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  1. Sometimes I wish I was playing a 430/430U that way I could do everybody's job for them

  2. If they're going to differentiate the two tanks then they need to nerf SConq. Even after the buffs the E5 is still worse than Sconq. That thing has too much armor with too strong of a gun, I say one or the other It's not the news lmao he just has a hateboner for me for some reason
  3. I looked over the American HT changes and here are my opinions: T32: Looks good on paper, but on execution it still doesn't come out very well. The DPM buff now puts it higher than the Rene for less alpha which is nice, the gun handling buff should help the tank not suck a massive D everytime I use it, but they haven't really fixed the fact that the AP pen is still garbage post-buff, the APCR pen is also still less than stellar, its accuracy is still kinda shit, and the tank is still too sluggish to get anywhere. I think it should get the 360 alpha buff the Tiger II got and tune the RoF to be ~Rene levels but I guess they wanted to differentiate. M103: The gun should be a lot better now since its getting the same DPM as current E5. The turret buff I hope is substantial enough so that I don't get farmed by everyone that can aim. It's still derpier than the Conq's gun but if the buffs go correctly you'd at least have the trade-off of better reload. T110E5: I still wouldn't pick this tank over the SConq. The DPM still falls short below the SConq, it has worse turret armor, worse gun depression, your turret dispersion is better but only marginally, you go faster but only marginally. S Conq can abuse its armor a lot better since the E5 armor profile has always been wonky. I sitll think they should make the US HT line more heavium-like and nerf SConq
  4. The reverse speed? The tall-ass cupola? The fact that the S Conq exists? I am also very sad that that's all the E5 is getting. A buff's a buff, but at the same time a turret dispersion buff from .08 (really good) to .06 (also really good), a DPM buff and a tracking buff is hardly the work that tank needs
  5. I've been thinking a lot on how to balance the E5 post-SConq, and have come to the conclusion it needs to be a better heavium -Buff gun depression to -10 -Return E5 armor to its pre-nerf state (gd that nerf was years ago) -buff alpha to 420 like Leo 1 -buff top speed/reverse speed to 40kph/18kph That way it could serve as a semi-fast semi-armored assault tank a la 277/5A without stepping on anyones toes SImilarly, nerf SConq back to -8 depression, there's no way it should be that good tbh To buff T32 you can give it the M46 gun with a DPM nerf To buff M103 just buff the turret roof that's it fuck that tank
  6. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/03/24/new-balance-the-next-steps/ Summary: -E 100 line rebalance (VK 36.01 (H), Tiger I-II, E 75) -IS-4 line rebalance (KV-3, KV-4, ST-I) -T110E5 line rebalance (T32, M103) (hell yeah) -wheelchair nerf (easier to slow down) Headed for Sandbox -Crew 2.0 -Equipment 2.0 (More class-based) Balance changes:
  7. Aren't you a salty sausage
    I have more downvotes than you :doge:

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    2. hazzgar


      @Diriz0n are your reasons being a bot written by wot balancing department to mimic the shitposts generated by 44% tomatoes they listen too? The problem is WG is bad at what they do so they failed at making a working shitlord model, they got dissapointed and decided to release you on wotlabs since they are kinda salty about this forum

    3. Diriz0n


      I don't know? That is what you are caught up on?

      So, I am certain  you are a useless imbecile, always have. But you don't see me spouting it all over the place. See how that works? If you provide me reason to express it, and in an allowed manner, why not? 

      Boo fucking hoo. 

    4. hazzgar


      You are the most incomprehensible person I have met in a while. Seriously start reading books and learn how to form coherent sentences because you are so bad at expressing yourself you look like an art project.

  8. I'm p sure Strv K is historical. There's an image somewhere floating online where the Kranvagn hull has a Centurion turret mounted because the Swedes bought a lot of Centurions from the Brits (Strv 81) EDIT: I was wrong about there being a photo but the plans did exist. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/07/15/swedish-tanks-part-xii-emil-1952-1958/
  9. Why am I so bad at the 277 :rabble1:

    theres just something about this damn tank that doesn’t work for me

    1. Diriz0n


      do you  perform well in WZ5A?

