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  1. Anyone did the 50TP  grind to 60TP with stock gun and engine?


    1. breeeze


      stay the hell away from the stock gun, the 130mm is what makes the tank and you don't want to run around with 245 APCR pen at tier 9. Engine is personal preference, I still picked it up because I'll 3 mark the tank eventually anyway but its playable without.

    2. MatzerMike


      I know tank is all about alpha, but I'm not planning on keeping it, just need to grind to tier X by the end of month. Tried couple of matches with everything stock (except turret) and it looks its not that bad so far. Gun is actually more acurate and has better gun handling, alpha is still ok and you also autopen sweadish TDs.

      But will se after more battles if I will be able to grind it to tier X or no.

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