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    ZXrage reacted to lavawing in Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran   
    You have to deal with this tho:

    As compared to:

    IMO the 257 lives and dies by its armour, and the top turret will make you that much more vulnerable against high tier guns which can ez snipe your hatches with good softstats. The stock turret has minuscule weakspots so you can actually afford to aim. Bear in mind I over-rely on armour in general. (But if you want soft stats and firepower you'd be playing a T-10 anyway).
    Also traverse speed is important to the 257 since you need to reverse sidescrape to bounce big guns.
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    ZXrage reacted to lavawing in Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran   
    Mini review after 30 games
    The tank has many absurd strengths at the cost of almost as many handicaps. Tank is defos broken, probably slightly overpowered as well. Here is why:
    The gun: 7/10 (4/10 if you don't spam HEAT)
    The gun can pretty much be defined as: like the T-10's but worse.

    APCR as standard 315 pen HEAT  Decent DPM Decent bloom 40 shells allows good mix of everything
    APCR means your shells travel at light speed to miss their target two times as quickly as they normally would 248 APCR means you bounce off E75 and IS-7 LFPs, HEAT spam is a must (i.e. AMX 30 problems) 2.66 aim time means you're no T-10 when it comes to mid range snapping .37 accuracy is manageable - if it weren't for the shitty APCR pen, derpy gun and long aim time Expensive to run due to reliance on gold. Tall tank. Can be difficult to find shots with -5 gundep.
    Basically, you don't play the 257 for the gun. I rate the firepower below all 120 mils at this tier, below the WZ and the T-10 (and the 705), but around the same level as the German 12.8s and the the ST-I.

    The armour (Stalin's moustache/10)
    The armour doesn't really work when you show your front, and the turret is worse than you'd think, BUT - this thing is tougher than a Maus when you're being flanked, and is the god of reverse sidescrapes. Also, you meet IS-6s. My weeb friends call this tank the iron pantsu panza with the lewd tracks, and they're not wrong:

    Hull is shaped exactly like pantsu and is capable of taking as much HEAT as you'd expect from your typical anime cum dumpster. Tracks are absurdly thick and the ribs of the suspension count as multiple layers of spaced armour so even extremely high caliber HEAT get's absorbed Good turret (sans the roof, the mantlet and the cupolas), esp the sides. 1.9 k HP Diamond LFP is probably EVEN smaller than an EVEN's. Nearly unbeatable in a reverse sidescrape (godmode against APCR). The high slope of the upper side hull means you can take fire from a 30 degree-ish arc and still remain impenetrable.
    Shitty pike with low base thickness and steep angles - becomes like 210-ish if angled. Overmatchable roof + cupolas Lower side hull 45mm thick - means theoretically overmatchable by 150mm calibre guns or above, BUT - most 150 mm guns are mounted on platforms the size of a bus which simply reliably find shots on the zone. Ammorack issues + driver dies all the time Unlike the IS-7, can't simply push into enemies and facehug them - you have to tease them by flashing your pretty arse and get them to dump their load on your skirt.
    Overall: not an IS-7. Armour is not exactly retard proof, nor can it hulldown as well as a T-10. There is a specific way to use this thing's armour, which once mastered, allows you to hold off tier 10s with minimal support. In a reverse sidescrape, enemies need to overextend to pen this thing.

    Mobility (7/10)
    Can't really flex like a true heavium, but a true heavium doesn't tank Jagdtiger shots while tracked in the open either. Top speed is low, but agility is monstrous.

    Cannot be flanked 50 kmh top speed 15 HP/T Cons
    Shitty terrain resistances a la IS-7. Top speed is a lie: goes 38-ish on flat ground Can't turn on a dime Can't really ram on flat ground Overall: play a T-10 if you like fast heavies. The mobility of this tank is used for brawling 24/7.

    Why is this tank broken?
    Well, it's cancer against low tiers because of the nature of the armour. And it's cancer against high tiers as well because it can just, reverse, poke at a stupid angle and laugh manically as you absorb 340 pen HEAT magically with your Soviet hovercraft hull. I expected this tank to be a heavium, and it terms of the gun and mobility, it would have definitely been one - if and only if it didn't have this Tier 11 armour scheme, doing things that even the IS-7 cannot. AS IT IS the tank has what is effectively superheavy levels of armour with a decent-ish gun, and on top of all that, heavium mobility. 

    Lastly, IS IT FUN?
    Yes if you like assault tanks and yes if you like the IS-7. If you prefer the 5A to the -7, you'll probably prefer the T-10 to the 257. And a big 'NO' if you like balanced tanks that are good for the game.

