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  1. In my clan, it's known as the Shitwagon. Not because it's shit, but because it's more fun that way. And it's also a quick refutation to people who insist on trying to bring them to CW.
  2. After one night, my experience is that Cleveland > Molotov for this season of ranked. Molotov did fine last season but the turning circle's killing it in the new meta. Cleve is more mobile, has more armor and just murders DDs.
  3. Bringing the Grille 15 into the game is the decision that more than anything shows WG doesn't know how to balance its own game. Damn things are a cancer on high-tier play.
  4. T1: Nope T2: Albany T3: None, Bogatyr's worth it. T3: None, Phoenix is worth it. T5: Keeping Koningsberg. Texas. Also the ARP Haruna and Kirishima. T6: Molotov, Cleveland. New Mexico is worth it. Farragut maybe. T7: Indianapolis, Sims. Pensacola, Colorado ... are you fucking kidding? Get that trash out of my port. T8: Tirpitz. North Carolina when I get it.
  5. Westfield - 31Pearl River - 31Karelia - 32Komarin - 6Live Oaks - 30Siegfried Line - 18Lakeville - 25Malinovka - 35Mittegard - 24Murovanka - 31 Mountain Pass - 21Port - 27Province - 28Prokhorovka - 17Redshire - 33Mines - 15 - 3 = 12 I agree with the consensus that this map has no place in high-tier battles.Ruinberg - 24Fisherman's Bay - 23Northwest - 31Hidden Village - 21Steppes - 31 + 1 = 32 Open map, fun times. Lots to do here for every type of tank.Serene Coast - 27 Swamp - 24Tundra - 24 - 3 = 21 Corridor map, but what's worse is the soft terrain that makes maneuvering painful.Widepark - 30C
  6. Brown trout to a guy on NA named RainaRuth, a chat-spamming, team-damaging true shitter. Been on his team once and played against him once. His team effectively plays a man down because he's too busy trolling teammates.
  7. So, when does the tier 7 elimination start?
  8. Pershing: 20 No match for the IS-3. IS-3: 99 A match for many tanks. Don't know what's going on with the formatting, it won't let me drop the italics and bold.
  9. Added. tried to send a clan invite but it wouldn't let me. Edit: Wouldn't let me send clan invite because roster's full atm. I could change that if need be.
  10. Pershing - 38 God-round APCR gives this the nod over the T32. T32 - 13 All of the tanks remaining are good ones, but there's not really a case for arguing the T32 is a better heavy than the IS-3. IS-3 - 95
  11. Pershing - 47 T32 - 33Obj 416 -19 Like the man said: "The least flexible tank here, though it is capable of outstanding things."IS-3 - 84 Best tier 8, period
  12. 110 = 6 Still doesn't have the dpm to compete.AMX 50 100 = 8 If you miss a full clip, you're doing something wrong.Pershing = 50 T32 = 33Obj 416 = 37IS-3 = 77
  13. 110 - 12 Armor's competitive, but the dpm isn't. Wants to be an IS-3, the gun means it's not.AMX 50 100 - 24Jagdpanther II - 24Pershing - 51T32 - 35 Toughest turret in the game. Unlike the other T30-series tanks, the hull's not completely shit, either.Obj 416 - 34IS-3 - 68
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