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  1. E33k5T5.jpg

    Alright, first time ever building a PC. I'll give it ten minutes before I fuck something up.

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    2. RollerCoaster47


      Got the diagnostic back from Micro Center and thankfully I didn't break anything. They said I probably just knocked a wire loose or something and that's why it was no longer displaying anything. They recommended I screw in the motherboard to ALL the standoffs on the case, but how do I do that if they don't all align? I think my motherboard had, maybe, eight standoff holes and only four or five of them aligned properly into the case.

    3. Assassin7


      well, they have to allign. theres no way they shouldn't. 

      maybe the case has the wrong standoffs in there, are there other holes in the backplate that you can screw extra standoffs into that would line up with the mobo holes? sometimes you have to do that yourself. 

    4. RollerCoaster47


      I'll probably have to. My motherboard only has eight standoff holes, and the bottom two are offset while my case, if I remember right, has the typical 9 standoffs in a rectangle pattern.

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