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  1. Some of my clan mates were driving them last night. Shell velocity, power to weight ratio and front turret are great. This tank gets more Horsepower than the reg one, and apparently it makes $$
  2. Nice work. Claus is very correct. My Type for example is totally useless now. Not a year ago it was the most coveted Tank in the game. WG could have sold them by the bucket loads but instead they decided to make new Premiums. An interesting issue that I am exploiting is the tier 3 joke. With the new MM tier 3s will never see a tier 5. If you drive tier 10s you have a prety good chance of seeing mostly tier 8s.
  3. Before XVM people abused players based on what clan they were in or what tank they drove. This game has changed a lot since it started, The biggest change I see is there are a lot more CASUAL players who dont give a .... about winning. Those of us who started early were more invested in the game and the tanks. Now WG even makes up tanks just to make money.
  4. I have both M60 and M 48 I think the 48 feels smoother. Is it my imagination?
  5. I just pulled it out of mothballs too. I remember when it faced 9 and 10 all the time it just went bounce bounce. Last night I was top tier in it. Wow. the best part is so many players have no idea what it is or what it can do.
  6. Love the auto loader. Most pubies are not prepared for it. That wont last, but you shoot then and they sit there while you put 2 more at them. I agree with the above comments usually 2 of the 3 pen. Totally useless in a tier 8 match. All you can do is look for the other tier 6s to attack. Im curious to see what expected damage is going to be on this.
  7. Hey Buddy I think II ReaperII free xpd to tier 9 or 10 Chek

    Ill ask him tonight.

  8. So powder finaly retired? Man he and Loz have to have the longest tenure as clan COs in the game.
  9. Dukebarry

    T 22

    Does anyone know what the missions to get this are going to be like?
  10. SturmGrenadiers Alpha team all left the clan to form a NON Clan Wars Clan. They are now incapable of holding land for any length of time. I think CW 2.0 is killing clans faster that anything else ever did.
  11. WOT has a serious shortage of two things that are necessary for Clan Wars. Quality leaders who can manage resorces and people. Quality players who can win battles.
  12. Loaders Lives Matter {LOAD} is looking for a few players who want to participate in the Campaign. We are a small clan that normally only does Tournaments but wants to do this short Campaign. We will not be doing Clan Wars after. Need to be overall 1600 with better 60 day stats. Need to be ready to fight every night of the campaign and need several tier 8s. Especially IS 3 or variants, T54 Lightweight. PM myself or IIReaperII
  13. So do the up grade all T23 E3 or is this a special one.
  14. Time for a little story about C W/ 2.0 and what it will do to clans. I was CO of SG when the test map opened. I merged both of our CW clans in order to accomodate the grind. We were rather sucesfull on the Tier 8 CW map. When the new map opened we landed on the tier 8 map and did very well. We reached 18th place on the map and 3rd on our sub map. We had 90 active players. The idea was that the weaker players could grind infleuence while the better team controled the map. We needed to grind over 1 k infleuence per day to maintain. We needed to field 3 teams almost every night, not to deal with our neighbors, but to deal with the shitters who landed on us night after night. Clans that realy had no business on the map but landed because they could. The idea of good fights with neighbors was out of the question due to the constant spaming landings. After a few months of this grind the top players were just sick of the never ending pointless fights. The it was time for a payout. We held 8 proinces and had boosted income on most of them. The payout was pathetic. Not even worth the effort. Furthermore we never had time to Pub and dared not take a night off for fear of not being able to deal with the landing spam. I burned out and resigned as CO. IIReaperII steped up and pushed harder and thngs went well. Untill one day 5 or 6 of us were talking about how stupid this grinding was getting. Like a job 40 to 50 hours a week even with a full clan. We took a week of to do a tournament, That was fun so several of us decided to stop doing Clan Wars. The Clan exploded. Weaker players wanted to continue doing CW, Stronger players wanted to do Tourneys. This ended in a split that was almost straight down the WN 8 line. I dont see better players wanting to do this anymore. There is little value in CW and it is definatly not the end game anymore. The cost of holding land in time is unreasonable now and the payout is of very little value. I wonder are the top clans going to be able to keep up with this grind? Will the Clan Wars Map become a constant shifting place for smaller clans? What will become the end game for WOT?
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