    2. lavawing


      it's too fast?

  10. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/03/20/supertest-strv-k-initial-stats/ New tier 9 premium.
  11. BESAFE2020
    bonus code for 14 days of premium time

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      oh god, WG actually gave out something good for free, this really is the end

    2. Medjed


      Not even that can make me install WoT again. And right now with my internet speed I could install it in a matter of minutes

  12. I think 0ption 00 really drives in the fact that his O key and 0 key are malfuncti0ning just like his malf0rmed brain
  13. The camo/DPM/Alpha combo on this thing is disgusting. Anything tier 8 and below that will try to push your bush is going to evaporate under 440 alpha/8 second reload. A T29 tried to push into me from a mid-range distance so I pulled back and killed him from full HP and he didn't stand a chance at all This tank fulfills the ideal TD ethos of punishing aggression, almost anyone pushing your flank is going to be punished heavily unless the noturret kicks in and you donk your shots. I did an easy 5k just from shooting people who kept pushing me xd
  14. The Ad Astra style is probably my favorite camo, I'm glad WG is giving it away for basically free


    1. king_spaniel


      how exactly do you get the camo?

    2. ZXrage


      Get to the 2nd stage of tank rewards, NA only

    3. Ham_


      Fucking NA, getting all the exclusive shit /s

  15. Mayor for my city didn't suspend classes for us a few days ago so the President of the country had to do it for her I'm off-campus for two weeks, which is nice I guess
  16. Running VStab/Vents/Optics as well, although I'm not running food because this tank is too fragile. I'm also sitting at ~57% WR in this thing although I expect it to go down after a couple more games. It's a great carry tank but if you get caught out, you get shut down super hard.
  17. I absolutely cannot trust this gun at all, it's so damn derpy. It's honestly so derpy that I expect to miss/bounce/no damage one of the two shots and at that point I might as well play the Renegade or something since at least with that tank I don't have to wait 20 seconds to fire again
  18. Lies, the Swedish bushtanks would like to have a word with you That being said, final accuracy doesn't matter as much, especially with how RNG accuracy mechanics are, but with regards to this tank the biggest death knell to sniping is that the aim time is sooooo long, combined with the bloom after shot it makes for a very slow mag dump at range
  19. You think this until you are: A.) Sitting anywhere >200m away and you need to snipe someone so you wait for an eternity for your gun to shrink but then miss anyway because 0.42 accuracy B.) trying to pick off tanks mid-late game but then you realise that you can't clip anyone since they're at 800+ health C.) about to shotgun someone but then miss/bounce one of your shots because you have crappy accuracy/aimtime
  20. I don’t play enough frontlines to know this so no bulli, how is tank xp calculated? Do all tanks get the same xp or is it on a per-tank basis?

    1. Kymrel


      Per tank basis. The tank that does the damage/spot etc. gets xp for that.

