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  1. Why are 15-1 blowouts so frequent? Are tanks dying much faster these days compared to 2-3 years ago?

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    2. TheTrojanWarrior


      I haven’t had the issues of 15-1 blowouts that often yet (thankfully) but I have noticed the matches are much faster as of late. Probably down to all the faster high alpha tanks they added.

    3. kolni


      people play at a higher tempo, period

    4. hazzgar


      At high tiers the reasons are

      1. Most new tanks have higher dpm

      2. A ton of new tanks are armored mediums or heaviums so if a flank falls teams capitalize on it fast

      3. Even the slow newer tanks are not Maus slow, they are slightly faster than old snow tanks

      4. More lights, much more lights so either they get killed fast since low hp or they spot campers and the flank falls

      5. People generally are better at basic skills ie weakspots, when to load gold, vision so an out of position play by pubbies on your team is punished faster.

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