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  1. So apparently 9/10 games during the cyka scorpion winter marathon with your tier X throws you into full tier X games. And if you do platoon wit other tier X, you get mostly games with tier VIII.. Looks like it's oppostite than compared to normal.

    Anyone wants to join for tier X platoon (EU) for marathon grinding?

  2. So, circa two weeks ago I bought the T-44-100 afer a long hestitation, for full price. Well guess what, today WG sells the tank with like 50% discount. Great timing on my part, good job me. Welp.

  3. Best third option for eqp. slot on T95? Optics or Sall-liner??


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    2. hazzgar


      @nabucodonsor it works for NON PENETRATING hits but since no He can penetrate you so it works.

    3. nabucodonsor


      So should I put it on my E3?

    4. simba90


      @nabucodonsor Give it a go, whats the worst that could happen, You find something else that doesn't work for you?

  4. Anyone did the 50TP  grind to 60TP with stock gun and engine?


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    2. breeeze


      if you want to torture yourself then go right ahead :serb:



      why even get a tank , its trash.

    4. breeeze


      wut? 50TP is awesome and 60TP looks like its just as good.

  5. MatzerMike

    My impressions of the Polish line (Wotlabs edition)

    Is the 50TP playable without the top engine? I not planning on keeping the tank and just want to grind through it fast to buy the tier X as it is on Top of the tree this month on EU. Was also thinking about grinding it with stock gun, but since this tank is all about alpha, that would be really dumb I guess.
  6. Any ideas how to fix this shit??

    wot error.png

    1. mostlyhybrid


      for me at least checking the install integrity and then restarting helped, but I don't know exactly what caused the problem and what exactly solved it.

    2. Haswell


      What does the log say?

  7. Anyone bought the Halloween event (EU at least, not sure if this is on NA too) bonuses +50%XP, creds and 200% free XP for gold right away?? The game mode itself is utter shit but the rewards seem like a nice boost, esp. since it stacks with regular prem time bonus.
    On the other hand, Thronebreaker comes out tomorrow (and also Gwent is officialy  out of Beta) and it will probably be a lot of fun. Decisions, decisions..:feelsbad:  

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    2. Nicarasu



      It's not worth the 5k gold.

      The price goes down over time. Yesterday, when I bought it, it was 2.6k gold. And I've been using it alongside credit boosters, printing 150k to 200k a match in my premiums

    3. Fulcrous


      and the cost scales down incrementally. it's not worth it over purchasing a booster (which gives you better value and time-effectiveness) period unless you play the game an obscene amount. I have 66k gold and didnt even bother with this and just stockpiled more credit boosters instead.

    4. MatzerMike


      Well, I would say it's actually helpful when a) playing tanks that you don't really like that much but don't want to waste you free XP on it, so you throw booster + this bonus = less battles needed to finish the grind, and b) need a lot of credits in short period of time/least amount of battles


  8. Anybody still plays FCM 50t these days?

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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      No one plays this shit game anymore, much less a shit tank.

    3. Tman450


      It's supposed to be getting buffed soon, i'm holding out for that until i play it again.

    4. lavawing


      Seriously, looking forward to the 23 HP/T, 10 degrees of gun dep and 2300 base DPM. Should be a pretty good pref MM med once (and if) these changes drop.


  9. MatzerMike

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    The good news is - new Fallout game is in development. The bad news is - Obsidian is not involved in this..
  10. MatzerMike

    You're not a real world of tanks player until...

    You're not a real world of tanks player until you respond to your gf's question "what are we going to do on weekend??" with the answer "well, hard to tell, I don't know what the specials are yet".
  11. ADVICE NEEDED: I'm staring with spaghetti tanks and need to train the gifted commander to certain tank. What is good tier to start without much pain, tier VI, VII or VIII?? Thanks

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    2. hazzgar



      VK3001 and Skoda 40 both have 200+ alpha. All 3 of them have the same dpm (tiny diference of 7). This tank has better bloom on the move but worse turret traverse, aim time and final acc vs VK3001p.

      Also no vk3001 doesn't have "about the same speed" 15.6 vs 17.5 is a big difference. 3001 is MUCH faster. Also if camo is really needed for a tank with shit final acc? 

      And yes I have played it but I find it meh. I play on some donkey account so I can't afford to go full tryhard on tier6 (never did that on low tiers anyway) but vs bottom tier I take the vk3001p any day because

      -More standard pen

      - 14 more prem pen (so it can actually pen t8's more reliably than 180 pen)

      - 10m more view range

      - 10 more kph

      - 2more hp/t


      All that for "half the camo"?  All the Spagetti tonk has over the vk3001 is armor so the ability to bully same and lower tier tanks. This is why it's good. Vs higher tier tanks all that armor becomes useless and I'd rather have mobility + better prem rounds.


      Also the not bad mobility is actually - fast heavy territory. M6 has  higher power to weight and comparable ground resistance. All the m6 loses is top speed.

    3. Katoleras


      @hazzgarI mean, I wasn't claiming VK3001 is a shit tank... This whole discussion is about whether tier 6 spaghetti tank is good or not. And the truth is this tank is better than 90% of the medium tanks in the same tier. I was able to make it work and it feels very strong to me. That is literally all there is to it.

    4. hazzgar


      @Katoleras when not firing full prem for me it's not very strong. This is all I am saying. When firing full prem yeah it is strong but so is Cromwel, 85M, 3001p. It's just not that much stronger than other meds in tier. I think the tank may simply suit some players. I see the streamers are split about it. QB loves it, Circon or Foch hate it.

