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  1. Anyone knows about some good invitation/bonus codes?? Starting a new alt and need some boosts. Want to grind tier X to get  T95E2 so I guess fastest way is going IS7 line right?

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    2. monjardin


      I saw a player yesterday with a name like New_Account_to_Get_T95E2. I chuckled. Wish I had done that to avoid all the “reroll” discussions in chat. 

      I’d play the T95E2 more despite the worst-in-class gun if it didn’t hemorrhage credits like mad. I don’t like having to grind credits just to be able to play a tier 8. It’s dumb. 

    3. snowdude21325
    4. _Dean_


      The Russian med lines aren't a bad grind. Pretty easy and not really too bad xp wise