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  1. 1 hour ago, SkittlesOfSteeI said:

    Why not drop vents for the lawnmower equipment. Im wondering how useful itd be since a lot of the time bush wanker spots are just within 445m. For example steppes has a bunch of those (heavy brawling zone but the east zone is the worst offender tbh). Having them be able to shoot then hide is awful so maybe if you build it right you could completely supress those spots. Same with karelia mid and the hill lane.


    I'm half cheating here by using purple stuff but I'm gonna try the bushmower. My setup here gives me ~480m VR anyways so no optics is fine.

    T110E5: Rammer/Optics or Vents/Turbocharger

    Turbocharger is definitely the play for the E5. Gun handling is good enough to justify dropping VerStab so it's fine. I'm still running optics since I still like spotting stuff, although if you don't wanna do that you could probably run Vents in the bonus slot and run food.

  2. WZ-120-1G FT

    I'm actually debating which equip should go on this tank, rotation mechanism or GLD? I think the rotation helps but the aim-time being so long makes it so medium-long tange enganagements are pretty ass.

    Leo 1 Vision build: Rammer/Vents/Optics

    The gun handling on the Leo 1 I feel is good enough to justify dropping Vstab, especially since you're doing most of your engagements long-range anway. Building for full vision will allow me to outspot anyone trying to push my bush.

  3. Patch 1.10 is upon us so I decided to make a thread where we can congregate what loadouts you can and probably shouldn't run.

    T110E3: Rammer/Vents/Turbocharger

    The slot boost for TD's ups your DPM by 1.5% (11.5% rammer bonus) so these things are going to be a touch bit more scary now. Combined with the turbocharger that greatly mitigates slow bricks like the E3's weakness of flexibility, I think damage sponges will see a rise in enjoyability.

    Maus (and maybe E-100?): Hardening/Rammer/Vents

    Since the Maus is so slow your gun bloom on movement isn't actually bad, so it's safe to drop VerStab for this one. Putting on hardening ups your HP to pre-nerf levels so you could damage sponge a decent amount more. To put it into perspective, if a standard MT is putting shots into you (390), it will take ~8 shots (7.69 rounded up since you'll be left with less than 390hp after 7 rounds) to kill you, but with Hardening the number goes up to 9 (8.46 rounded up), which improves surivability a lot more. The trend is similar for other alphas as well (for 440 alpha, from 6.82 shots to 7.5 on average)

    Standard MT Loadout*: Vents/Rammer/VerStab

    The Verstab nerf didn't do much to most tanks (except maybe the T49/Sheridan that suffer from massive turret bloom), so you shouldn't drop them. Apparently they weren't nerfed. WG's ambiguous descriptions strike again. The slight crew buff from vents (6% for the slot instead of 5%) makes it more viable to drop optics for food, especially so if you have purple vents (7.5% -> 8.5% which is pretty big, vents directive will throttle that up even more). If your crew isn't that VR stacked (SA + Recon) then you should probably still run Optics.


    EDIT: Overlord_Prime did an in-depth analysis on Equipment 2.0 setups, some big finds here is that eGLD + Vstab edges over IRM + VStab in terms of time to aim, but overall IRM + VStab still edges it out in terms of bloom size. Other tidbits are how camo directly affects VR and how camo equipment affects this


  4. 44 minutes ago, Rexxie said:

    Winrate curves wow

    Obj. 277:

    I think the tank falls off for unicums because it's kind of a half-step between a 113 and the 5A. If I wanted to win by trading and damage farming I'd get a 5A, if I want to win by being a damage sponge the 113 works well, albeit the 430U will do that job better. The better mobility it has over the 5A doesn't mean much if you're facing heavies around corners.


    The tank is only barely playable these days but I think its WR stays the same because its retained its role as tier 7.5 rather well. Low-tier bully, the armor can still be pretty troll, and it would get demolished by any tier 9 tank.

  5. 15 minutes ago, Rexxie said:

    vs T37:

    6/10 less pen
    140 less DPM
    5 deg/sec less turret traverse
    9kph slower top speed
    10 less HP

    0.01 better accuracy
    10% better hp/ton
    1 deg better gun depression
    10 more view range
    20 more ammo

    Gun handling/terrain resistance might end up being nicer, but that top speed is pretty terrible for a T6 LT.

    I don't know if you recall but the old Chaffee used to go at that speed. This thing should have 400m VR and the old gun too just for the memes

  6. Hey kolni, I play the Leo 1 a lot (favorite tank and hope to 3-mark it one day) so I'd really appreciate the replay reviews. Surprisingly enough I played these 3 games in a row, One good, one bad, and one where a bunch of nothing happens (imo)

    Replay 1: Leopard 1, Highway, Standard (North Spawn)

    Very heavy lineup, so I decided to lurk in the fields and try not to get caught out by a stray spotter. Nobody contested the NW corner so I ran it down to chase whatever base defenders they had. Unfortunately we lost city so I had to cap it out so we wouldn't lose.

