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  1. Improved Hardening does nothing for your fuel tanks. It buffs tank HP and track repair speed (and track health to 100% after repair) and that's it, much more useful on bricks like the E3 or German superheavies. In terms of meta you're better running something safe like the bread-and-butter Rammer/Vstab/Optics. When you get a good crew you can think of switching out optics for vents, GLD, IRM, or a turbo.
  2. ...It's a console-only expansion. Still, it would be interesting to see what Wargaming does with it! They may even port it to PC and give Armored Warfare a run for its single-digit money. https://console.worldoftanks.com/en/modern-armor-info-announcement/
  3. Triple bourrasque is the new type 59 platoon

    1. CandyVanMan


      Seems fine and not broken at all...

  4. Does bumping even work for a pinned thread?
  5. I can't wait for 121B turbo memes lmbo
  6. Do you guys think ranked would be more enjoyable if it was 7v7 like brawl?

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    2. Private_Miros


      Dear god, yes.

    3. Panzergraf


      Everyone on winning team gets 1 chevron, losing team loses 1
      Maybe tier 9?

    4. hazzgar


      No. Like Echo said ELO system and it's fine. Going 7vs7 would be a big buff for some tanks and a big nerf to others. Meta tank list would get smaller by half. 

  7. Can anyone point me to any resources pertaining to the Type 59 fiasco from all those years ago, especially forum posts and stuff from the time? I wanna learn about what happened as the shitstorm was brewing and/or write an article on it or smth

  8. This dark theme looks super swanky, actually kinda takes me back to the old WoTLabs with it's darker theme
  9. General advice: if you decide to play, curb your aggression a lot or you'll have your ass handed to you hard
  10. All WG really had to do was make SS free and add a couple more new skills into the pool so you don't pick the same four skills all the time. The only reason Equipment 2.0 worked was because they didn't overhaul any of the (viable) old equipment and just built on the slot mechanic a little + added more options so it's not always rammer/verstab/optics
  11. Yes they're all getting buffs
  12. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/update-1-12-ct1/ Upcoming Changes: - Rebalance to Tier 8 premiums - STG - T26E4 - STA-2 - T-34-3 - And the Bisonte (???) - Quality of Life changes - Total team HP during a battle - Team list spotted markers - Previous battle results will show up if you're in a match - Default zoom multipliers (!!!) - Steel Hunter coming back - Blueprint Fragment Exchange It's a small update but I'm pretty hyped for the new QoL changes, it could even get me to stop using mods entirely.
  13. I said this the last time it came up, the problem was almost never the mechanics of HE, it's always been whats on the end of both barrels. The high caliber monsters like the FV and jaegroo flinging high alpha HE and the hulldown tanks with pixel weakspots so you don't have much of a choice but to sling it. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is still the hill they want to die on. Isn't this like the 3rd attempt already?
  14. ZXrage


    I haven't used XVM in a long time, seeing the colors and numbers of my team can be dissuading so i haven't reinstalled it since. A "mandatory" mod I don't play the game without is the default 2x zoom because I use shift to zoom and it's jarring to adjust zoom levels without it. Since I play casemate TDs I also installed a mod that disables the traverse lock so I can look around 360° while in sniper mode and not have my aiming reset by wiggling the tank Actual optional ones I use are the team HP bars so I can get an idea of how much HP we/the enemy has mid-late game, spotted markers b
  15. Of the few times I've won Muro south spawn through the forest, it's because I had an overwhelming numbers advantage and/or I got to smash into it fast enough that I could snowball a win out of it. If the forest fight stops dead in its tracks it usually means we're gonna lose it. This means you have to commit to it hard which isn't ideal for a flex tank like a medium. Unfortunately the winning play here is to hug the redline at the bushes south then retreat to the hills/even more forest SW so you can punish any invaders.
  16. Does anyone even bother to angle their armor anymore? I feel like it's been sidescrape or fuck off for a while now

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    2. Assassin7


      I barely even sidescrape anymore either, at most I do it to try and bait track shots. It just is too unreliable. At most I normally peek my nose out at an extreme angle to bait the shot without exposing my drive wheel, and then peek out. Or sit hull down, because thats the only real way to safely use armour on most tanks nowadays.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      I've always been firmly part of team 'Maximize chance for opponent to get fucked by RNG'

      Driving at people at an angle/switching angles so they hit tracks or ricochet off side armor, wiggling, fast pokes, baiting, showing the strong side of the T-10 pike nose, etc. There's very few cases where you can safely assume you wont take damage.

    4. crapcannon


      It hasn't been working too well in my IS4 lately that's for sure.

  17. Happy New Year everyone ^^

    1. punishersal


      Same to you.

      Less rekt'ing in battles!

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Greetings from 2020 time travelers

    3. lavawing


      I'm sure it can't possibly be worse than 2020, and that I'm not jinxing us all by saying so

  18. I'm gonna echo what Ezz said and say Paris. Unless you're playing a heavy that can cornerpeek you're fucked, every other tank gets sucky passive positions so you p much have to rely on the south to win/lose in order to do anything Whenever I get the extra map ban (i don't usually have prem) i pick from a mix of airfield, stud, kharkov, or pilsen
  19. Do people really have a problem with the mechanics of HE? I'm sure the problem was always the high alpha and the fact that its the only shell that can cut through the hulldown pixel weakspot tanks they put out but WG will WG I guess, I'm not sure why they're choosing to die on this hill... I'm kinda hyped for their THIRD arty rework now, but it remains to be seen if it will balance the interactions between the loser getting slammed and the bigger loser shooting. Really depends on how much leeway they're going to give the sixth sense. Maybe they should give arty more incentive to counterba
  20. Is IRM or GLD better for the WZ-120 FT? I honestly still havent figured it out after all this time swapping between the two
  21. Why are Miko's GTA playthroughs always such quality content lmao
  22. I'm saving my primos for Xiao in Feb, but getting Zhongli is so tempting, that polearm kick on his combo
  23. I got stomped 4 times in a row, if WoT doesn't want me to play it should've just told me :feelsbad:

    1. Balthazars


      Yep, I thought I'd play a few games last night before bed. First game in, M46 on Highway south spawn, go north. Within first 2 minutes of the game, smacked for 80% of my HP by arty, 3 dead crew and perma-stunned. Dead with 1 shot of damage inside 4 minutes. That's a solid 'Nope!' to playing any more!

  24. Is it weird of me to want the 121B? Despite being well aware of its mediocrity i can't help but be drawn to its weird kit

    1. SoliDeoGloria


      No, it's a neat vehicle.

    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its not bad tbh. 350 HEAT and decent handling with 420 base VR makes for a playable tank 

  25. I'm F2P'ing as well, I have a C1 Qiqi which i got from sheer luck, no pity The increased healing is nice, but my team sorely lacks a DPS which is why I wanted a Klee, also to keep the loli zombie company. I pulled a Mona for the pity so it's a bit disapointing but she does good hydro and I can pair her elemental with my Qiqi up for stuns, Qiqi will have to be my DPS for now since her heals scale with damage thankfully
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