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    ZXrage got a reaction from RedwoodOriginal in Lorraine 40t vs 252U. Can these two even compare? Lorr with better pen, view range ,   
    Armor wins games + alpha is king = the glorious 252U
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    ZXrage got a reaction from RedwoodOriginal in Only one question, SU 130PM or Lowe? Now its time for new credit grinder. Wich of two   
    I'd run Rammer/GLD/Binocs. Rammer is no-brainer, but I want to reduce engagement time (from spotted a tank to shooting them) as much as possible so I run GLD. Binocs since you're usually standing still. A case could also be made for Rammer/Net/Binocs but I don't like it.
    For training I'd run camo, drop for 6th and still camo, then drop again for 6th and BiA then camo again.
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    ZXrage got a reaction from echo9835 in How bad is the stock grind on the Leo PTA? I spent all of my blueprints and free XP t   
    i just autopiloted and yolo'd through the stock PTA until I got the 105 lmao, I advise you don't do that
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    ZXrage got a reaction from echo9835 in I am a monster please shame me. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5367869#westfield-echo9835-   
    fuck you dirty sealclubber you are contributing to WoT's demise
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    ZXrage got a reaction from sohojacques in 8.7k damage is a first class in 430U, the meme machine knows no bounds   
    if you run into a 430U that knows what he's doing there's nothing you can do but take it in the ass like a man
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    ZXrage got a reaction from echo9835 in This game sometimes... https://clips.twitch.tv/ObservantSmallAnisePastaThat   
    wdym, that shot worked it killed him 
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    ZXrage got a reaction from arceusdrago in   
    ur crazy
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    ZXrage reacted to Assassin7 in Mines and Siegfried line is my longest standing set of disabled maps so far. Found th   
    Pilsen is my second ban, or was when i had a prem account before i stopped playing enough to buy it. 
    They turned that map into a not great but fairly decent map, into an absolute dumpster fire where the field went from a playable area to completely and utterly dogshit pointless, made the 1 line just... Worse, and added shitty TD camping spots to both sides which made pushing stupidly annoying.
    I also hate the karkov rework. It was playable before and I kinda enjoyed it. Now they just made the entire field a useless killzone, and shortened the town so now nothing in the middle is playable anymore. At least the entire map was pretty playable before, now its just two corridors down the 1 and 0 line.
    Minsk is shit, but i find it playable. I just go push into the dip below the road on the 9 line and play hull down games while hoping arty doesnt dick on me too hard, which it usually does. 
    Studzikani is also shit, but playable as long as you go south into the town and forget the entire other flank exists. I went to that factory once, realised it was an utter waste of time,and never went there again.
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    ZXrage got a reaction from arceusdrago in Got my first high tier 3 mark in the M46 today!   
    Impressive, well done sir
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    ZXrage reacted to Ham_ in Should we create the zero key memorial book club? If so what book should we read?   
    Had to check sanctions for a second there
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    ZXrage reacted to Ham_ in Gr33tings all, From now on I will b3 r3placing all of my e's with 3's to set mys3lf a   
    m4ntic0r3 is b3tt3r th4n t-1oo ZXr4g3 u h0rny slut
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    ZXrage reacted to Diriz0n in Hi Diriz00000000000n Downvote this one too please   
    enroh posted that, March 5th, and took it upon myself to squelch the apparent troublemakers. And it worked. But you people, feeling the need to replace those, started up. Despite enroh saying,  ''guys just avoid him''  It is on you. I didn't make that forum bait thread. I don't  salad leet speak my posts or my avatar, you people do. I understand you are retarded, that you have a malformed brain, but you don't see me smearing it across the forum. if you don't have anything good to say, don't say a thing. you are all welcome to go read what he said,  I shouldn't be the only one locked into following those rules. 
    Everyone is allowed to up or down vote, however they wish. There is absolutely no prejudice, no infringement, you are allowed to cast a ballot. That isn't what is being debated here. If you wish to down vote, down fucking vote, no one cares. 
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    ZXrage reacted to kolni in Is Patriot out of meta/powercreeped   
    it puts the "meh" in mehmet
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    ZXrage reacted to Assassin7 in RIP Kobe gotta be at least one in the feed   
    RIP the other people on that helicopter too.
    Every single news feed I read/heard/watched for that was like "Rip kobe, oh but yeah a bunch of others died too but they dont matter"
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    ZXrage reacted to Rexxie in Did you assholes here forgot about annual festive hats on your avatars? Put them righ   
    i regret mentioning that now
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    ZXrage got a reaction from Medjed in Did you assholes here forgot about annual festive hats on your avatars? Put them righ   
    apologies fellas lets get back into it
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    ZXrage reacted to kolni in A friend has been playing a lot of league lately. I said fuck it and downloaded it, d   
    you wish
    EUW game in any elo below Dia has more people flaming eachother than actually playing the game.. at least when losing lol
    you just wait until you get soft inters, ppl running it down because u didnt give role, champ select hostage and all the other things people can do to be toxic when they dont get their way without getting banned  
    only way to enjoy league is to get good and climb high enough for people to take the game seriously so the games dont turn into keyboard warrioring losing teams and satisfied winning teams
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    ZXrage got a reaction from concep in I honestly miss when this forum was way more active than it is now and all the shenan   
    if it's any consolation i miss it too
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    ZXrage got a reaction from sohojacques in Just had a tier 8 game where no one broke 1k damage on my team. Only two managed over   
    I mean, that also means that neither did you :^)
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    ZXrage got a reaction from Enroh in Hello again.   
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    ZXrage reacted to zbran in got my brother's car for a week so i had to wash it   
    Nice MR2. I just finished fitting a set of coilovers, traction brackets, RCA's, adjustable 4 link kit and panhard bar. Just need to get it all dialled in. 86Fest is fast approaching .

    Before and after.

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