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  1. Should I get the T-44-100 or WZ-120-FT? I enjoy both bush kemping and medium-ing

    1. Wanderjar


      44-100 is amazing for frontline. WZ isnt for FL so maybe that helps?

  2. How does penetration work with overmatched spaced armor? if a tank with a 100mm plate have a 20mm plate on top of it, will a 90mm shell overmatch the spaced armor? If not, how much penetration is deducted?

    1. sr360


      Each of those plates are impacted individually, they are not summed for the purposes of overmatch. Fromt he wiki:

      "In case of spaced armour, shells are normalized at the point of impact on the spaced armour, and if they penetrate, continue along their normalized flight path into the vehicle. Once it impacts the hull armour, normalization occurs again and the remaining penetration potential (i.e. the original penetration potential minus the effective armour thickness of the spaced armour) is used to calculate whether the shell penetrates the hull proper."

    2. M4A3E8sherman


      Actually I'm not sure we really know.

      After the Super Pershing armor model was updated for HD, the UFP effective thickness should have been about 220mm AP according to the wiki explanation, but was in fact much greater.

    3. Diriz0n


      over matches are calculated individually on each impact. In the case of good examples like obj 257 or 252U, shooting the side of the tank where it is 2O+2O+45mm  (tracks+rebar+hull)  or 3O+45mm  (spaced side+hull)  any gun over 135 starting at Conway+Type 5 cannons are over matching the armour completely. The only way you miss is if the shot passes through the outer portions, over matches, then proceeds to miss the hull behind....such as the back of the tank or too low, beneath the tank actual hull hitbox. 

      Tanks like FV183 and Cent AX are very susceptible to taking damage from side hits, exactly as SR36O explained. Even without instant over match. They take a hit even through the tracks, which is a low armour value, normalization occurs  (usually 2x caliber granting 2x norm effect)  so the projectile loses very little actual pen but is sent hurdling towards the hull at a new better angle, where you impact a measly 51mm hull then. HEAT doesn't have this, and loses pen quite fast over distance traveled after impact, which makes it very prone to Wtf bounces



  3. Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you don’t celebrate it then have a wonderful day instead.

  4. Never forgetti old arty and Circon one-shotting a JgPz E-100 camping at the back near the end of a game


  5. What's the best way to use female crews if your good tanks are already kited out with females? idk what to do with my snow maidens lol

    1. hazzgar


      Don't recruit them yet. Wait for buffs or new lines of vision meds or lights. 

    2. echo9835


      Put them in the AMX 40

  6. This tank is fucking insane lmao I stopped an entire push by myself just by being there

    1. Hello_Bang_Bye
    2. ZXrage


      use your eyes m8 its the defender

    3. Oicraftian


      That's a little late fam

  7. return of LABS??? :tanfiesta:

    1. Enroh


      Yeah seen scout about a few times over the past couple of weekends. add me @ZXrage as I am not in LABS clan anymore. 

  8. The S1 is the bane of all super hellcats lmao

  9. Didn't think I'd get HT-15 for this lmbo
    I need it with honors tho

  10. Didn't they nerf the Obj. 277 before it got released? I honestly can't imagine a tank better than the one we have rn lol

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    2. hall0


      Still crying we didn't get a good apcr as prem round :(

    3. echo9835


      It had the same hitscan gold APCR as the leo, only with 490 alpha. It was better than the 5A in every way. Faster, tougher, better DPM, etc. For once WG listened to sweet sweet reason and nerfed the blasted thing. 

    4. hall0


      thing is. they nerfed it without even testing the nerfs once. 

      So much on " we have to wait until we have enough data before we buff/nerf" things. 

  11. What's the best T8 prem medium rn? I got a coupon that I'm debating on using

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    2. Strigonx


      Progetto 46 hands down

    3. snowdude21325


      Progetto or the super pershing are two of my favorites you can get. SP is weird but with that APCR round, decent gun handling nd good credit multiplier its a solid tank for grinding credits. Oh it never sees tier 10 either

    4. Kymrel


      If you are on EU the T-44-100 is available at the moment. It's one of the good ones for sure.

  12. by all accounts the T32 is a terrible tank, I have no idea why I've 3-marked it :doge:

    1. Bavor


      I was the sick individual who three marked the Tiger I.

    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Tiger I is actually good though.

    3. kolni


      did them both in 2016 or something when MM wasn't fucked and both of these were considered among best in tier


      t32 in 2019... yikes

  13. Should I earn up / spend my bonds on:
    A) The Guard, the greatest meme premium in game that I would love to get for free
    B) 1 improved equipment, granted idk which tank to put and which one to get

    1. echo9835


      If you think you will play the Guard a lot, then get it. If not the improved equipment is great for min/maxing a specific tank. make it one you play a lot.

    2. Enroh


      Zx you’re playin again - hit me up on the weekend in the mornings for plats

  14. got my brother's car for a week so i had to wash it

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    2. zbran


      2 hours ago, Assassin7 said:

      No I mean the wing as in the rear spoiler. 

      And yeah, my end goal for my Teg is to keep it and restore it to as new condition as possible. Unfortunately the engine rebuild cost has stalled me a little bit as it's gonna cost around 8 grand. for that much I could technically sell the car and then be looking at low end RX-7s D: As it is I've already spent ~3K on getting the brakes done plus a bunch of other smaller fixes that have added up in the year I've owned it. 

