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  1. Patch 1.10 is upon us so I decided to make a thread where we can congregate what loadouts you can and probably shouldn't run. T110E3: Rammer/Vents/Turbocharger The slot boost for TD's ups your DPM by 1.5% (11.5% rammer bonus) so these things are going to be a touch bit more scary now. Combined with the turbocharger that greatly mitigates slow bricks like the E3's weakness of flexibility, I think damage sponges will see a rise in enjoyability. Maus (and maybe E-100?): Hardening/Rammer/Vents Since the Maus is so slow your gun bloom on movement isn't actually bad, so it's safe
  2. Obj. 277: I think the tank falls off for unicums because it's kind of a half-step between a 113 and the 5A. If I wanted to win by trading and damage farming I'd get a 5A, if I want to win by being a damage sponge the 113 works well, albeit the 430U will do that job better. The better mobility it has over the 5A doesn't mean much if you're facing heavies around corners. IS-6: The tank is only barely playable these days but I think its WR stays the same because its retained its role as tier 7.5 rather well. Low-tier bully, the armor can still be pretty troll, and it would get demo
  3. What should i drop on my E3 next patch for the turbocharger, Vents or GLD?

    1. echo9835
    2. monjardin


      I haven't been paying attention to this stuff at all. Has anyone made a guide yet?

  4. I don't know if you recall but the old Chaffee used to go at that speed. This thing should have 400m VR and the old gun too just for the memes
  5. Probably the reward tank for old players this year. Shame, this thing is a shadow of what the old bobblehead Chaffee was.
  6. Hey kolni, I play the Leo 1 a lot (favorite tank and hope to 3-mark it one day) so I'd really appreciate the replay reviews. Surprisingly enough I played these 3 games in a row, One good, one bad, and one where a bunch of nothing happens (imo) Replay 1: Leopard 1, Highway, Standard (North Spawn) Very heavy lineup, so I decided to lurk in the fields and try not to get caught out by a stray spotter. Nobody contested the NW corner so I ran it down to chase whatever base defenders they had. Unfortunately we lost city so I had to cap it out so we wouldn't lose. Replay 2: Leopard 1, A
  7. CT Update again: They changed it back to its previous version. 3 shots, 360 a pop. I honestly would have liked a 3-round burst of 400 and a ~30 second reload as long as this was a HT. The autoloader line really needs a premium.
  8. are you telling me the classic "he kemp bush unfair plane" meme was from an actual unica? Can't trust anything these days...
  9. Fuck the tier 8 spaghetti tank is actually getting a buff, I didn't think this was possible. They embedded the rammer bonus into the tank so you can run your third slot as vents and boost everything more

    1. Kymrel


      Yes. All Italian auto-reloaders, it would seem. The  IS-3A couldn't mount one, so that's all of them.

    2. sohojacques


      Premium wheelie isn’t getting a mobility nerf; tier 5 and lower premium vehicles are also keeping the rammer bonus despite no longer being able to mount one...

    3. RedwoodOriginal


      IB4 T-54 experimental autoreloader T8 russki prem!

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  10. A bit of in-game chat banter or calling your team idiots is probably fine, but telling someone to off themself or death threats are probably where I'd draw the line for what actual toxic chat looks like. It's just a game, fellas
  11. Sorry, it bothered me. I still stand by the fact that they should make the E5 more mobile (40 forward/15 backward). The 277 has a better reverse speed, goddamnit. Other than that it's still an inferior heavy to SConq, but they should now be about comparable as tanks because the E5 has its trollish armor and (should have) more mobility
  12. The problem with yolo'ing in is that it will take ages to unload your clip. People could manage it with Char Futur because it can at least move but this takes the autoloader shit cake for trying to mag dump. I think people have forgotten what a clown fiesta the 50 100 is with clip dumping and now you'll get to do it again but you have to pay for it first
  13. Are there tanks that are better to play the better the enemy is?

