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  1. When NA sleeps, EU slowly takes over WoTLabs

  2. Played some games w/ @CraBeatOff and @sr360 at the tail end, never have I felt so inferior in my WoT career lol thanks guys

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Well, there are other factors that can affect how and why you would feel or not feel nervous. Perhaps you were feeling more relaxed in general that day or maybe doing those things didn't matter to you as much. And then again, everyone is different, so perhaps what stresses me out more doesn't have the same effects on you and vice versa. All part of human nature.

    3. ZXrage


      As Vader put it: "When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master."

    4. hazzgar


      @ZXrage I hope mastery of Wot does not include burning my face off

  3. Confirmed better than uni http://i.imgur.com/nN4CWGq.png

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    2. Va1heru


      TeaTime's comment needs to be appreciated

    3. Rexxie



    4. Victrix


      lolzy teams like this, 3 games 0% lul http://imgur.com/bJjCTTQ

  4. Is it worth trading in the IS-6 for an M4 Ravioli?

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    2. Fulcrous


      Except the thing is, when did WG ever do something properly?

    3. hallo1994


      Switch man. 3.4k games in my IS6 and this mm is killing this tank.


    4. IanSanJR


      is6 till good. i would keep it pref MM than reva non pref MM.

  5. The expecteds for the M103 are surprisingly low. 2k WN8 just for doing slightly less of your HP in damage.

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    2. ZXrage


      and then they pen the turret roof because its massive and lol38mm

    3. nemlengyel


      like that of t29/t30/t34 :doge: 

    4. ZXrage


      You can bait people into shooting the forehead of the T29/30/34, but the forehead+roof is so shit its not even worth it.

      If you look at the models of the tanks they're actually quite small.

  6. I'm surprised not a lot of people know Daft Punk, considering they won a Grammy and shit.

  7. should i sell my sheridan to buy an obj 430 xp

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      430 also has stupid camo and i never found it prone to burning :/
      If you burn you position yourself stupidly. 

      Gun accuracy is irrelevant nowadays. Soft stats matter much more, and both are stupid good.
      The biggest sitcking point is the HEAT/APCR difference for most pubstars. 

      That being said, I wouldn't go back to the 430 or 54 anyway, i have no reason to. 

    3. Snoregasm2


      @MagicalFlyingFox so you wouldn't play either for fun?

      I find tier 9 the most fun tier to play in the game right now, so I routinely play elited tanks there (my favourite right now being the Standard B and the Leo Pta, and historically I 3 marked the M46, E50 and Skoda for fun too). But neither of those tanks are worth keeping in that sense?

      I was only considering buying it because of the reason stated above, so if they're not keepers there's no point.

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      T-54 does typical old school RU med things, 430 gets to overmatch things because of gun calibre, which works surprisingly well. 430 is probably easier to do well in if you aren't sitting in front of heavies but 54 is probably more flexible iirc from acceleration and pure pen because HEAT. 
      In terms of hull armour, the 430 is a lot more trolly, but 54 is more consistent in that you can expose the UFP mega angled and expect a bounce. 

      In terms of playstyle, they are quite different from each other so straight comparisons are difficult.


      I personally don't keep many tier 9s, I sold the 54 ages ago when the 55A was similar to the 54 and when they nerfed the 54 turret a bit, which they changed again later on. I've kept the E50, T49 and WZ-120 because I couldn't justify getting the tier 10s of all 3. I generally just grind things/creds or play 10s nowadays. 

  8. Xen is a PP and Garbad isn't? #FreeGarbad

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    2. Flametz
    3. #Lunaughty


      Necro so hard call it pulling a Hallo.

      Rap like Little Wayne.

    4. shwedor


      Garbad was successfully trolled by a pubbie and lost pp. rip.

  9. omgggg i suck at da m46

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    2. ZXrage


      I know, but .4 is still pretty crap.

