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  1. istg the secret to playing this game is doing it at only 1-10 times a day

    you can see where I did the marathon because my stats take a nosedive lmbo

  2. What's the math between the difference of AP and APCR? As in, what's an AP pen's average APCR equivalent and vise-versa? Obviously the slope of the armor you're shooting at matters, but I wanna know to what degree is APCR impacted by worse normalization compared to shooting at smth with AP

    1. Rexxie


      Not a maths guy, but compared to AP, APCR is almost exactly 10 less than what it says and HEAT/HE is almost exactly 20 less vs your average tank (50 degrees sloped armor). That's the simplest way of looking at it.

      APCR slowly becomes 20-25mm less pen than AP as you get closer to autobounce. For most tanks, about 69 degrees is when APCR is doing nothing for you. If you're at range this is a lot sooner (66-67) due to pen dropoff and less angle negation due to high velocity rounds.

      It's really rare for it to be straight up worse than AP, but it's surprising just how often APCR is doing literally nothing on tanks that only gain 30 pen or so, like the AMX 50 100.

    2. simba90


      IMO Shell velocity is a bigger pro than the extra pen for APCR vs AP.

  3. ZXrage

    Obj 430U

    It got nerfed this patch, dispersion nerf and a slight nerf to the cupola. Basically nothing. It should still be an excellent tank since what stood out about it was its easy-to-use armor that can't be contested unless you 2-2 or were a tier 10 TD.
  4. i wonder why, especially since the tanks has been released for a full week now
  5. ZXrage

    CS 52 LIS (Fox)

    It is I, the man who writes guides on marathon tanks after playing a decent amount of games in them, and I am here to write up a first thoughts/review. I'm gonna change my ratings from 1-5 to 1-10 since it makes more sense than putting in a bunch of decimals. Mobility: It moves...okay? It's certainly not mediocre, but I also don't find it very exceptional. The Lansen and Bourrasque will beat it in beelining for a position, and it doesn't hovertrack around like a Progetto or T-44-100, but it's certainly good. About where I would put a semi-squishy medium tank in its tier. 7/10 Damaging capability: This is the meat and bones of the tank: damage output. The 2k DPM combined with 320 alpha means you hit decently hard for almost any engagement in-tier, especially if fighting same-tier medium tanks. Outtrade peashooters, DPM boomsticks, very much like the Renegade in terms of how you want to engage people. 208 pen means you're not going to need APCR too much (especially when compared to the T 59 or T-44-100 with their meh 192 pen), but goddamn that APCR flies like hitscan and hits decently hard. Switch to APCR when fighting tier 9s and above, avoid higher tiered heavies if you can. Be aware of your shell count, though, since it doesn't carry a lot. The dispersion penalties aren't too bad when considering the gun it has, so you're not going to be paying a hefty price for mounting a big gun like the other boomstick mediums would. The okay aimtime and sluggish AP velocity is going to be your deathknell in long-range sniping. It can be a capable ridgeline fighter because of the -7 gdp and low profile, but you're certainly not going to take control of it like a TL-1, Progetto, or Lansen could. 390m VR is good, but you will need to run a VR-stacked crew if you want to get to the VR cap without running food. It's easier to get there than a T-44-100 since the Soviet high-tier mediums run SA on the commander but the premium has it on the loader. 8/10 Survivability: The armor profile is surprisingly strong, but it's no Type 59. The turret is weaker-comparable to the T-44-100, since your turret face is butter to ~230 pen above, and it doesn't have the saving grace of the T-44-100 sloped cheeks for a troll bounce. You can safely ignore tier 7s and below trying to hit your turret face. Hull armor is also comparable to the T-44-100. 80 sloped at ~60deg, but using all of your gun depression means you can auto-ricochet some AP/CR if you're lucky. I still wouldn't rely on the hull armor to do that, though, so don't try playing for it. The camouflage is also decent for a MT (~32 stationary/25 moving), but it's not as sneaky as a Bourrasque which can pocket light. It's a little worse but also comparable to a T-44-100 so if you know how to hide that thing then back up an extra 5-10m. 6/10 How is it as a premium? It doesn't have turbo mode so you can throw its relatability to the tier 10 right out the door. It shares its crew layout with the 9 and 10 so you can put those tanks' crews in this. From what I've gathered the Polish MT line isn't exceptional, but if you decide to pursue it the premium plays a lot like its tech-tree counterpart. The shells on this tank are surprisingly cheap, and compared to how hard they hit this could actually be a decent profit maker. Obviously if you want to spam hitscan APCR your profits will take a dip but it's certainly an option. Should I buy it? It's definitely a good tank, but in terms of marathon grinding you're really only getting your money's worth at 60% discount and above, which is part-and-parcel for your typical marathon tank. Weirdly enough, the most apt comparison I can make for this tank besides the CS-53 is the post-1.10 T32. The gun performs almost exactly the same (Some differences but the use case is the same) but you're trading the T32's superior armor layout and bait-spotting ability for more usable mobility, which has always been the T32's crippling weakness (besides the gun but they fixed it in 1.10). Since I love the T32 (and have it 3-marked) and I love medium gameplay, this is the perfect blend of both of them. ZXScore™: 21/30
  6. Who let the CS-52 be a thing lmbo, it's actually busted

