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  1. Thank you guys for the welcome :3 I actually know Kittikat from the official forum so i'm used to it's things.
  2. Hello everybody. My name is Yumei, I'm a player from the NA server although I'm European myself. I'am a Sub-Commander from the Girls und Panzer clan ''ANZIO'' and have come here to improve my game play. I'am a jack of all trades player (Not good but according to my clan-friends not bad either) although I perform better with medium and heavy tanks, but I enjoy Tank-destroyers and Artillery allot too. I'm currently working on becoming a better scout and trying to perform better in battles. My highest tier is a lone E-75 which I have recently fully upgraded and my lowest the tier 2 gift tanks. I like to platoon whenever possible and on occasion I join a TC. I hope this isn't a very crappy introduction xD With kind regarts Yumei.
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