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  1. Haven't played since they introduced Italians, about to reinstall. What have I missed?

    1. leggasiini


      Umm, lets see:

      • 277 and K-91 got added, 277 is like a different 5A (faster, better armor, bit comfier gun but a lot worse DPM and depression), and nobody even remembers that K-91 exists
      • bobject got nerfed, still cancer to play against but at least its played less as its also cancer to play. Some other bullshit tanks like 430U, Super Conqueror and Type 5 are still unnerfed
      • Polaks got added, tier 10 is like autistic hulldown version of E 100
      • they added more (garbage) maps like Minsk; at least Province is gone from higher tiers
      • unsurprisingly they have added a fair amount of tier 8 premiums. Most of the new ones aren't particularly nasty, so nothing too scary to watch out for
      • ...they buffed the IS-3A, however. It now has reversed version of Italian autoreloader, (first shell is loaded the fastest, last one the slowest). Basically what this means is that when you have a full magazine loaded, you can just fire them without penalties like an autoloader, but then you can play like a single-shot tank as your first shell reload is about as quick as standard IS-3 :serb:
      • Lootboxes came back, except this time the rewards were E 25, Defender, Skorpion G and newly buffed IS-3A, as well as Lefefefe and KV-220 as low tier prems. They added all the shithole broken stuff as box rewards, great.
      • T95/Chieftain (tier 10) as new CW reward. Its broken as fucking fuck btw, its like 5A and SConq fused together
      • Frontline is back but its a bit worse IMO, maybe because of the increased amount of cancer premiums, idk
      • They added French armored cars which are basically...suicide scouts.

      As for stuff that is (supposed) to happen in near future:

      • High tier Swedish MTs that were just announced a few days ago. Basically weirdo hulldown mediums with big alpha, hydropneaumatic suspension that activates automatically when moving at low enough speed (so no siege mode). 
      • They have plans to buff/rework IS-4, E 100, Kranvagn (announced recently, basically smaller clips with more alpha and more DPM), Leo 1 (kek) and STB-1 lines
      • 3-5-7 is still there, unchanged, but at least they finally have plans to change it fairly ASAP so thats something
      • Arty is also unchanged, still 3 arty limit, though they mentioned something about changing arties as well
      • Gold ammo nerf is planned (less damage), kinda scared how that will go as they apparently have no plans to change all the overbuffed cancer armor. Like said, Type 5 is still unchanged after 2 years but they said that it will finally get changed during the gold ammo rework (premium HE is going to be replaced with a shitty 190 pen HESH with 750 alpha)

      TL;DR: Game as it is right now is even worse than it was 10 months ago, but with MM changes and gold ammo changes, idk, maybe it'll become better. I don't play anymore by myself but still been following news so I can get a good view if the game becomes better or even worse.

    2. nabucodonsor


      It's worse than ever. Just play for memes. Or better dont

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