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  1. Most likely: This is the patch they added an XP bonus for "tanking", defined as taking hits to the hull of the tank. IIRC it's supposed to be +10% max. It's also somewhat strict in that it must be hits that cross the hull and cannot involve hitting tracks, because the baddies at WG think side-scraping is "bullshit" according to FTR. So rather than just make a simple number based on damage blocked by armor, a simple statistic already in the game which they have yet to even get working right, they wisely chose to create some god-forsaken processing power devouring algorithm code that fires off a bajillion numbers and vectors and cosines and imaginary numbers just to make sure you don't get +2% XP for side-scraping a shot.


    So he got hit, a number somewhere got stuck on a slot machine infinite loop, and he got like 1000 XP for bouncing one shot off his hull. 30% odds they scrap the whole idea, 30% they manage to make it all work as intended, 40% they eventually say "fuck it, just use that armor number thingy".

    Same answer with this guy, it probably is the tanking bonus.


    It's probably a bit broken though, you might wanna send that in as feedback.

  2. As 9.3 rolls out, the last of the superscouts, the M24 Chaffee, is rebalanced into a regular tier V LT.

    This thread is for the experiences you have accumulated in the Chaffee.

    Hopefully the rebalanced Chaffee will be just as fun as the current one.

  3. I loved my M5. That miniderp did hilarious things to people who didn't pay attention to it. I will weep when 9.3 comes out (dat nerfhammer), but I will move this miniderp crew into a megaderp tank (T49). A real shame, I got permacamo on it. :


    -Hold off a scout rush in a Tier IV Prokhorovka game

    -Tracks eat a shot from a Ferdinand pre-9.0 (the tears)

    -Taught me how to derp right

    o7 M5 Stuart (also the M24)

  4. There are idiots off all shapes, ages, sizes, nationalities, etc.

    Being young MIGHT be a factor in being stupid, then again, this IS a 13+ game, I doubt they would learn as quickly as we'd expect them to.

    I have seen kids reach tier X and be quite good at the game and with extensive knowledge of weakspots, etc.

  5. See kids, back in the day we had a thing called "The Cold War". As part of this "Cold War", we built inter-continental ballistic missiles, one type of which was the Minuteman II. This missile could hit any target in the world within 30 minutes. Now look at the "Dominos" picture again, and see if you can get the joke.

    I'm actually not dumb enough to not know The Cold War joke there, I thought everyone knew. :/
  6. Nah, we gave him full ownership of the 2 bedroom apartment and (since my father felt bad) access to the tank museum's... keys (to drive inside the property). As in the ignition keys for the M60A3, E8 Sherman and M7 Priest (RiP).

    Pic of the E8 coming up soon btw, just finished repainting it last week.


    Our Sherman:


    Impressive Sherman.

    I live in SEA, meaning the start of your summer is also the start of our classes. :c

  7. I am an EXTREMELY lazy person. I have stuff to do that I still haven't done yet.

    I actually want to be more productive, since I am lazy and rely on a lot of people, but it doesn't seem to happen.

    Wot confessions: I solopub a lot, mainly since I just don't like people in general, and I'm on usually late night to early morning (I live halfway across the world)

    My stats wouldn't be so bad if I didn't go down the US LT line for my first 2k battles.

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