    3. RutgerS


      right now it is rather great at snapshotting, let's hope that doesn't diminish

    4. Siimcy


      Best or second best T9 medium for sure atleast for me

  10. TOG crew skills

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    2. Constie



    3. Constie
    4. Medjed


      tank that goes as fast as T95 can not be fun

  11. Drats, foiled again. 1/5 is OK, I guess. IF I WIN THIS, WILL YOU CHANGE MY MEMBER TITLE TO "Yes, that's true"?

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    2. PityFool


      Nah I play fair AR

    3. Kitten


      what the hell is this about >.>

  12. >last match before server restarts >Windstorm, M46, platooned with waga in the E-50 >take too many hits from a T-54, back off >I had 1k hp at this point >mfw I get one-shotted by arty >mfw its our arty

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    2. ZXrage


      Considering the only thing that shot me so far was the T-54, and I still had more than half of my HP left, I can still consider it a one-shot. Why I got killed is still pretty shit

    3. Scout_in_da_house


      Some arty cunt did it to me once. I asked him why, "because it is you". About 2other team members reported him, I wonder what happened to his acc...

    4. hallo1994


      Dont you know English?

  13. Kill me.

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    2. Victrix


      The AP rounds are workable, I just didnt want to expose myself enough to aim ecks dee

    3. ZXrage


      I free-xp'd the first gun, and it's only slightly less ass

    4. nemlengyel


      spam more heat and get e5 gun

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    2. Kramburglar


      for sure there is a chance it could not work, but of all the alternatives, save removal, it's the best imho

    3. Zinn


      I'd rather have off-map strikes than debuffs. A debuff is disgusting because you could be in the middle of a duel when the guy you're fighting magically goes undetectable/unhittable/takes less damage because you magically got debuffed. You will now lose a fight you could have won, not because you got outplayed but because someone decided that now was the time to indirectly shit on your tank.

    4. Kramburglar


      That would simply be a possible counter to the recon vehicles giving buffs. I'd rather relocate to avoid debuffs than get shit on by AI arty off map, personally

  14. Would you let a horse fuck you for €2b?

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    2. Nehkcist


      well those are some huge cocks. oh wait, fucked up not filled up. my bad...

    3. Nehkcist


      also: bronies for life yo!

    4. General_Fault


      Billions?? Absolutely! One day of suffering to never have any problems again.

  15. I just found out that I have low self-esteem :/

  16. Would you fuck a horse for €1b?

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    2. Gashtag


      probs fuck a horse for 1k

    3. Cunicularius
    4. PrivateBert


      I do properly grasp how much money that is. And I need none of it.

      So the answer stays no :)

  17. help can't sleep everything hurts

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    2. RutgerS


      Fap furiously?

    3. RutgerS


      (seriously if this persists get it checked)

  18. How would you guys buff the 121? I would:
    - buff gun stats on par to 430U (and keep the DPM)
    - buff gun depression to -6
    - buff terrain resistances to match 430U

    Nothing too wild but it would at least give it a different edge over the 430U

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    2. Assassin7


      Id buff it by nerfing the 430U...

    3. lavawing


      Give it an ultra high velocity 122mm with 1.7k shell speed, 470 alpha and 430U soft stats. Buff gun dep to -7. Also 420 HEAT pen with half the shell speed. 

    4. ZXrage


      13 hours ago, lavawing said:

      Give it an ultra high velocity 122mm with 1.7k shell speed, 470 alpha and 430U soft stats. Buff gun dep to -7. Also 420 HEAT pen with half the shell speed. 

      I'd do this and let it keep the 1k shell speed. 500m/s HEAT golfing anyone? :serb:

  19. Sometimes I wonder if German accuracy is just a meme, since the Pz. 58 and Skorpion drops shells harder than we dropped two nukes on Japan.

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    2. Driftin


      Depends on who you are talking too. A comment about 9/11 to a New Yorker who saw it live is probably gonna bother them. A holocaust joke to a jewish person, etc.  For me, about the only thing I won't joke about involves people doing bad things to kids. IMHO, there is nothing worse and I can't fathom how the subject would be funny in any way so I draw the line at that. As for what other people say, I can't control it so I don't worry about it. Not my job to censor people. 

    3. Strigonx


      What's a line?

    4. Sapros


      People using atrocities as punchlines? So edgy. :minidoge: They remind me of this guy:


  20. Is it possible to request a temporary RO?

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    2. ZXrage


      scrub 200 wn8 U fite me irl

    3. Luna


      Start yelling at bulba about how they are a bunch of wn8 padding fgts on their recruitment thread. (plsdonth8me)

    4. ZXrage


      I don't wanna come off as an idiot, I just wanna be in one of those perma's shoes(I don't h8)

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