      I do absolutely adore it though. Seriously, seriously fun car. and just like everything cool and JDM from the 90s, its appreciating rapidly. 

      Ahh the boot spoiler :D. TBH mate, I'd do the very same if I had one. I think they just look much cleaner without them, I'd do the same to a Supra too.


      Fucking hell, that's a lot of money to rebuild a B18C:PogChamp:. Unless you're building it for more power?

      You'd get an engine shipped from Japan for a fraction of that price. There are loads of guys shipping parts out now. Yeah some really cool stuff from the 90's too, as she ticks towards 30 years old the value will shoot right up.

    3. simba90


      @Assassin7 8k for an engine rebuild is ludicrous even in NZ. I would get several other quotes. For a really good job I would expect to pay in the region of 4 - 5k. Also look into doing it yourself it will be even cheaper again and add to the joy of driving. I've been involved in rebuilding several engines now and they're essentially like a giant lego kit that needs swearing at and hammering to get together. FWIW I'm not a mechanic - had a CS major at uni.

    4. Assassin7


      Nope, I got 4 different quotes from highly respected shops. All in the region of 8k, including one from honda themselves who also tried to see if they could find a complete engine or even a short block. They couldnt. :-/ OEM spec rebuild as well. 


      As for the wing, my taste is that any JDM car that comes factory standard with a wing, looks absolutely ugly without it. That includes the Supra, evo, WRX etc. 


  15. Haven't played since they introduced Italians, about to reinstall. What have I missed?

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    2. hazzgar


      Meta going to shit. T10 is unplayable. The game is 80% one team falling 5 tanks behind in 2 minutes and them a steamroll in 4 minutes to get 15:3 or a long stalemate after which one of the team suicides. 


      Also they introduced annoying wheeled tanks which are only super good at high risk maneuvers because they spot by not being hit. They drive at high speeds near you like an annoying fly and are as hard to heat unless you have a fast shell (have fun hitting the t8 one with a low acc t6 tank) but doing high dmg or high spotting feels like a chore in them. 

    3. sohojacques


      What have you missed? Lots of anger and despair.

    4. Enroh


      dont regress like i did...but if you do, lets plat 

  16. QB warranted with his complaint yea or nah?


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    2. sohojacques


      That's two QB vids I've watched in the last week.....

      I basically agree with him. More so with his position on PMM:


    3. hazzgar


      He is right. The campaigns are idiotic. As someone who grinds accs for people I find they basically exclude a large % of the server because they are nation specific. If you get a spot mission or an arty mission and you get no high tier arty you are fucked. They basically force every nation to have all classes ground to t6 at least. That's a huge dick move. 

    4. TheMarine0341


      Completely. The mission designs are terrible. Some make sense, like "Enable 15000 assistance with XYZ" as a bloc. Sure, can do. But, then "deal 15000 damage to XYZ bloc MTs while driving XYZ bloc"? Piss poor. Simplify m8, or add an "or" in there. IE: Deal 15000 damage to XYZ block OR deal 30k damage total. Honors require Survive and win with 1k damage to target bloc.

  17. lurking oldies REPORT IN

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    2. Ham_


      Ah, Never was a good ol super early alpha tester

    3. Tman450
    4. Medjed


      What is considered oldie

    1. Ham_
    2. Archaic_One


      4 years younger than me . . . sigh

    3. Action


      Even when it was released i was too old to watch that show. But it makes me sad, that in this day and age, with all the medicine and technology, someone has to go that early :( best whishes to his family

  18. its not coming home lads :feelsbad:

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Coming home:



    3. DirtyACE7


      It's (the plane carrying the English team) coming home indeed. Rejoice!

    4. SaintLaurentius


      SLAVA UKRAINI!!!!:gachi:

  19. It's been more than 3 years since this gold mine was posted:

    Pay your respects o7

    1. nabucodonsor


      Good times good times.

  20. Can sell IS-7 and use its crew for the Obj. 277? Seems like a good option atm since im broke as hell

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Grind in frontline mode. 6 million credits is very easy to get especially if you have some credit boosters.

    3. Kymrel


      Why are you broke? Grinding credits in Frontline is easy and fun.

    4. HemanathanRX7


      Why you have no credits tovarisch?
      You can get some for the low price of 10000usd :doge:

  21. PSA: 1.0.2 CT is out, includes the new 10s (K-91, Obj. 277), HD Klondike, newbie experience improvements, enhanced customization for tier VI and all VIII, and 268 V4 nerf

  22. lmao at WG tryin to make us pay extra to swap their garbagely balanced tanks

    1. Tman450


      Getting rid of pref MM destroys the KV-5, regardless of how much they buff it. Fuck WG.

  23. >have no motivation to play WoT since I got ultra moon

    >finally do thanks to frontline

    >travelling for 2 months

    living is sorrow

  24. Purchased: 'XM551 Sheridan' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  5,185,000.

    kinda already regret it lol

    1. BlitzReaper
    2. ZXrage


      It's not a very good tank

    3. nabucodonsor


      Sorry to say but they are wasted credits. Better would have been the 100lt or the RHM or just playing with the t49

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