    1. Tman450


      Wot in a nutshell

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      ...why is the AP shell like 900 m/s while the APCR is 1569 ms/s?? That has to be the fastest shell in the game.

    3. ZXrage


      42 minutes ago, Jesse_the_Scout said:

      ...why is the AP shell like 900 m/s while the APCR is 1569 ms/s?? That has to be the fastest shell in the game.

      Fastest is the K-91's standard, followed by the Leo 1's premium and then Chieftain/T95's standard (the tier 8 trash one)

      4th best in the game is a good place to be though

  7. I actually can't play the Leo 1 anymore since I can't trust my heavies to not fuck it up for the rest of us and all I'm left to do is farm damage and lose since it's p much all this thing can do

    1. kolni


      back up an extra 50 meters

    2. lavawing


      as if playing a heavy would make it any better - your meds would just camp 600m from the engagement after telling you to spot and watch you die.

  8. I've had a blast running other setups other than the R/VS/O combo but it does hurt losing out on VR, especially in mid-late game where you'll need to outspot something. Obj. 277: Rammer/Vstab/Grousers The grousers made the straight-line warrior move a lot better. I could reasonably beat heavies and even a good chunk of mediums to spots already, but the bettery mobility also meant I'm more nimbler in micropositioning. M48/T110E5: Rammer/VStab/Turbo These tanks are hardcapped by how slow they are, so the turbo helps them a lot. I can finally move around in the 40/15 I've felt the E5 always deserved. The mobility slot on the M48 makes it so you can finally reach 50kph, the reverse speed of 23kkph is also amazing when peeking ridges, and I don't lose out too much on VR with the M48 since I stacked its skills already. The E5 relies less on VR so I'm not as bothered losing Optics for it. T110E3: IRM/Turbo/Hardening I completely dropped rammer on this thing. I didn't find the extra 2 seconds to be that appealing since I'm a boomstick tank anyway. The IRM helps with the dispersion and micropositioning (even moreso since it can go in the firepower slot), Turbo so I wouldn't be massively gimped getting to my flank early game and I can still reasonably flex mid-late (it goes the same speed as an E-100), and Hardening so I can be even more of a brick than I already am, plus the track bonuses help a lot when people try to do the ol' track-and-spank. Certainly been a lot more enjoyable than pre 1.10.
  9. It's only now I realized that Pilsen and Kharkov have p much the same map layout, one side for TDs/Meds where you get fucked over for pushing, the other side for HT/TD where you're separated by building rubble about ~100-200m apart

    1. FavreFan4ever


      Plus, the cities on both maps used to be a lot more dynamic. WG removed the ability to easily flank/maneuver (taking out doors/adding stupid rubble) in the cities and ruined both maps for me.

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I cannot fathom why they removed flanking opportunities in city.
      -Tanks get introduced with stupid frontal armor
      "Oh just flank"
      -Haha kidding no side shots allowed please buy the defender.