    1. M4A3E8sherman


      Just throwing out a guess here, but it's possible that a tank with trollish but somewhat unreliable armor (e.g. T54E1 perhaps? also maybe some russian turrets of moderate strength or something) could do better in select cases - bads might think you're easier to pen than other tanks and get up in your face, they'll probably die but it costs you too much HP. A somewhat better player might decide not to take the risk because they don't view it as a safe trade of HP

  14. It got rebalanced in CT for 1.10: Now the autoloader is terrible to use. Nerfed gun stats, 5 shots of 400, almost 4 seconds of intraclip, ~45 seconds of interclip. There's not much going for it other than the burst (you can kill most tier 9 tanks in one go). I really don't know what WG is doing to this tank (besides the standard pen nerf/prem pen buff, that one's clear as day)
  15. I think they're gonna cap the pings you can do. So if you ping you're going to a location it stays there for a while and you can't ping until it disappears
  16. To back up your claim, the 3-mark and mastery reqs for the tank are really high, I've driven the tank a lot and I still don't have a mastery on it, although I can probably attribute that to only good players playing the tank (It hasn't been sold yet after the marathon, right?) That said, I have a lot of instances where one of the two shots just not landing (bounce, miss, track, etc) and it halves your damage output quite literally and it stings a lot. You need a lot of patience when using the gun on the tank (bad accuracy/aimtime and mediocre pen). The fall back of mobility/camo/vision wo
  17. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/update-1-10-battle-communication/ Instead of the 6-wheel command and map ping spamming, WG are trying out more refined communication that's more specific, like pre-game pinging of where you'll go or if you're gonna respond to someone's push for an attack. My only reservations are that it's kind of too much at once and I doubt a lot of these will be used frequently anyway (a good chunk of pubs don't use or respond to pings).
  18. Finally full purple recents :D I'm pretty happy now


    1. HowitzerBlitzer
    2. echo9835


      u stet pedder. Good job.

    3. kolni



      we can get that up to 2k overall and 4k recent pretty quick :kappa: 

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  19. If the water actually did anything to the shells fired at him it would be a considerable final defense strat, too bad it doesn't. Also yikes 11fps, not even my potato PC running WoT back then was that bad (~20fps average)
  20. They still have a penchant for making shit up (Bourrasque, Lorr 50t, EBR 105)
  21. 120mm Gun T77 T77 and T42 The T77 was a sister project to the T57 heavy, instead mounting the same 120mm autoloading gun and turret combo on the T43 (prototype M48) chassis with reduced armor. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is a medium tank but the T54E2 (Renegade) is classified as a heavy, especially since US nomenclature dictated that tanks be classified by their guns which is why the M103 was a heavy gun tank (120) and the M48 was a medium gun tank (90-105). Would also help with the T57 lacking a premium of the same crew layout. The hard stats of the gun are
  22. Finally broke purple WN8 recent :)wMCpXBd.png

    yea WN8 is dead and my WR is still behind but im happy to reach a milestone

    1. hazzgar


      Don't worry WR is random lately. I'm at 57% despite pulling 3500-4200 wn8. 

    2. Tman450
  23. How would you guys buff the 121? I would:
    - buff gun stats on par to 430U (and keep the DPM)
    - buff gun depression to -6
    - buff terrain resistances to match 430U

    Nothing too wild but it would at least give it a different edge over the 430U

    1. Assassin7


      Id buff it by nerfing the 430U...

    2. lavawing


      Give it an ultra high velocity 122mm with 1.7k shell speed, 470 alpha and 430U soft stats. Buff gun dep to -7. Also 420 HEAT pen with half the shell speed. 

    3. ZXrage


      13 hours ago, lavawing said:

      Give it an ultra high velocity 122mm with 1.7k shell speed, 470 alpha and 430U soft stats. Buff gun dep to -7. Also 420 HEAT pen with half the shell speed. 

      I'd do this and let it keep the 1k shell speed. 500m/s HEAT golfing anyone? :serb:

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  24. I'm pretty sure the problem with arty is that they ruin the game of anybody they target, so they do technically have minimal consequence but they're just a total downer to anybody on the receiving end. It's not a fair interaction. Problem with this is that most of the terrain tanks drive on (and most maps for that matter) is medium to soft terrain, so most of the time wheelies would be pretty gimped light tanks. I've talked about how I think wheelies should be balanced before but what I think they should nerf is the speed loss on damaged wheel (which they're doing) and the crazy d
  25. First 3 mark! (that I actually tried for)


    I'm really thankful to the WoTLabs community for giving me the resources to improve myself, especially @kolni for his statement of trying for 'non-losing' gameplay, which helped me get my mindset into staying alive ^^

    1. hazzgar


      Aahh - high risk, high reward plays. Yeah. Not for 3 marking. 

    2. Private_Miros


      Yes, very well done! I do not feel I'm at that level yet.

    3. hazzgar


      @Private_Miros looking at your signature with stats on the pub forum you can probably do it tryharding with food + gold. 

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