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  1. 120mm Gun T77 T77 and T42 The T77 was a sister project to the T57 heavy, instead mounting the same 120mm autoloading gun and turret combo on the T43 (prototype M48) chassis with reduced armor. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is a medium tank but the T54E2 (Renegade) is classified as a heavy, especially since US nomenclature dictated that tanks be classified by their guns which is why the M103 was a heavy gun tank (120) and the M48 was a medium gun tank (90-105). Would also help with the T57 lacking a premium of the same crew layout. The hard stats of the gun are decent, the soft stats are meh. 360 alpha, 3 shots in the mag, 2 second intraclip, ~35 seconds interclip. should be an interesting autoloader, at the very least more usable than the Bourrasque's gun. I'm sad they didn't keep the DPM advantage of the T57, it makes it a unique autoloader. Also they released the T42, which is essentially a mix between the T69 and M46 Patton (the top turret of the M46 is from the T42 project). Certainly the less interesting of the two.
  2. Finally broke purple WN8 recent :)wMCpXBd.png

    yea WN8 is dead and my WR is still behind but im happy to reach a milestone

    1. hazzgar


      Don't worry WR is random lately. I'm at 57% despite pulling 3500-4200 wn8. 

    2. Tman450
  3. How would you guys buff the 121? I would:
    - buff gun stats on par to 430U (and keep the DPM)
    - buff gun depression to -6
    - buff terrain resistances to match 430U

    Nothing too wild but it would at least give it a different edge over the 430U

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Assassin7


      Id buff it by nerfing the 430U...

    3. lavawing


      Give it an ultra high velocity 122mm with 1.7k shell speed, 470 alpha and 430U soft stats. Buff gun dep to -7. Also 420 HEAT pen with half the shell speed. 

    4. ZXrage


      13 hours ago, lavawing said:

      Give it an ultra high velocity 122mm with 1.7k shell speed, 470 alpha and 430U soft stats. Buff gun dep to -7. Also 420 HEAT pen with half the shell speed. 

      I'd do this and let it keep the 1k shell speed. 500m/s HEAT golfing anyone? :serb:

  4. I'm pretty sure the problem with arty is that they ruin the game of anybody they target, so they do technically have minimal consequence but they're just a total downer to anybody on the receiving end. It's not a fair interaction. Problem with this is that most of the terrain tanks drive on (and most maps for that matter) is medium to soft terrain, so most of the time wheelies would be pretty gimped light tanks. I've talked about how I think wheelies should be balanced before but what I think they should nerf is the speed loss on damaged wheel (which they're doing) and the crazy dispersion values so that when they go for a bombing run it would be a high-risk high reward play. Crappy soft stats but good aim time would at least make the EBR easier to hit since they'd have to shotgun you.
  5. First 3 mark! (that I actually tried for)


    I'm really thankful to the WoTLabs community for giving me the resources to improve myself, especially @kolni for his statement of trying for 'non-losing' gameplay, which helped me get my mindset into staying alive ^^

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. hazzgar


      Aahh - high risk, high reward plays. Yeah. Not for 3 marking. 

    3. Private_Miros


      Yes, very well done! I do not feel I'm at that level yet.

    4. hazzgar


      @Private_Miros looking at your signature with stats on the pub forum you can probably do it tryharding with food + gold. 

  6. From a technology perspective there doesn't seem to be good reason to discredit it. It had a gun control system but no stabilization. Only contention from what I could read is that the gun operates on-par with the L7 family (The G1 of the AMX-30 if you're that much of a Frenchie). The biggest problem I see is that it fired APFSDS.
  7. Full article Panhard EBR 105 Dispersion during movement: 0.06 -> 0.08 Dispersion on hull traverse: 0.06 -> 0.08 Dispersion on turret traverse: 0.03 -> 0.04 Aiming time: 1.2 -> 1.4 View range: 350 -> 340 Engine power: 750 -> 720 Top speed in Rapid mode: 95 -> 91 kmph Reverse speed in Rapid mode: 70 -> 65 kmph Chance of engine fire: 0.1 -> 0.15 Panhard EBR 90 Reverse speed in the Rapid mode: 85 -> 83 kmph Reverse speed in the Rapid mode: 85 -> 83 kmph Engine power (top): 580 -> 560 You can see the gif in the link but when an EBR 105 blows a tire it drops speed from 90 to 67 km/h. Also these EBR nerfs are nothing burgers, I don't even know why they bothered. The most substantial one is the damaged wheel nerf. Should help with killing these things but shooting them at full speed would still be a pissing contest of whoever gets the best aim/RNG.
  8. The Bourrasque is probably the closest high-tier equivalent I could think of to the old ELC AMX. Find a bush, unload your big dick alpha/autoloader burst, run away, rinse and repeat. Even has the same struggle of long range fighting.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i hated it at first but im starting to come around 

      the aimtime is cancer, but once you get around that its pretty fun tbh.

      averaging around 2600 dpg so far, really debating the bounty GLD tho. having both VR skills gets me 450 VR with food and no optics, but i like VR.  

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      What about the elc even 90 which as elc that takes 5 seconds. You can even do the stupid hide under their depression bit.


    free style code for EU players

    1. BadLuckCharm


      Pyjama tank!

  10. When you say up in the air do you mean all the way up or a little ways up above where you originally aimed? If it's the latter it's because your 3rd person and 1st person views aren't the same, so when you zoom out where you point is a little above where you're usually looking in first person. It's kind of hard to explain why it desyncs but basically what you're pointing at from a bird's eye view is different from what you're pointing at in sniper mode. This can be easily fixed with locking your gun with RMB so when you zoom in and out it's the same no matter what you're pointing at.
  11. someone doesn't know about the building gap in abbey :serb:


    1. hazzgar


      Didn't know you needed mods to discover windows, gaps and doors.

  12. #justleopardthings


    1. echo9835


      This is a clear cut case of kemp in bush. You are unfair plane. 

    2. kolni


      this looks like someone was the first to get spotted and then decided to get respotted right away so all of them were aiming at you at the same time


      otherwise back up 100 meters buddy

    3. hazzgar


      @kolni it can just be bad luck. I was spotted recently way after all the big easy targets, I was a hard shot in between some buildings and still got focus, with anonimizer. The amount of HE pens I got recently is stupid

  13. The 3D styles this season are super messy. Sure the red outline helps with target tracking and and weakspot hunting but gd it's going to be such a mess trying to find the M48's cupola now. They look cool, though
  14. You can lock your gun with RMB and pan your camera to check if your cupola is hidden. Usually though if you're corner fighting/ridge fighting you're better off moving the tank and turret so your cupola wiggles and is a harder shot. It's a much more reliable method than feathering the W and S key trying to hide your cupola behind the corner.
  15. >IS-7 is second in the least amount of gold shells fired

    Ironic since it needs it the most :serb:

    1. hazzgar


      Remember it's RU server and probably it's the first t10 for many players and when u start the game you shoot fewer gold rounds. 


      I'd really want for them to not look at servers together since RU probably has different gold % than EU/NA

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Do those stats include numbers from before premium ammo was purchaseable for silver?


      cause i'm sure that'll skew the numbers heavily towards tanks that were released before then, especially one as popular as the IS-7

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