    3. ZXrage


      I actually quite liked old Kharkov city, the southeast side was wacky enough that you could flank people on the city outskirts if you won it

  10. It's not just a Skoda T 50, it's a TVP 50/51 at tier 8. Yikes. The other two tanks also look like absolute monsters too, the Carro 45t might just dethrone the Chieftain as the MBT of the tier (previously occupied by the E5 and SConq). the 274a looks like bonkers too. Better gun and armor profile than CS-52, and since CS-52>T-44-100 and Prog 46>T-44-100 we can assume that this would make it the best tier 8 medium tank. These tanks are nuts.
  11. T77 got updated again, this time it got changed into a HT (thank goodness)
  12. Update: Overlord_Prime did an in-depth analysis on Equipment 2.0 setups, some big finds here is that eGLD + Vstab edges over IRM + VStab in terms of time to aim, but overall IRM + VStab still edges it out in terms of bloom size. Other tidbits are how camo directly affects VR and how camo equipment affects this Link
  13. Adapt or die, its honestly the only advice I can give you. Meta has changed a little too much since ~2016-2018.
  14. I'm actually debating dropping rammer for IRM on the E3, I feel like more flexibility on that thing would benefit me more than the boosted reload, especially since I'm not trying to DPM folks down anyway. Should I do it?
  15. Super OT but I've always found it hilarious how fighter planes are so useless against ground targets besides AAs (at least at the BRs I play [3.0-6.0] ) that people end up kamikaze-ing into tanks and disrupt their focus
  16. The difference between the old and new arty is that old arty was a massive suckerpunch that would KO you most of the time, new arty are two consecutive hooks that wouldn't KO you but you sure would be pissed
  17. I absolutely agree that the 430 would destry anything tier 7 and tier 8s will still have some trouble fighting you, but the bulk of your matches are against 9s and 10s due to matchmaking (at least here on NA, tier 7 matches were pretty rare) and at that point I might as well have the flexibility to control my engagements instead of trying to dogfight tanks that would make quick work of me If I had to call it something I'd call it IS-6 Syndrome: Kill anything below you but have trouble with tanks same tier or higher Now that's a controversial opinion and one I happen to share
  18. I just hate the gun, terribly unreliable unless you're straight up in their face and even then it'll find a way to donk the shot anyway. They nerfed the dispersion values so it's even more unreliable now. 380m viewrange means its harder to reach max VR than same-tier meds, especially since I don't really like running food on it (it buurns). The mobility is a touch worse than contemporary medium tanks but I could deal with that since the armor was good enough. I did ok in it when I played it, I just didn't enjoy the experience the entire time I had it. Not to to worry friend it's just RNG-based hate
  19. Chai sniper: Venting System because the bonus is up to 8.5% now, Binocs so you can outspot anyone moving into your bush, Exhaust system adds 6% camo, not camo net since you're probably gonna move around your bush a little anyway. I might swap out the exhaust for Radio Set (More seconds an enemy is spotted to you, the less you're spotted by them). DPM/Accuracy: This is still the usual setup if you're building for max DPM/Accuracy, abelt the bonuses are better now (13.5% rammer/27.5% vstab/8.5% vents). There's an improved aiming system that improves aiming circle size (I assume this is an accuracy modifier?), but the bonus is too neglegible. Most of the new equipment worth mounting are made to mitigate weaknesses or play up other strengths (Turbo for slow tanks, hardening for bricks, rotation for TDs without vstabs, commander's vision system to burn more camo for lights), the biggest meta loadout shakeups are for tanks that aren't mediums, with some few exceptions (M48 with a turbocharger is super fun, 50 forward 23 reverse makes for a very nimble fat man)
  20. The 430 is garbage that can't fight anything in front of it, the nerfs made it even worse
  21. when did winning become the hardest part of world of tanks lmao

    1. Balthazars


      Yeah, feels pretty hard to get wins at the moment, for me also most metrics are going up but win rate is going down (lost almost 0.1% in the last week). Not helped by me grinding tanks that are not good at carrying, but the steamrolls have been real.

  22. tbqh I don't think the E5 armor-wise is much better since it last got changed (in fact it almost hasn't changed at all), I think people just forgot how to shoot the tank xd

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      they didnt change the armor at all really 

      they just fixed the issue with the front drive wheel having a weak armor zone that could easily be penned when sidescraping 

  23. They're not removed per-se, you need to have researched a tech tree tank of that tier in order to buy it (i.e. in order to buy the 30 B in the Collector's Vehicle tab you need to have researched a French tier X)
  24. Tech tree streamlining, in the same patch they got rid of a shit load of low tier tanks (1-4) and other branching tech trees (you can't do the hop from T28 Prot to T28 anymore, the alternative JP II also got relegated to Collector Vehicle) ...or so they say.
  25. Like 1 or 2 patches ago, other tanks that got the same treatment were the 30 B and 113
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