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  1. Asus cards are way overpriced, browse r/buildapcsales and find a decent deal on a 1070 Ti or 1080, likely from MSI or EVGA. For only $25-50 more than a 1080 Strix card you could be getting a 1080 Ti that's on sale and there's been many sales the last couple months.
  2. If you decide to upgrade you might as well wait until Black Friday to see what deals are available. Next gen GPUs should be better stocked and 9th gen Intel will be here, although I wouldn't expect much for discounts on either of those items. Ryzen will likely have some discounts along with cases, motherboards, and especially SSDs.
  3. You're talking to someone who's a fucking addict over the last year or so about PC components. I browse that sub AT LEAST ten times a day along with nowinstock.net, slickdeals.net, and any other subreddit I can find on PC stuff. Right now I'm trying to find some good podcasts to listen to but the only one I've come across so far is This Week In Computer Hardware (TWiCH).
  4. If prices come down to the MSRP they promised on stage I may spring for a 2080 but if prices on 1080 Ti cards fall enough I may just settle for one of those instead, we'll see, I've got nothing but time and patience.
  5. "It's this many times faster than this blah blah blah" Yeah, maybe at Ray Tracing. Let's see some actual benchmarks first before we get all hyped about all the BS Jensen spewed in his way too long presentation today. I'll happily wait until around Black Friday for my new PC build. SSD prices keep going down, GPU prices on the new cards should be a bit more normalized and with more stock available, Intel 9th gen will be here, and Ryzen had great deals last Black Friday.
  6. The last two parts I ordered should arrive this week and I took a vacation day Monday so I should be all set to build this weekend.
  7. Do you folks think delidding my 8700K would be worth looking into before I put my new rig together? I've never done it before but I hear it drastically lowers temperatures. I don't think I'll be doing a lot of overclocking but I was wondering if it's worth delidding just to potentially increase the life span of the 8700K.
  8. Article doesn't give much context. Somehow I doubt these results but I'll wait until the embargo lifts on the 19th and the reviews come out. If it actually does I may sell my 8700K and Z370 motherboard I bought and make the switch. All my PC parts have arrived but I have not bothered to open any of them and start building yet.
  9. Decided to take the T34 out for a spin for the first time in quite a while:
  10. This is insurance in case I can't get the Asus ROG STRIX 1080 or 1080 Ti that I want:
  11. How are EVGA motherboards? Can't say I've heard of anyone using them or reviews on them.
  12. Well that's fine but as you can see I've already bought them: I'm well aware I won't get full use out of the NVMe SSD and won't really notice a difference but I went with it just for bragging rights plus I've always wanted one. As for the AIO, I've bought an NZXT case, NZXT fans, and an NZXT accessory so I want an NZXT AIO, just like my OCD compels me to buy the same brand GPU as motherboard (likely an Asus ROG Strix of each). I've got the money to do what I want with this build and I'm satisfied with what I've bought so far. I highly doubt I'll be doing any heavy overclocking of the
  13. I feel somewhat confident putting my new build together once I get everything bought but I'm still pretty out of the loop on the software side of things. Not sure what programs I need to download for benchmarking, temp monitoring, performance boosting, etc. Here's what I've purchased so far, more or less waiting for the right deal on a motherboard and GPU then I'm pretty much ready: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/M7PJ8Y
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