    Replay 2: Leopard 1, Arctic Region, Standard (South Spawn)

    Did the usual spotting run and got some good early damage in. Noticed we had no backline sniper so I stayed on the perch while my team evaporated. I'm wondering if there was something else I could have done here so I would get more use.

    Replay 3: Leopard 1, Kharkov, Standard (South Spawn)

    Noticed there were a lot of mediums and squishies so I decided to be aggressive. I lurked around the brawling hill until I found a way to break out and moved to a new position to do more spotting/damage. Ended up 2nd in damage (I got outfarmed by the other Leo 1 on our team) but top on XP.

  7. On 7/12/2020 at 9:52 PM, kolni said:

    There's also the "Schrader" meme, funnily enough it was KITTYs Commander's (GetLucky) troll account for blowing off steam 

    are you telling me the classic "he kemp bush unfair plane" meme was from an actual unica? Can't trust anything these days...

  8. 1 hour ago, RC_Tank said:

    SC strengths over E5:

    • Two extra degrees of gun depression

    Sorry, it bothered me.

    I still stand by the fact that they should make the E5 more mobile (40 forward/15 backward). The 277 has a better reverse speed, goddamnit. Other than that it's still an inferior heavy to SConq, but they should now be about comparable as tanks because the E5 has its trollish armor and (should have) more mobility

  9. 1 hour ago, hazzgar said:

    Wait this is moronic. Big Clip + Huge Intraclip = the autoloader only works if you yolo and want to ruin someone's day. So this is a t8 tank with a 2000hp autoloader but one that takes ages to unload. So essentially load heat, yolo 2 tanks and die. CG you have 2000 dpg. Purple stats but still shit. 

    The problem with yolo'ing in is that it will take ages to unload your clip. People could manage it with Char Futur because it can at least move but this takes the autoloader shit cake for trying to mag dump. I think people have forgotten what a clown fiesta the 50 100 is with clip dumping and now you'll get to do it again but you have to pay for it first

  10. It got rebalanced in CT for 1.10:


    Tier: MT-8, USA, premium
    Engine: 800 hp 700 hp
    Mass: 49,00 t   50,33 t
    Power-to-weight: 16,33 hp / t   13,91 hp / t
    Hull turning speed: 33,0 °/s   43,81 °/s
    View range: 380 m   400 m

    Gun: 120 mm Gun T179 in Mount 169

    Alpha Damage: 360 / 360 / 460   400 / 400 / 515
    Penetration: 215 / 270 / 60   198 / 280 / 60 mm
    Rate of fire: 4,451   4,78 rounds/minute
    Damage per minute: 1 602,4   1 913
    Shells in autoloader: 3 rds.   5 rounds
    Reload time between autoloader shells: 2,0 s   3,7 s
    Complete reload time: 36,438 s   47,94 s
    Accuracy at 100 m: 0,355   0,36
    Aiming time: 2,21 s   2,78 s

    Now the autoloader is terrible to use. Nerfed gun stats, 5 shots of 400, almost 4 seconds of intraclip, ~45 seconds of interclip. There's not much going for it other than the burst (you can kill most tier 9 tanks in one go). I really don't know what WG is doing to this tank (besides the standard pen nerf/prem pen buff, that one's clear as day)

  11. 55 minutes ago, Ezz said:

    I tend to block a lot of people for over pinging. I don't have a lot of hope for a system giving even more ways to annoy people. But in theory it might help.

    I think they're gonna cap the pings you can do. So if you ping you're going to a location it stays there for a while and you can't ping until it disappears

  12. 18 hours ago, Jesse_the_Scout said:

    This thing is cancerous. The bloom stats are stupid low (0.1 move and turret) and a two round burst is basically the optimal gun type aside from the fair and balanced autoreloader. They just drive around snap shot dunking everything with pants-on-head alpha. I'm seeing players with just stupid numbers above their other tier 8s.

    To back up your claim, the 3-mark and mastery reqs for the tank are really high, I've driven the tank a lot and I still don't have a mastery on it, although I can probably attribute that to only good players playing the tank (It hasn't been sold yet after the marathon, right?)

    That said, I have a lot of instances where one of the two shots just not landing (bounce, miss, track, etc) and it halves your damage output quite literally and it stings a lot. You need a lot of patience when using the gun on the tank (bad accuracy/aimtime and mediocre pen). The fall back of mobility/camo/vision works well if my shots just aren't landing. I'm hoping stats will even out when more when pubs buy the tank because they see good players use it and they drop the numbers.

  13. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/update-1-10-battle-communication/

    Instead of the 6-wheel command and map ping spamming, WG are trying out more refined communication that's more specific, like pre-game pinging of where you'll go or if you're gonna respond to someone's push for an attack. My only reservations are that it's kind of too much at once and I doubt a lot of these will be used frequently anyway (a good chunk of pubs don't use or respond to pings).

