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  1. should i sell my sheridan to buy an obj 430 xp

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      430 also has stupid camo and i never found it prone to burning :/
      If you burn you position yourself stupidly. 

      Gun accuracy is irrelevant nowadays. Soft stats matter much more, and both are stupid good.
      The biggest sitcking point is the HEAT/APCR difference for most pubstars. 

      That being said, I wouldn't go back to the 430 or 54 anyway, i have no reason to. 

    3. Snoregasm2


      @MagicalFlyingFox so you wouldn't play either for fun?

      I find tier 9 the most fun tier to play in the game right now, so I routinely play elited tanks there (my favourite right now being the Standard B and the Leo Pta, and historically I 3 marked the M46, E50 and Skoda for fun too). But neither of those tanks are worth keeping in that sense?

      I was only considering buying it because of the reason stated above, so if they're not keepers there's no point.

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      T-54 does typical old school RU med things, 430 gets to overmatch things because of gun calibre, which works surprisingly well. 430 is probably easier to do well in if you aren't sitting in front of heavies but 54 is probably more flexible iirc from acceleration and pure pen because HEAT. 
      In terms of hull armour, the 430 is a lot more trolly, but 54 is more consistent in that you can expose the UFP mega angled and expect a bounce. 

      In terms of playstyle, they are quite different from each other so straight comparisons are difficult.


      I personally don't keep many tier 9s, I sold the 54 ages ago when the 55A was similar to the 54 and when they nerfed the 54 turret a bit, which they changed again later on. I've kept the E50, T49 and WZ-120 because I couldn't justify getting the tier 10s of all 3. I generally just grind things/creds or play 10s nowadays. 

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