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  1. Hopefully the devs never read the official forums because they are worse than WoT's.
  2. Cruisers and destroyers, probably. Not only are those going to be potentially the most interesting classes (as medium and light proxies) but my grandfather served on the USS Stevenson (Gleaves class destroyer, not in game yet) and a cruiser that I'm drawing a blank on right now. So I'll be one of those patriotic shitters the Ruskies have so many of. Maybe carriers to see how they stack up mechanics-wise vs. WoT arty.
  3. So Russian bias may not be real, but with like 3 exceptions WG seems to have an anti-UK bias.
  4. I wonder if this is also why the worse the player is (on average and in my experience, YMMV) the more likely they are to defend artillery as a class. They are simply less likely to feel its effects. And this applies to either reason that better players are targeted more - either because of XVM or because good players are often up front fighting instead of protecting arty in their IS-7.
  5. Duked it out in tier 8s, myself and Snowdude and Tinder from LIMBO vs. Garbad, jackquerudo, and a HAVOK dude I didn't recognize (sorry). It was severgorsk (blah) we were north, they were south. Garbad goes west with pubbies and holds that flank. Jack and Havok dude go east with lower tier support (ie bads). We overwhelm that flank, have a small tank and HP advantage and are working on the flag. Garbad comes back but we outspot/outgold spam him. Ended up capping out the last two enemies.
  6. Sorry, I should've just put up the direct links but I didn't know which one(s) you needed and got lazy.
  7. Not only did your team suck an astonishing amount of ass, the other team pubbie-capped out when they didn't need to.
  8. Also you can make yourself a Windows 7 install DVD by downloading it from one of the links on this page: http://www.howtogeek.com/186775/how-to-download-windows-7-8-and-8.1-installation-media-legally/
  9. You can reset the local administrator password using Hiran's boot utility. http://www.hirensbootcd.org/resetting-windows-password/ (You can boot the hiran utility off a CD or USB) Then you log in as local admin and disjoin the computer from the domain.
  10. Plus it works well alongside that turret armor, which is best exploited at mid-long range. EDIT: beaten to the punch
  11. Turret traverse ruins too much of the comfort for me. It's pretty good, but when I'm playing it I feel like I might as well be in something that can move a little faster and have more hp while sacrificing a little punch.
  12. Here are some screens of it, apparently it's just a summer camo you can apply for free to a certain number of tanks. http://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/2lonag/upcoming_campaign_top_5000_camo_reward_screenshots/
  13. Getting splashed by arty because they blew up the house I was behind was kind of a buzzkill.
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