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  1. Should I get the T-44-100 or WZ-120-FT? I enjoy both bush kemping and medium-ing

    1. Wanderjar


      44-100 is amazing for frontline. WZ isnt for FL so maybe that helps?

    2. Kymrel


      I have way more fun in my 44-100 and play it quite a bit in Frontlines when I get tired of the Spagetto.

    3. echo9835


      44-100 is is a better t44, WZ costs less.

  2. How does penetration work with overmatched spaced armor? if a tank with a 100mm plate have a 20mm plate on top of it, will a 90mm shell overmatch the spaced armor? If not, how much penetration is deducted?

    1. sr360


      Each of those plates are impacted individually, they are not summed for the purposes of overmatch. Fromt he wiki:

      "In case of spaced armour, shells are normalized at the point of impact on the spaced armour, and if they penetrate, continue along their normalized flight path into the vehicle. Once it impacts the hull armour, normalization occurs again and the remaining penetration potential (i.e. the original penetration potential minus the effective armour thickness of the spaced armour) is used to calculate whether the shell penetrates the hull proper."

    2. M4A3E8sherman


      Actually I'm not sure we really know.

      After the Super Pershing armor model was updated for HD, the UFP effective thickness should have been about 220mm AP according to the wiki explanation, but was in fact much greater.

    3. Diriz0n


      over matches are calculated individually on each impact. In the case of good examples like obj 257 or 252U, shooting the side of the tank where it is 2O+2O+45mm  (tracks+rebar+hull)  or 3O+45mm  (spaced side+hull)  any gun over 135 starting at Conway+Type 5 cannons are over matching the armour completely. The only way you miss is if the shot passes through the outer portions, over matches, then proceeds to miss the hull behind....such as the back of the tank or too low, beneath the tank actual hull hitbox. 

      Tanks like FV183 and Cent AX are very susceptible to taking damage from side hits, exactly as SR36O explained. Even without instant over match. They take a hit even through the tracks, which is a low armour value, normalization occurs  (usually 2x caliber granting 2x norm effect)  so the projectile loses very little actual pen but is sent hurdling towards the hull at a new better angle, where you impact a measly 51mm hull then. HEAT doesn't have this, and loses pen quite fast over distance traveled after impact, which makes it very prone to Wtf bounces



  3. Skill made a review for all the tier 8 premiums so far, if you can watch an hour watch this
  4. Whoops, wrong AX xd I also forgot about the Raumpanzer, silly me.
  5. Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you don’t celebrate it then have a wonderful day instead.

  6. Yes the Löwe is a very good tank now, a bit boring because it's quite slow but otherwise a good credit earner To humor myself until Christmas arrives I'm going to do mini-reviews for all the T8 premium tanks as of posting (Dec 2019). It's best to learn up on all the tier 8 premiums since they populate the tier by a fair bit now.
  7. Never forgetti old arty and Circon one-shotting a JgPz E-100 camping at the back near the end of a game


  8. What's the best way to use female crews if your good tanks are already kited out with females? idk what to do with my snow maidens lol

    1. hazzgar


      Don't recruit them yet. Wait for buffs or new lines of vision meds or lights. 

