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    ZXrage reacted to Assassin7 in RIP Kobe gotta be at least one in the feed   
    RIP the other people on that helicopter too.
    Every single news feed I read/heard/watched for that was like "Rip kobe, oh but yeah a bunch of others died too but they dont matter"
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    ZXrage reacted to Rexxie in Did you assholes here forgot about annual festive hats on your avatars? Put them righ   
    i regret mentioning that now
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    ZXrage got a reaction from Medjed in Did you assholes here forgot about annual festive hats on your avatars? Put them righ   
    apologies fellas lets get back into it
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    ZXrage reacted to kolni in A friend has been playing a lot of league lately. I said fuck it and downloaded it, d   
    you wish
    EUW game in any elo below Dia has more people flaming eachother than actually playing the game.. at least when losing lol
    you just wait until you get soft inters, ppl running it down because u didnt give role, champ select hostage and all the other things people can do to be toxic when they dont get their way without getting banned  
    only way to enjoy league is to get good and climb high enough for people to take the game seriously so the games dont turn into keyboard warrioring losing teams and satisfied winning teams
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    ZXrage got a reaction from concep in I honestly miss when this forum was way more active than it is now and all the shenan   
    if it's any consolation i miss it too
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    ZXrage got a reaction from sohojacques in Just had a tier 8 game where no one broke 1k damage on my team. Only two managed over   
    I mean, that also means that neither did you :^)
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    ZXrage got a reaction from Enroh in Hello again.   
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    ZXrage reacted to zbran in got my brother's car for a week so i had to wash it   
    Nice MR2. I just finished fitting a set of coilovers, traction brackets, RCA's, adjustable 4 link kit and panhard bar. Just need to get it all dialled in. 86Fest is fast approaching .

    Before and after.

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    ZXrage reacted to leggasiini in Haven't played since they introduced Italians, about to reinstall. What have I missed   
    Umm, lets see:
    277 and K-91 got added, 277 is like a different 5A (faster, better armor, bit comfier gun but a lot worse DPM and depression), and nobody even remembers that K-91 exists bobject got nerfed, still cancer to play against but at least its played less as its also cancer to play. Some other bullshit tanks like 430U, Super Conqueror and Type 5 are still unnerfed Polaks got added, tier 10 is like autistic hulldown version of E 100 they added more (garbage) maps like Minsk; at least Province is gone from higher tiers unsurprisingly they have added a fair amount of tier 8 premiums. Most of the new ones aren't particularly nasty, so nothing too scary to watch out for ...they buffed the IS-3A, however. It now has reversed version of Italian autoreloader, (first shell is loaded the fastest, last one the slowest). Basically what this means is that when you have a full magazine loaded, you can just fire them without penalties like an autoloader, but then you can play like a single-shot tank as your first shell reload is about as quick as standard IS-3 Lootboxes came back, except this time the rewards were E 25, Defender, Skorpion G and newly buffed IS-3A, as well as Lefefefe and KV-220 as low tier prems. They added all the shithole broken stuff as box rewards, great. T95/Chieftain (tier 10) as new CW reward. Its broken as fucking fuck btw, its like 5A and SConq fused together Frontline is back but its a bit worse IMO, maybe because of the increased amount of cancer premiums, idk They added French armored cars which are basically...suicide scouts. As for stuff that is (supposed) to happen in near future:
    High tier Swedish MTs that were just announced a few days ago. Basically weirdo hulldown mediums with big alpha, hydropneaumatic suspension that activates automatically when moving at low enough speed (so no siege mode).  They have plans to buff/rework IS-4, E 100, Kranvagn (announced recently, basically smaller clips with more alpha and more DPM), Leo 1 (kek) and STB-1 lines 3-5-7 is still there, unchanged, but at least they finally have plans to change it fairly ASAP so thats something Arty is also unchanged, still 3 arty limit, though they mentioned something about changing arties as well Gold ammo nerf is planned (less damage), kinda scared how that will go as they apparently have no plans to change all the overbuffed cancer armor. Like said, Type 5 is still unchanged after 2 years but they said that it will finally get changed during the gold ammo rework (premium HE is going to be replaced with a shitty 190 pen HESH with 750 alpha) TL;DR: Game as it is right now is even worse than it was 10 months ago, but with MM changes and gold ammo changes, idk, maybe it'll become better. I don't play anymore by myself but still been following news so I can get a good view if the game becomes better or even worse.
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    ZXrage reacted to hazzgar in A women-only TV company   
    @Folterknecht I don't think working with only one gender is a solution to bad atmosphere at work. You would have to be shit at observations not to notice both genders can be dicks. I understand some ideas for female only places for safety or specific culture (I doubt there is much place for looking for trouble at a gym).
    Also Folter you seem more catty than the stereotypical bad woman
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    ZXrage reacted to lavawing in A women-only TV company   
    Tbh I doubt wotlabs is the place to promote your views on politics, whichever part of the spectrum you are find yourself on. 
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    ZXrage got a reaction from Medjed in Wotlabs annual festive hats?   
    i can't believe i forgot to wear mine lmao
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    ZXrage reacted to Hellsfog in Who has OTTER TeamSpeak address?   
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    ZXrage got a reaction from sohojacques in So, today i had a brilliant idea to reinstall WoT after God knows how much time. Mana   
    see you tomorrow 
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    ZXrage reacted to kolni in Which is better tier for tier: M46 or M48?   
    M48. M46 went from S tier to A tier simply because there’s too many tanks it can’t deal with frontally that it has to face (good luck keeping the 5K dpg sessions in it anymore) along with more tanks that it can pen frontally but the gun won’t allow it to (.38) making for pretty frustrating situations that get real hard to do anything about. 
    M48 is the most comfy tank in the game, even with all the new ones it is still hands down the best farmer in the game.
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    ZXrage reacted to hazzgar in I think this is the first time I've ever cracked top 3 on any of these rankings ever   
    Congrats. Especially on the t49 given that it's not super reliable 
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    ZXrage reacted to PlanetaryGenocide in its not coming home lads   
    Coming home:
    It’s ❌
    They’re ✅
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    ZXrage reacted to TAdoo87 in Man, i'm sure she got all the followers/subs cuz she's so good at Fartnite. We're not   
    Guys say what you will but this girl is an excellent passive content creator. One picture of hers generated higher activity on this site than anything in the past year. 
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    ZXrage reacted to Strigonx in Man, i'm sure she got all the followers/subs cuz she's so good at Fartnite. We're not   
    If i had tits i would do the same tbqh
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    ZXrage reacted to Sapros in Man, i'm sure she got all the followers/subs cuz she's so good at Fartnite. We're not   
    @hazzgar Sorry for being a toxic twat. But for someone who dislikes the term "whore" so much, you sure love acting like a bitch.
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    ZXrage reacted to Hellsfog in I think we can all safely agree that this game has jumped the shark. https://worldoft   
    I will not.  I might not. I probably won't. Dammit. 
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    ZXrage reacted to hall0 in I have finally done it, haHAA am I the reincarnation of Satan   
    fucking autist 
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    ZXrage got a reaction from KruggWulf in WOOF y/n?   
    n, god n
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    ZXrage reacted to Archaic_One in 1.0 removed my ability to play WoT without investing in a PC upgrade - which isn't of   
    Of all the departures from this game community in the last year, this one is the worst by far
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    ZXrage reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in I can't believe I hate this tank   
    tbh i hate it to, and i also do really well in it. not really sure why 
    prob just the fact that im not a fan of the TD class in general
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