither with it. Anyone have any additional thoughts on using IFHE with secondary build ships like the Bismark.
  18. I also feel like it's kind of Meh, and I prefer the Leander as my go to tier 6 cruiser. I've also noticed that with the poor dispersion and 840 damage overpens I still end up with a good amount of damage done at the end of the match. I think this is mostly due to it's survivability (repair/good armor for a cruiser/decent mobility). Since it can last long into the match those 1-3 hits per salvo add up.
  19. Someone on Reddit created this graph showing the original pentration and with HEAP. Looks like the biggest benefit is really with DD's, but you can use this chart to see how well it will work for any gun.
  20. However, when tanks used to give you the gold value during a vehicle sale you could put in a support ticket to get the additional amount. You could always try this, but it might not be worth the effort since it's just credits you would be getting.
  21. While the the Gneisenau has decent secondaries they are not the force multiplier like they are on the Bismark. In fact I feel that the Nagato is a better secondary ship at tier seven, almost had a kraken close quarters with the Nagato over the weekend. For the Gneisenau I go with manual AA. Going with an AA build gives you better AA than the Atlanta minus the defensive fire consumable. You basically don't have to worry about CV's with an AA speced Gneisenau.
  22. I'm not sure how they do it in Ships, but in tanks if the tank is on sale then you get the discounted price.
  23. Agreed. It is kind of ridiculous that the Bismarck can spot DD's in smoke out to nearly 6 km.
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