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  1. How is RoF/reload calculated? Not how you boost it, but the actual equation.

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    2. Kramburglar


      Don't forget, a 100% crew is only 100% for the commander, who gives a bonus to all the other crew, including the loader, who will be over 100%.  Assuming no food or other bonuses, your loader should be at 110% which translates to roughly a 5% bonus to reload.  With the rammer's 10% that's 15%.
      6*1.15=6.9 which is pretty close to what you're seeing.  The crew bonus is rough, I don't know what it actually is, so the difference could be there

    3. breeeze


      Base*Rammer*Crewskill Multiplier*Adrenaline Rush

      Crewskill Multiplier is roughly 0.044 per 10% above 100%, can't be bothered to look up the formula right now.

    4. Assassin7


      You go 6*1.1 for a rammer, which should be 6.6. then add the crew bonuses, which are a lot more complicated.

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