  21. This tank takes module damage like crazy. Often times when I get hit by someone I get set on fire/my turret jams/my engine is damaged/a crew member dies
  22. It's the limit of the mobility-firepower-survivability scoring, you don't get the entire picture. Off the back of my hand I rated the Defender with the same scoring measure and it only came out to ~10.5/15. It doesn't capture the sheer potential of that thing leveraging its armor and gun to its max to win games. I debated rating the mobility on it higher but the traverse is really bad when you're moving at speed, which is almost all the time. The gun is really good, but we're spoiled for choice in the tier (Lorraine, spaghetti tank) and it has some factors limiting it like the pen so I couldn't place it higher than it already is. It's certainly an awkward min-max'd tank to use, but goddamn is it fun to play. that 360 alpha is really scary to anybody not looking your way
  23. I've played an ok amount of games in this tank already and even though I'm terrible at it I can at least gauge its capabilities enough to write my impressions I'm going to use the trifecta of tank criteria for this one (modified): Mobility The mobility on this tank is exceptional for a medium tank, but the hull traverse kills its flexibility so much in micropositioning, like dogfighting or turning around to run away. If you're beelining for a position you pretty much have to commit since you can't run away as easily. The speed could get you in trouble since you could flip over if you run over a bump, which a lot of fast lights have to deal with these days. Overall, it certainly sits in between medium and light. Fast but not nimble. 3.5/5 Damage capabilities The gun on this tank is extremely deadly, if you can get it to work. The 2 round burst and 20s reload means you can pop in and deal your damage very quickly and be back in the fight quickly, but the lack of more shells in a clip means you can't sustain a very long engagement, especially if you're fighting a Lorr. or Progetto, which are very scary opponents since they can do a lot more damage to you if they can catch you. The accuracy/aimtime combo means you'll have a hard time doing damage 250+m away, so most of your damage needs to be done up close which is hard because your tank can't survive as long. Penetration is hard to work with, with 190 base, so I always load gold for early game since this is where people trade frontally. You need good game sense for autoloading tanks to play this tank properly and leverage its strength. It's view range is also good for a tier 8, with Optics/Vents + a good crew you can max it out, food if you want more. I don't even bother with GLD since it doesn't mitigate the aimtime enough to justify dropping vents which helps with the accuracy/everything else. 4/5 if you're good, 2/5 if you're trash at autoloaders like me Survivability The survivability on this tank is extremely poor. There's no armor to leverage so that's out the door completely. The wonky mobility means that you cannot outmanuever your opponents who catch you, and sacrificing your precious 1250hp means you'll have a harder time trading mid-late game. The camouflage on the tank can mitigate the lack of armor/hp somewhat if you have a good camo crew on it (~38 stationary/29 moving for me, you can get it to ~40 stationary/30 moving with the right setup) and with it you can pocket light if your team needs spotters, but all-in-all if you don't have an effective escape route you will be punished heavily. 2.5/5 How is it as a premium? You'll make okay credits if you're running the regular loadout, but since you'll be firing a lot of gold/running food to mitigate the accuracy/aimtime, your profits will start dropping quickly. I wouldn't run this tank as a profit maker. Crew-wise the Bat-chat crews at tier 9 and 10 will fit nicely in this tank. Should I buy it? Only if you like the playstyle of the Bat-chats of run-and-gun. You would need exceptional game sense to leverage those tank's strengths properly, even moreso with this tank since your clip potential isn't as high to kill as many tanks in the mid to late game. I need more time to learn how to play this tank since I don't have any experience with high tier autoloader. The Lorraine is a much more forgiving tank to play because it has a much more forgiving platform to use with its good burst platform and good mobility, even moreso since it actually has good penetration. The Progetto will shit all over this tank like most medium tanks that thing will face but it will have an easier time trading with you since it has 4 rounds instead of 2. I think WG needs to buff the accuracy to ~.38 so you could at least have a chance to hit something long-range, and you're deterred from sniping anyway since you have terrible aimtime. a slight pen buff on the standard round wouldn't hurt, too. All-in-all, it's a hard tank to play. ZXScore™: 10/15 if you're good, 8/15 if you're trash like me
  24. Depot > Vehicles in the Garage > Recovery I'm not sure how far back the buy-back is, though. If you just sold it then it should be fine, I suppose...
  25. and 6 more rounds of ammunition OT, the alpha/autoloader combo is very deadly, since you can go in and dump your mag a lot faster than a Lorraine or even a Progetto since they have to expose themselves longer to do their entire clip. I see this tank as a very capable assassin like the 13 105 and Batchat at tier 10 I wonder how much the package would cost, though. Might be the dealbreaker for me esp. since I don't have the time to grind it all the way since my sem just started
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