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  1. In the last 3 days Ive ammo racked 6 CDC for 1k+ damage.
  2. After 153 days of game play Im pretty sure if I went back to RS drop out of college or completetly hate it.
  3. I honestly feel like people are using IMs as an excuse for poor team play. I'm not saying IMs havent affected pub play,but I feel in a sense that it has exposed peoples lack of team play and camping playstyle. Over the last week I've been consistently getting 80%+ with about 50/50 pub/toon.
  4. I guess it's official... http://imgur.com/UZNSDXb
  5. Maybe people should gain some common sense and we wouldn't have this issue. I don't how many times people haven't capped when we've needed to in order to win and how many times its been 10-3 and my team caps out. Yes you get into a new tank faster, but the amount of xp you gain from your WHOLE team doing more damage equates to more xp for EVERYONE... This means less time grinding shit tanks and more time getting to the ones you want to play. Next time you think it's a great opportunity to cap actually analyze what the enemy team has I.e the hp left, what tiers, etc.. But obviously that's too much to ask for -.-
  6. I've had great success with Sager Laptops, They're not as flashy as MSI, Alienware,etc.. but the offer some of the best price to performance on the market.
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