  14. 120mm Gun T77
    T77 and T42


    The T77 was a sister project to the T57 heavy, instead mounting the same 120mm autoloading gun and turret combo on the T43 (prototype M48) chassis with reduced armor. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is a medium tank but the T54E2 (Renegade) is classified as a heavy, especially since US nomenclature dictated that tanks be classified by their guns which is why the M103 was a heavy gun tank (120) and the M48 was a medium gun tank (90-105). Would also help with the T57 lacking a premium of the same crew layout.

    The hard stats of the gun are decent, the soft stats are meh. 360 alpha, 3 shots in the mag, 2 second intraclip, ~35 seconds interclip. should be an interesting autoloader, at the very least more usable than the Bourrasque's gun. I'm sad they didn't keep the DPM advantage of the T57, it makes it a unique autoloader.


    Also they released the T42, which is essentially a mix between the T69 and M46 Patton (the top turret of the M46 is from the T42 project). Certainly the less interesting of the two.



  15. 51 minutes ago, Manic_Gun_Depression said:

    Completely agree.  Played game for years (mostly in scouts) and I’m so tired of the incessant whining about arty, when it’s already been nerfed more than enough, and is of minimal consequence in-game if you have even a modicum of situational awareness.

    I'm pretty sure the problem with arty is that they ruin the game of anybody they target, so they do technically have minimal consequence but they're just a total downer to anybody on the receiving end. It's not a fair interaction.

    52 minutes ago, Manic_Gun_Depression said:

    Not that anything about WOT is accurate, but I would argue there’s a case to be made that wheeled vehicle mechanics should be completely reversed - ie they should remain super-fast on road, but suffer noticeably more than tracked LTs off-road ESP ON “SOFT” GROUND.  If you took away their ludicrous off-road mobility, then I see no harm in restoring some viewrange and camo.  

    Problem with this is that most of the terrain tanks drive on (and most maps for that matter) is medium to soft terrain, so most of the time wheelies would be pretty gimped light tanks.

    I've talked about how I think wheelies should be balanced before but what I think they should nerf is the speed loss on damaged wheel (which they're doing) and the crazy dispersion values so that when they go for a bombing run it would be a high-risk high reward play. Crappy soft stats but good aim time would at least make the EBR easier to hit since they'd have to shotgun you.

  16. 3 hours ago, Assassin7 said:

    Id say the reason that wasnt used is because of its 1981 introduction date.

    From a technology perspective there doesn't seem to be good reason to discredit it. It had a gun control system but no stabilization. Only contention from what I could read is that the gun operates on-par with the L7 family (The G1 of the AMX-30 if you're that much of a Frenchie). The biggest problem I see is that it fired APFSDS.

  17. Full article

    Panhard EBR 105

    Dispersion during movement: 0.06 -> 0.08
    Dispersion on hull traverse: 0.06 -> 0.08
    Dispersion on turret traverse: 0.03 -> 0.04
    Aiming time: 1.2 -> 1.4
    View range: 350 -> 340
    Engine power: 750 -> 720
    Top speed in Rapid mode: 95 -> 91 kmph
    Reverse speed in Rapid mode: 70 -> 65 kmph
    Chance of engine fire: 0.1 -> 0.15

    Panhard EBR 90

    Reverse speed in the Rapid mode: 85 -> 83 kmph
    Reverse speed in the Rapid mode: 85 -> 83 kmph
    Engine power (top): 580 -> 560

    You can see the gif in the link but when an EBR 105 blows a tire it drops speed from 90 to 67 km/h. Also these EBR nerfs are nothing burgers, I don't even know why they bothered. The most substantial one is the damaged wheel nerf. Should help with killing these things but shooting them at full speed would still be a pissing contest of whoever gets the best aim/RNG.

  18. When you say up in the air do you mean all the way up or a little ways up above where you originally aimed? If it's the latter it's because your 3rd person and 1st person views aren't the same, so when you zoom out where you point is a little above where you're usually looking in first person. It's kind of hard to explain why it desyncs but basically what you're pointing at from a bird's eye view is different from what you're pointing at in sniper mode.

    This can be easily fixed with locking your gun with RMB so when you zoom in and out it's the same no matter what you're pointing at.

  19. 16 minutes ago, KeyBall said:

    Yes, but how can I get to know my copula is hidden. Some rock are big enough that we're sure it's covering us, but some rocks are more or less of the size of our tank. Then it's tricky to get to know if we're really hidden. That's what is actually behind my question. You can be falsely assured you're hidden, when you have large copula and thin roof, you're gonna get destroyed quickly.

    You can lock your gun with RMB and pan your camera to check if your cupola is hidden. Usually though if you're corner fighting/ridge fighting you're better off moving the tank and turret so your cupola wiggles and is a harder shot. It's a much more reliable method than feathering the W and S key trying to hide your cupola behind the corner.

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