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  1. Is IRM or GLD better for the WZ-120 FT? I honestly still havent figured it out after all this time swapping between the two
  2. Why are Miko's GTA playthroughs always such quality content lmao
  3. I'm saving my primos for Xiao in Feb, but getting Zhongli is so tempting, that polearm kick on his combo
  4. I got stomped 4 times in a row, if WoT doesn't want me to play it should've just told me :feelsbad:

    1. Balthazars


      Yep, I thought I'd play a few games last night before bed. First game in, M46 on Highway south spawn, go north. Within first 2 minutes of the game, smacked for 80% of my HP by arty, 3 dead crew and perma-stunned. Dead with 1 shot of damage inside 4 minutes. That's a solid 'Nope!' to playing any more!

  5. Is it weird of me to want the 121B? Despite being well aware of its mediocrity i can't help but be drawn to its weird kit

    1. SoliDeoGloria


      No, it's a neat vehicle.

    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its not bad tbh. 350 HEAT and decent handling with 420 base VR makes for a playable tank 

  6. I'm F2P'ing as well, I have a C1 Qiqi which i got from sheer luck, no pity The increased healing is nice, but my team sorely lacks a DPS which is why I wanted a Klee, also to keep the loli zombie company. I pulled a Mona for the pity so it's a bit disapointing but she does good hydro and I can pair her elemental with my Qiqi up for stuns, Qiqi will have to be my DPS for now since her heals scale with damage thankfully
  7. Not sure who else here plays genshin, but I burned literally every primo I got into the Klee banner and I didn't even get her for my pity I'm down to just pure luck now, after 1.1 I'll save my rolls for Xiao On the bright side, Mona's ass is fat
  8. Is it because she's studying in 'straya so she's picked up the accent somewhat
  9. only vtuber i reliably watch (besides holoEN) is minato aqua, something about it being at the right time of day to leave on and her crying about something dumb makes me tune in consistently and she plays league too so thats a plus
  10. n2BY4tn.png

    i want my amnesty, isn't 5 years enough :rabble:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Rexxie


      jk i took it back

    3. ZXrage


      hehehe time to shitpost and get perma'd

    4. Assassin7




  11. What's the loadout for the Bourrasque post 1.10? I run double handling (VStab+IRM) and Vents atm but the shitty part of the tank is the final accuracy and aim-time. Is it worth dropping IRM for GLD/IAU?
  12. I wanna contribute to this, I've already gathered 20 (full) anon'd replays from my Leo 1 escapades. I'll try to finish the other half soon but I'm busy with uni stuff
  13. istg the secret to playing this game is doing it at only 1-10 times a day

    you can see where I did the marathon because my stats take a nosedive lmbo

  14. What's the math between the difference of AP and APCR? As in, what's an AP pen's average APCR equivalent and vise-versa? Obviously the slope of the armor you're shooting at matters, but I wanna know to what degree is APCR impacted by worse normalization compared to shooting at smth with AP

    1. Rexxie


      Not a maths guy, but compared to AP, APCR is almost exactly 10 less than what it says and HEAT/HE is almost exactly 20 less vs your average tank (50 degrees sloped armor). That's the simplest way of looking at it.

      APCR slowly becomes 20-25mm less pen than AP as you get closer to autobounce. For most tanks, about 69 degrees is when APCR is doing nothing for you. If you're at range this is a lot sooner (66-67) due to pen dropoff and less angle negation due to high velocity rounds.

      It's really rare for it to be straight up worse than AP, but it's surprising just how often APCR is doing literally nothing on tanks that only gain 30 pen or so, like the AMX 50 100.

    2. simba90


      IMO Shell velocity is a bigger pro than the extra pen for APCR vs AP.

  15. ZXrage

    Obj 430U

    It got nerfed this patch, dispersion nerf and a slight nerf to the cupola. Basically nothing. It should still be an excellent tank since what stood out about it was its easy-to-use armor that can't be contested unless you 2-2 or were a tier 10 TD.
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