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  1. On 7/26/2022 at 4:30 AM, kolni said:

    It’d be pointless

    Airfield and Abbey is perma ban worthy in any tank anyway

    I think a class banlist in conjunction with the two we already have is the best way to go, ideally WG should just give more map bans but there are some maps I want to play sometimes like Berlin/Ghost Town/Arctic Region

  2. 4 hours ago, Balthazars said:

     What's of more interest to me is seeing that they plan to look at the M103 and T32. Having recently ground through those tanks, they are - in my opinion - in an okay spot and don't actually need much work. The T32 could maybe use a slight penetration buff but that's really about it. They get good DPM and good gun performance which is generally enough to be competitive.

    Hadn't they already buffed those tanks semi-recently? I was also under the impression that they're fine already. The M103's glaring weakness was already fixed with the turret buff so any more would tip it towards unbalanced imo. Its hull was workable and its gun is already good (and has good pen values too) so I don't even know what kind of buffs WG would look for. I think the T32 is a touch too sluggish and it's pen too low but otherwise fine, if they were gonna give it a new gun they might as well have buffed the alpha to 360 so maybe that's what they're gonna do

  3. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/brand-new-yoh-tanks/

    I debated putting in the American section, but I think it's better to put the entire line here as a catch-all.

    The unique mechanic seems to work like how blown tracks work in War Thunder where you slow down a lot but you don't get stopped dead in your tracks (heh) when it gets destroyed. The intended counter is apparently blowing off both the main and reserve track at the same time by shooting it from the front.

    Tank-wise, the 9 looks interesting with the swapping 105 and 120mm guns. The 10 has it too but I feel like it'll matter more on the 9. Turret profile look like your typical American turret and weakspots are pixels which is par for the course I guess. Not sure about the armor profile on the hull, though...

    Any thoughts? I'm a sucker for American tanks anyway so I might grind it but maybe only lightly, I don't play this game very frequently anymore cec

  4. The CDC needs whatever buffs it's given, although i was under the impression that they would buff the French Velcro tracks, probably one of the first tanks that sparked the discussion of terrain resistance bar the IS-7

    The T34 will finally move like it's engine isn't broken, thank God. Maybe some more gun buffs and it will turn out as an average tank.

    And finally, the potato launcher D25T tanks. Most people that run these tanks will just fire gold potatoes anyway to cut through hardy E-75 lower plates so buffing the pen wouldn't help much overall, maybe for the budget runners who have this as their only prem would benefit

  5. 4 hours ago, lavawing said:

    Pretty much confirms that the dude on this channel is WG's NATO research man. An uncanny number of obscure paper projects featured there end up as tier 8 prems. 

    I remember reading up on astron x while I read some hunnicutts, IIRC it was a light tank program? I just remember coming across it and thinking "WoT are never gonna do these tanks, too weird" and now I've been proven wrong

    Edit: watched the video to remember and i was partially wrong, astron did have a LT program but was mostly a general project 

  6. On 4/28/2021 at 5:38 PM, spodletela said:

    One question, I have mounted Improved Hardening to Obj 430 (+rammer, +coated optics) and it seems like it is doing "something". In 30-40 games I was only burning once and tracks are staying on the tank. Has maybe anyone tryed it on 430U (just grinding for it)?

    Improved Hardening does nothing for your fuel tanks, or even the 430(U) in general. It buffs tank HP and track repair speed (and track health to 100% after repair) and that's it, much more useful on bricks like the E3 or German superheavies. In terms of meta you're better off running something safe like the bread-and-butter Rammer/Vstab/Optics. When you get a good crew you can think of switching out optics for vents, GLD, IRM, or a turbo.

  7. On 3/5/2021 at 10:34 PM, hazzgar said:

    What you are saying is basically - keep the crew as it is. The crew system currently isn't bad. Very few tanks really benefit that much over a certain skill number. WG on one hand are super afraid of lights being too good and on the other have no idea they are doing a lot to buff lights. Hell the new equipment was a huge buff to lights if you know how to use commanders vision. 

    All WG really had to do was make SS free and add a couple more new skills into the pool so you don't pick the same four skills all the time. The only reason Equipment 2.0 worked was because they didn't overhaul any of the (viable) old equipment and just built on the slot mechanic a little + added more options so it's not always rammer/verstab/optics

  8. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/update-1-12-ct1/

    Upcoming Changes:

    - Rebalance to Tier 8 premiums
        - STG
        - T26E4
        - STA-2
        - T-34-3
    - And the Bisonte (???)
    - Quality of Life changes
        - Total team HP during a battle
        - Team list spotted markers
        - Previous battle results will show up if you're in a match
        - Default zoom multipliers (!!!)
    - Steel Hunter coming back
    - Blueprint Fragment Exchange

    It's a small update but I'm pretty hyped for the new QoL changes, it could even get me to stop using mods entirely.

  9. I said this the last time it came up, the problem was almost never the mechanics of HE, it's always been whats on the end of both barrels. The high caliber monsters like the FV and jaegroo flinging high alpha HE and the hulldown tanks with pixel weakspots so you don't have much of a choice but to sling it. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is still the hill they want to die on. Isn't this like the 3rd attempt already?

  10. I haven't used XVM in a long time, seeing the colors and numbers of my team can be dissuading so i haven't reinstalled it since.

    A "mandatory" mod I don't play the game without is the default 2x zoom because I use shift to zoom and it's jarring to adjust zoom levels without it. Since I play casemate TDs I also installed a mod that disables the traverse lock so I can look around 360° while in sniper mode and not have my aiming reset by wiggling the tank

    Actual optional ones I use are the team HP bars so I can get an idea of how much HP we/the enemy has mid-late game, spotted markers because I don't want to count the dots in my minimap, and a garage armor inspector so I can figure out how my shot got RNG'd to bounce

  11. Of the few times I've won Muro south spawn through the forest, it's because I had an overwhelming numbers advantage and/or I got to smash into it fast enough that I could snowball a win out of it. If the forest fight stops dead in its tracks it usually means we're gonna lose it. This means you have to commit to it hard which isn't ideal for a flex tank like a medium. Unfortunately the winning play here is to hug the redline at the bushes south then retreat to the hills/even more forest SW so you can punish any invaders.

  12. I'm gonna echo what Ezz said and say Paris. Unless you're playing a heavy that can cornerpeek you're fucked, every other tank gets sucky passive positions so you p much have to rely on the south to win/lose in order to do anything


    Whenever I get the extra map ban (i don't usually have prem) i pick from a mix of airfield, stud, kharkov, or pilsen

  13. Do people really have a problem with the mechanics of HE? I'm sure the problem was always the high alpha and the fact that its the only shell that can cut through the hulldown pixel weakspot tanks they put out but WG will WG I guess, I'm not sure why they're choosing to die on this hill...

    I'm kinda hyped for their THIRD arty rework now, but it remains to be seen if it will balance the interactions between the loser getting slammed and the bigger loser shooting. Really depends on how much leeway they're going to give the sixth sense. Maybe they should give arty more incentive to counterbattery, like an XP bonus or something.

    I'm also skeptical about their crew rework. I see the only problem being 6th not being default, and if they really wanted to overhaul the crew they should've just gone equipment 2.0 and rework the ones that already exist, add more, then reset all your crews. It would be a PITA to train again but I don't want to bench a third of my crew and have them swab the barracks everyday

    The other announcments I can take or leave, I'm not super interested in them

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