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  1. TL;DR: Your shell hit the roadwheel and just the roadwheel meaning it didn't pass through the hull and wouldn't have done damage anyway. Thank you RNG.
  2. ZXrage

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    I went into university. It's alot easier than I expected. - Not An Engineering Student
  3. ZXrage

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Yeah, we did. T-10: 27 + 1 = 28 I really only have a couple of T9 tanks (E1, T49, 46, sold the M103 for obvs reasons), this tank is just a solid performer across everything bar gun depression. AMX M4 51: 24 T49: 24T-54: 25Conqueror: 23 WZ-111 1-4: 23 Type 4 Heavy: 22 E50: 21 E75: 21 AMX 30: 21 T30: 20 T95: 21 M46 Patton: 21 B-C 25t AP: 21 Skoda T50: 21 Leopard PTA: 20 Object 704: 20 Object 263: 20 WT Auf Pz. IV: 20 Object 430: 20 ST-I: 20 Tortoise: 20 AMX 13 90: 20 Mauschen: 20 STRV 103-0: 20 50TP: 20 Standard B: 20 Centurion 7/1: 19 T-54 LW: 17 Object 257: 17 WZ-132A: 17 WZ-120: 17 Object 705: 17 Jagdtiger: 17 Conway: 17 VK 4502 (B): 14T54E1: 15 Foch: 14 Type 61: 14 WZ-111G FT: 14 Emil II: 11 - 3 = 8 I like to refrain from downvoting tanks I don't play but this tank has always been pretty bad on principle. Just play the Krapvagn if you want that -12 hulldown meme. AMX 50 120: 8 M103: 5
  4. ZXrage

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    T-10: 34 AMX M4 51: 34 T-54: 32 Conqueror: 32 Type 4 Heavy: 32 WZ-111 1-4: 31 E50: 30 +1 = 31 E75: 31 AMX 30: 31 T49: 31 T30: 30 T95: 30 M46 Patton: 30 + 1 = 31 You're stil my bby, even if WG doesn't give you the love you deserve <3 <3 <3 WT Auf Pz. IV: 30 Mauschen: 30 Leopard PTA: 30 RU251: 30 Object 704: 30 Object 263: 30 T-54 LW: 30 Object 430: 30 Object 705: 30 ST-I: 30 Tortoise: 30 Foch: 30 B-C 25t AP: 30 AMX 13 90: 30 Skoda T50: 30 WZ-132A: 30 WZ-120: 30 50TP: 30 STRV 103-0: 30 Standard B: 30 Jagdtiger: 27 Conway: 27 VK4502B: 27 Object 257: 27 T54E1: 27 Type 61: 27 WZ-111G FT: 27 Emil II: 24 AMX 50 120: 24 M103: 21 - 3 = 18 Trash tank, like holy shit it's current year and they still haven't buff this damn thing Object 430 V2: 18
  5. QB warranted with his complaint yea or nah?


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    2. sohojacques


      That's two QB vids I've watched in the last week.....

      I basically agree with him. More so with his position on PMM:


    3. hazzgar


      He is right. The campaigns are idiotic. As someone who grinds accs for people I find they basically exclude a large % of the server because they are nation specific. If you get a spot mission or an arty mission and you get no high tier arty you are fucked. They basically force every nation to have all classes ground to t6 at least. That's a huge dick move. 

    4. TheMarine0341


      Completely. The mission designs are terrible. Some make sense, like "Enable 15000 assistance with XYZ" as a bloc. Sure, can do. But, then "deal 15000 damage to XYZ bloc MTs while driving XYZ bloc"? Piss poor. Simplify m8, or add an "or" in there. IE: Deal 15000 damage to XYZ block OR deal 30k damage total. Honors require Survive and win with 1k damage to target bloc.

  6. I'm more surprised you bothered to post this to Shenanigans. Nobody uses this sub-forum lol
  7. ZXrage

    T-50-2 Returns

    Really puts into perspective how much the game has changed since 5-ish years ago. I miss my damn bobble-head Chaffee.
  8. lurking oldies REPORT IN

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    2. Ham_


      Ah, Never was a good ol super early alpha tester

    3. Tman450
    4. Medjed


      What is considered oldie

  9. AND ON THE THIRD DAY, HE ROSE AGAIN IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SCRIPTURES Thanks for all the work you do for the forum, Never. Really appreciate you stuck around with us assholes <3 <3 <3
  10. If they're buffing premiums, they really should just buff the T-34-3 instead of the Type. If they do it right they can sell a 390-alpha-Type 59 while keeping the promise of not selling a Type 59
  11. ZXrage

    1.1 Update

    I'm surprised none of y'all made a unifying thread for the 1.1 patch. It dropped in CT a couple of days ago. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/update-1-1-common-test/ Thoughts on the changes? Polish tanks yay/nay? Maps good? PM 2.0 good? Are WG still idiots?
    1. Ham_
    2. Archaic_One


      4 years younger than me . . . sigh

    3. Action


      Even when it was released i was too old to watch that show. But it makes me sad, that in this day and age, with all the medicine and technology, someone has to go that early :( best whishes to his family

  12. >T-34-3 gets almost -7 deg gun depression 122 is back on the menu, bois! also holy shit the SP is gonna be a speed demon now look out defender a real american's riot shield is here
  13. its not coming home lads :feelsbad:

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Coming home:



    3. DirtyACE7


      It's (the plane carrying the English team) coming home indeed. Rejoice!

    4. SaintLaurentius


      SLAVA UKRAINI!!!!:gachi:

  14. ZXrage

    Ikv 103 Appreciation Thread

    Does anybody else here enjoy this tank or is it just me? The pen and shell velocity may be ass, but dealing 300 damage on such a small, fast, and good gun dep tank brings me so much laughter. The gun handling isn't as ass as it should be on this tank, I find that really funny
  15. ZXrage

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    t-the E5 will be a relevant heavy again guis, p-promise I feel like theres just too much going on for this vehicle. Low, good gun dep and Russian turret, hits hard. The DPM wouldnt even be much of a problem, since peek-a-booming is more prominent these days, and alpha is more relevant in that fight. 314 HEAT pen is pretty workable too, thats like 280-ish AP pen
  16. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/04/15/supertest-k-91-complete-stats-hd-renders/
  17. btw I know of the preview thread, just thought I'd separate the two tanks into their own threads https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/04/15/supertest-object-277-stats-pictures/
  18. I swear to God, if this thing is introduced into the game not in a special gamemode, WoT is fucking dead to me. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/06/03/supertest-object-279/#more-64458
  19. It's been more than 3 years since this gold mine was posted:

    Pay your respects o7

    1. nabucodonsor


      Good times good times.

  20. ZXrage

    The End: Object 279

    lmao yeah, the 726 is totally tier 9 stuff /s
  21. ZXrage

    Murazor is kill

    New news from Rita this time. https://ritastatusreport.live/2018/05/22/good-news/
  22. ZXrage

    WoTLabs Community Discord

    come shitpost with us on a variety of topics such as: planes tanks gaming NSFW NSFW anime adition guns and more!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. ZXrage

    When you're top tier with a T29

    “u mad bro? u mAd bR0???” c’mon man, your baiting is so easy to see through