    2. echo9835


      Put them in the AMX 40

  9. From what I can see, E 75 gets to its top speed more than the Renegade because of those resistances. In terms of short range mobility the M54 wins out because of good hull/turret traverse but when speeding to positions E 75 TS will get there faster because its terrain resistance modifiers arent holding back its acceleration Also E 75 has 1 more kph reverse speed so it's not the same
  10. https://tanks.gg/tank/e-75-ts/stats TL;DR It's a German Renegade, although I hazard to assume that it's a touch better than Renegade because of more usable mobility and APCR pen
  11. I've played the tank for even more games now, so my perspective is starting to solidify. Some more thoughts: - this tank takes module/crew damage like crazy, I had to run a large medkit and retrain my crews to jack of all trades / armorer / safe stowage to mitigate it, it eats into profits too since you cant deal damage at maximum efficiency and you get less VR so less assists - i have to reiterate what @M4A3E8sherman said that this thing plays like a tier 8 M46, you have to play like an absolute bitch and have other tanks meatshield for you just because you dont take hits very well - Since youre so tall youre firing down into the lower plate of some tanks so your gun has a tad bit lower pen than it should, this can be mitigated with the good gold round tho other than that, very good tank but you need a certain set of skills to use it properly unlike chopping off a part of your brain and press W like the Defender
  12. I believe Garbad/Kewei used a numerical scale when reviewing tanks too, but this is only from memory and I can't be assed to look up their old reviews
  13. I got the tank at a 70% discount (20% more than what I was aiming for) and played for a bit, so written below are my first impressions/ review. I'll compare it to the T26E5 since it's the American premium HT to get (why would you get a T34 lmao just play the T29 a tier lower) Let's take a look at the tank trifecta of criteria: Mobility The mobility on the tank is good for a heavy, only decent overall. You're rarely going to hit your top speed of 45 and just hover around the 40 mark. Turning kills any speed on this tank because of the terrain resistances so it's best to take racing lines everywhere you go to minimize the speed bleeding. Overall a touch better than the T26E5. 3/5 Firepower This is the highlight of the tank, honestly. It's such a good gun I believe it should be on a tier 9 (it should've been ). Because you don't move so quickly the bloom on hull movement does barely anything for the gun and coupled with the really good but not IS-3 tier .1 turret dispersion means you snap for days. The below-average aimtime is not a problem because the bloom is just so low. The alpha and reload sit at a very good sweet spot wherein you can trade decently with heavies and also out-DPM them 8/10, which fixes my problem with the T26E5 wherein the alpha and bloom are hard to manage to fight decently with the enemies. The penetration is also pretty good, although you'll have problems fighting tier 10 superheavies but all tier 8s have problems with those anyway. The only downside I can think of is that you'll get out-traded by most heavies, especially so with the Defender/VK 100.01, which is really important in heavy brawling where you both trade around cover one at a time. 4.5/5 Armor/Survivability You're honestly not going to bounce anything except with the turret. The hull armor is just garbo enough that anything tier 7 and above will autopen it. You'll have to bait with the tracks to bounce anything on the hull or snapshot your trade so they don't get a chance to hit you (which you're really good at). Turret wise, it will bounce most shots save lucky cheek shots. The cupola is very prominent, but if you're playing it right you can make it a hard shot for most of the enemy. It just means you can't stand still or you'll get hit in the cupola. The height is a problem since the hull is kinda tall, so you have to pick the cover you'll use. Arty wise you're going to get splashed by 200-400 every hit which isn't ideal, especially since the tank is pretty large. I've also noticed my crew dying a bit more than usual, so you might want to consider a large health kit. This the only category wherein the T26E5 edges it out, if only because the hull/turret combo is more useful. View range is also really good for an 8, so you can at least spot in high-tier games where you're kinda useless. I run optics on the tank although a case can be made for vents if your crew is good enough and/or running food. 3.5/5 How is it as a premium? Since you can do a lot of damage due to the really good gun, you can potentially make a lot of money. It's not a 90mm shell though in terms of cost/damage, nor can it farm high-tier opponents like the S1/Lowe, but it makes good credits. Should I buy it? This one's tough to say, especially since it's only a marathon tank for now. At 10-40% discount I'd think about it, 50-70% discount I'd say buy, 80-90% is too good of a deal unless you don't want to give WG money. I got it not only because it was 70% off, but also because I like collecting historical American tanks. I'm still kinda miffed they renamed it to the M54 since it never made it past prototype stages. As a crew trainer it trains both the T57 and T110E5, but the American HT line in general isn't in a very good spot these days bar the T29. Totalling up the ZXScore™ and the tank comes out at 11/15. It's a really good heavy, but it's no Defender :^) thank you for reading my blogpost Addenum: The HE does 440 damage, so you can splash low-HP tanks and kill them. I still wouldn't rely on it, though. ----- I'm not sure why you're looking at UFP effectiveness, especially since nobody in their right mind would shoot an UFP unless they're a.) braindead which is easy to outplay or b.) they have enough pen to butter it, which is most tanks you're gonna face. Tier 8 is a very popular tier, which means most of the people you fight can instapen the hull.
  14. Honestly the batchat-AP would be kinda bad at tier 8 with a 240 autoloader since its a tad bit too large at tier 8 to be useful
  15. Which of the removed maps do you guys miss and/or wish WG brought back with some tweaks? To jog your head:
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