  12. Is it just me or is this mode slowly getting more and more campy? I'm around rank 21 or so now and I'm just afraid to advance anywhere as most of the enemy team just bushcamp and wait for someone brave(stupid) to make a move. When I started playing, my first few games were actually fun, tanks driving and fighting everywhere. Now I just spend a lot of time thinking where I could actually go without getting ripped apart by camping tanks.
  13. So what tanks are best suited for this mode? Fo far I play Patriot, Spagetto and sometimes Defender. Scorpion seem to do well too.
  14. Hey, blackzaru. You can add me ingame too
  15. MatzerMike

    M35 Marathon Megathread

    So what are your tanks with the highest average base xp? Maybe the fastest way to get the XP for missions would be to run platoons of pref. tier VIII?
  16. Any tips on how to play the nerfed Hellcat nowdays (for gun marks)? What's the best equipment? Rammer, bino, net? Do you just snipe or you try be more active?

    1. Assassin7


      ehh, I marked it well after the nerf. ran the standard rammer net binocs. Shes still got it, but its a bit more of a struggle. IIRC I mostly played second line, though went and found forward bushes to get shots from.

      1.0 might make it easier tbh because I did it in corridor meta. 

    2. MatzerMike


      Did you run food as well? I'm kinda cheap now, saving for some tier Xs. I have only 2 skill crew and no food and I hover around 80% atm. Some matches are just too fast and its hard to do a lot of damage

    3. Assassin7


      I dont remember, but I dont think I ran food. 

      I do have like a 5 skill crew in my hellcat though, it was my favourite tank in the game for the longest time. I orginally learned how to play the game with it. 

  17. I have similar problems, I tend to overextend at the start of the game way too often, or I just don't pay closer attention to team comps. It happened to me several times that I went really aggressive for example on Arctic region, I started from south with my med and pushed along water through East, seeing my team heavies are slowly following. But instead of continuing, they stopped short in the second line and just camped there and I got immediately crushed by the enemy push while my team just watched from the back and unsurprisingly got rolled later and we lost. I can have good games sometimes, but I have problem that I just too often autopilot to known good starting position without examining what my team really does and then dying with almost no damage. I kinda hate that you need to be really fresh, focused and relaxed for having great game sessions. Way too often I'm just too worn out from work so I do one stupid mistake after another, as I'm mentally tired. I know I should stop playing in this state but hey, it is hard when you looking forward to get home and you WANT to play the game, get your daily multipliers or missions or whatever.. but you just can't help it from playing badly.
  18. So... The Obj. 268 ver. WTF is going to be on the next Top of the Tree special on EU. Seems like that May will be very chill and pleasant month for playing tier X....

    1. hazzgar
    2. MatzerMike


      Yes, now in april it's T-100 LT. TDs are next in May

  19. MatzerMike

    Obj 430U

    Can I expect similar amount of fires, when hit in LP, as with 430? Would be nice to run food instead of AFE.
  20. MatzerMike

    T54 Prototype

    Right, that makes sense. I was about to leave it and wait for some discounts but WG proably heard my thoughs and I just had a pop-up in the game saying that thanks to some epic medal, I'm recieving one time 10% off something from the shop, lol... so I used it and bough the mod 1. Damn wg mindreaders...
  21. MatzerMike

    T54 Prototype

    So would you recomend it now after the buffs? I need some russian crew trainer, I have the T-34-85M but it has the extra radioman, so I'm thinking about T-54 mod 1. Is it worth the money now or should I rather wait fot T-44-100 to show up during some special "sale"?
  22. MatzerMike

    T-44 undervalued

    We have it on EU righ now (top of the tree).
  23. MatzerMike

    T-44 undervalued

    I think it depends a lot on if you want to keep it afterwards or no. But I would upgrade the engine anyway bc it's a big difference (140 horse power difference to be exact). I usually don't upgrade engine first or in rare cases at all if the difference is like 20 HP or so, but then, every bit can count in certain situations, and 140 HP is a lot to miss imho. Also, the T-44 plays really nice and I have fun with it even in tier X, so grinding it little extra longer wouldn't be any problem for me. Maybe you want to rush to the 430U this month bc of the top-of-the-tree event so you want to skip engine. Well.. It's up to you. I'm currently grinding as well, but since you need a lot of XP from tier IX to X, I will just buy the tier IX this month and not stress it to rush to tier X. For me the T-44 is one of the last fun tier VIII med, so I'm keeping mine definitely. Also, it gives nice WN8 numbers even on mediocre games.
  24. MatzerMike

    WZ-111 1-4

    I have question about Safe stowage perk. Although there is dedicated topic, with a lot of detailed info how this perk (should) work, but I just want to ask this - is there any noticeable difference having SS on your WZ crew?? I moved my crew to tier X and starting a semi-new crew on IX with girl commander. I want to focus first on repairs and bia, but I just hate getting ammoracked all the time from everybody. Does the perk help at least a little bit against small caliber guns from enemy scouts, meds etc? As it should increase the AR hp pool? Thanks
  25. My ping on EU is around 200 and it is very bad to play the game. if I check my ping through websites, it says my average ping is 12... Anyone having same problem? Is this because of the ranked battles?

    1. Assassin7


      average ping to the WoT server? or to those websites/servers your visiting?

      two different things.

    2. EndlessAgony


      Working for Czech/Slovak ISP, currently registering this issue as well, no idea what is causing it yet. Issue was first reported yesterday in the evening, both EU1 and EU2 have this problem.