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  1. It's only now I realized that Pilsen and Kharkov have p much the same map layout, one side for TDs/Meds where you get fucked over for pushing, the other side for HT/TD where you're separated by building rubble about ~100-200m apart

    1. FavreFan4ever


      Plus, the cities on both maps used to be a lot more dynamic. WG removed the ability to easily flank/maneuver (taking out doors/adding stupid rubble) in the cities and ruined both maps for me.

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I cannot fathom why they removed flanking opportunities in city.
      -Tanks get introduced with stupid frontal armor
      "Oh just flank"
      -Haha kidding no side shots allowed please buy the defender.

    3. ZXrage


      I actually quite liked old Kharkov city, the southeast side was wacky enough that you could flank people on the city outskirts if you won it

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