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  1. Just met Private_Miros on EU1...  Wait... He's such an old EU player he predates labs :( (?)

    1. jodgi


      No, @Private_Miros, I was wrong... ofcourse you are a labber!

      Frickin' warms the heart.

    2. Wanderjar
  2. Umm... forgot to sign up for Great Race team. Noticed some referral option, anyone want to invite me?

    1. NightmareMk9


      I think that Invite/Referral is only for new players.  If you are talking about the one that gets you 200 racing points on the rewards page.

  3. I met the legend today:


    1. DirtyACE7


      Jesus! What's his story? Is he disabled/ill and spends all his time playing?

    2. jodgi


      Dunno. Someone did the numbers on his playing three years ago, as far as I recall thru concluded he's not just one person. But, dunno 

    3. WhatTheSkara


      multiple people playing on that account, it's active 24/7

  4. Do WG still do those crew training and skill reset discounts?

    1. Matross


      Yes, they come up time to time, just need to wait for the event.

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      They no longer do sales on crew training/retraining for credits, only sales on gold.

  5. QuickieQ: Does standard account players have access to three man toons in WoT these days? (honestly don't remember)

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      That was changed like 5 yrs ago, wtf

    3. kolni


      you're alive???? :PogChamp: 

    4. jodgi


      Hi, Kolni, baby!

  6. How many hours of play, or how many matches does it take to level up to T10 in wot? prem or no...

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    2. leggasiini


      It depends fucking alot.

      It can take between 400 - 4000 battles. 400 battles is possible to do in under week if you are crazy and play hella lot.

      I grinded Kranvagn in 400 battles. When i grinded it, i had purple recents, premium account and reserves activated basically all the time.

      I grinded FV215B in more than 4000 battles. I was bright red, didnt have premium and reserves didnt exist back then. No matter how much i played it took me ages to get it.


    3. jodgi


      Thanks guys. I'm involved in testing of Naval Action so was curious to see what kind of grinds we accept here.

    4. Archaic_One


      An IS-4 requires ~560k XP, IS-7 590k XP, and an E5 about 600k XP.  A few tier Xs require over 800K XP to earn, the average seems to be around 720k.  A really strong easy to play line like the IS-7 could be done in under 500 games by a good player using XP boost reserves.  On the other hand, arty are all up in the 800K XP range and arty is shit at earning XP, so 1K games would not be unexpected for a clicker driver to get tier X.  Or, what @leggasiini said, because I am a scrub and did not 'view previous comments'

  7. Naval Action Steam early access release!

    1. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      oohh, i forgot i had that game =p

    2. jodgi


      No arty in NA.

  8. There's almost no arti on EU now, it's wonderful!

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    2. X3N4


      I played 2. Thanks for the info, tomorrow I'll play on EU1 for sure :D

    3. Va1heru


      SEA got the micro patch today, I dount it'll take long for EU to get it

    4. Shifty_101st


      poor folkternekt........

  9. Good start today: http://imgur.com/xclqGSZ

    1. Haswell



    2. Haswell


      seriously though, great games in your lights

    3. ZXrage
  10. I'm in Gdansk, Poland. In siemkaland. What should/could I do?

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    2. _pip_


      Go to the old town for the beautiful buildings and girls, there is a cool bar there but I can't remember it's name. It is situated in an old meat shop or smth.

    3. _pip_


      Large windows on street level...

    4. Puppy_Goo_Goo


      Swift is right, eat pierogi till you explode. Then, if you aren't lazy, visit Westernplatte memorial, St. Mary's Church, Mariacka road, the Artus Court and the Zuraw Brama (Krantor). Drink Lech, Tyskie or Zywiec beer, the rest is meh; but still better than muricas pißwasser. Enjoy your trip; cigarettes are cheap in siemka_PL

  11. Saw this today after logging in, what is it? http://imgur.com/WhOapqe

  12. Sitting on a 737-800 going to Malaga, Spain

  13. I've got some pretty neat XVM camo: http://i.imgur.com/kndEqM9.png

  14. My father-in-law just told me he wanted to (re)buy a sailingboat. 15 mins from my home there will soon be an s-boat at my disposal... I'm soooo giddy...

  15. Saw a pubbie comment during a match on the stats of a certain 80%WR uni: "Stats doesn't say if you're a good player, they're just... stats"

  16. Anyone else that can't log into the new Tankinspector app?

  17. Historical battles on test: I'm curious if the crowded german queue and the empty US and soviet will carry over to live?

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    2. jodgi


      I'm actually planning to get a few of the underdog tanks from the US and soviet selection and try to spot the hell out of the fascists.

  18. Tooned with legit unis from FAME and EFE today. Closed my eyes and pretended all the hate and love from the pubbies were directed at me too. Might reroll just to have the plebs barking up my e-peen tree.

    1. jodgi


      errrr, was.

    2. Folterknecht


      dont forget to spam APCR in your KV1-S in that case

    3. jodgi


      pffft... CRAP ammo, I use HE for moar damage

  19. Testserver is full during the euro morning time... crazy

    1. ViktorKitov
    2. PityFool


      yea when I wake up its euro/russian evening and theres que's of 50k+

    3. adi
  20. Whew! No longer an arti sympathizer...

    1. RealBattousai


      good thing you are not on the main WoT forums with that comment, would have been immediately neg'd by the whack-a-moles.

    2. Private_Miros


      You should become one on NA.

  21. Usually the forum ranks/titles makes me chuckle... However, I'm an "Arty sympathizer" right now, I'm not amused.

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    2. KraftLawrence


      jeje one "click".

    3. jodgi


      Ok,ok.. If I suffer through, say, two months of that, could I be perma'd as "Arti anus lubricator" after?

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