    PS for best results run with the stock turret 
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    ZXrage reacted to hall0 in Object 257 - another Russian tier 10 premium   
    Yeah OK T9 makes sense. Would be way too underpowered as T10 tank. 
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    ZXrage reacted to Kymrel in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    Source: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-february-results/
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    ZXrage reacted to echo9835 in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    SerB lives on the moon now and cannot return to earth
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    ZXrage reacted to Ham_ in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
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    ZXrage reacted to Kymrel in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    I like many of the points raised, and would add one more. The effects on lower tier tanks in a +2 MM environment will be horrific. Now you can't pen with normal ammo and need to load the gold to pen. This won't change, but after this package of shit is implemented you'll do less damage (or, rather, the tanks have more HP, the net effect is the same), allowing armored tanks of a higher tier to bully even better.
    Unless they go to a +1/-1 MM this change will be utterly terrible for the game. Even if they do, it still might be. People will gravitate towards armor and tanks with high standard pen. So more super-heavies and TDs. And arty because fuck this game. Staples like the T-54 and other meds/lights that need gold to be competitive are humped and can go fuck themselves. Really well thought out, Wargaming...
    What they need to do is to not go live with the broad strokes rebalance they are trying to do now and instead immediately deal with the obvious problems that creates before releasing this new version of the game. Because that's what this is. Buff HP of some tanks more than others. Introduce actual weak spots on tanks that really, really need them and make some alleged weak spots (type 5 cupola, Defender lower front plate etc) real weak spots by lowering the armor value. Buff pen on some tanks, reduce or increase ammo cost, amount of ammo carried etc.
    They don't need much testing to do many of those changes. Just common sense and game knowledge. They would then need to tweak them once it's live, doing a lot of little fixes to fine tune the game. And this should be done quickly and efficiently, without any regard for if tanks are premium tanks or not. Call it 2.0 and people can't really complain. If they do, give them the tanks as they were in 1.X with the old HP and standard alpha and tell them to go fuck themselves.
    But of course Wargaming won't do any of that because they are incompetent shits who don't play their own game. Instead they'll go live with their great rebalance, screw the game in a major way and then spend two years gathering data and then finally fix something, long after the game ceases to be relevant.
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    ZXrage reacted to Archaic_One in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    Its been said on here before, but its worth repeating.  The game was at its best when the developers played the game.  Its so obvious listening to the devs talk that not only do they not play the game themselves, but they are taking cues about game meta from outdated sources.  They are trying to fix a game that does not really exist anymore.
    The other, bigger problem is that like 1.0, all of these changes are doing nothing to bring players into the game.  They need to be working on making the game fun and inviting to the next generation of players so they can grow the games playerbase.  Instead, they are fixing a leaky faucet while the Titanic is sinking.  This is the only game I have ever seen that not only does not utilize the knowledge and advice of its best players -  it actually seems to actively shun it.
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    ZXrage got a reaction from echo9835 in Bourrasque, Tier 8 Premium MT (Marathon)   
    Stats (doesn't look like it changed much since supertest):
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    ZXrage got a reaction from sohojacques in Bourrasque, Tier 8 Premium MT (Marathon)   
    Stats (doesn't look like it changed much since supertest):
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    ZXrage reacted to hazzgar in Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54   
    Dude Garbad played very long time ago where meta and everything was different and pulling 4k was like pulling 5k now. 
    Also there are many non rerolls who pull 5k dpg. Decha can. Not to mention rerolling has nothing to do with your 100 battle dpg session.
    Also we take your opinions as a shitter because you speak like a shitter. Objectively you have better stats than me. I hover below 3k dpg in my t10s. Usually 2600-3000. Yeah I could blame it on playing min settings on a shitty laptop and unstable connection but I won't. I just don't post opinions that are illogical. That doesn't even have to be related to your in game performance. Your arguments don't make sense from a data analysis standpoint either. So it doesn't matter if you look at what you say from a point of view of best players or from the pov of someone who has years of real life experience of using data to actually predict real life events and do it well. So maybe just stop, listen to others, learn instead of agressively defending your opinions despite the fact that literally everyone on the forums here tells you you are wrong. I mean seriously. I'm an elite school asshole, without any parenting and an ego the size of Texas and I'd still think twice about my opinions if 100% of an elite community in a given topic told me I'm wrong. I mean seriously. This is simple logic. 
    Low sample size. Skill isn't afraid to correct his opinions. Tbh I expected him to change his mind as that tank should be ok for his playstyle. Not perfect but he should make it work. 
    I pulled 2000+ DPG in a pre buff VK4502a (aah the days where bad tank camo was way more common) not using any gold and with a 1.5 skill crew. I think I will join the Spactacus like "I'm Garbad" crowd. 
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    ZXrage reacted to echo9835 in Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54   
    @HaswellNot all heroes wear capes.
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    ZXrage reacted to Kymrel in the Black Market rumor mill   
    Wow. And now that the auction is over it turns out that this tier III shitter was the final offer. Whoever did the lineup for this Black Market needs to be fired.
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    ZXrage reacted to Tarski in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    At least their map design is on point. 

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    ZXrage reacted to Ham_ in the Black Market rumor mill   
    Welp some kid on the official forum bid 20k thinking he would get a Obj 261 and is now demanding a refund 
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    ZXrage reacted to Balthazars in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    This seems pretty typical of WG when it comes to major balance changes. At some level, there is some sensible and smart stuff, but they tend to overreach and try to do too much at one go, so it ends up being a bit of a steaming mess.
    Simplifying the tech trees is a good idea, and removing a lot of the low-tier clutter (which let's be honest, most players don't play) is a decent enough idea. I'm 50-50 on the branch-swapping points, in some cases it meant you could avoid certain tanks you didn't like but it does make the grinds more straightforward. Not too big a fan of removing tier 8 tanks and above, but I understand why they're doing it to simplify the branches. Also not a fan of removing historical/real tanks while leaving some of the made-up ridiculousness in the tech trees just for the sake of 'line consistency'. But on balance seems okay.
    Then you get the HP changes, and that is a real problem. They want to nerf gold rounds without actually nerfing them, so they 'buff' HP instead while keeping gold round damage the same. Okay, sure. I get it, and in of itself, not stupid. But just straight out flat increasing HP is stupid if they don't make other adjustments for the reasons @Jesse_the_Scout has articulated.
    HE changes are dumb, personally I think the current mechanics are fine if they are balanced around things like the Blackdog, T49 and HESH on the Cent tanks, as opposed to the Type 4/5d and HESH on the Deathstar. There are many tanks with perfectly fine HE mechanics that are going to have fun gimmicks removed, but then you have the KV2 untouched "for the memes". What's the point?
    This is a big risk for WG, the changes here have the potential to fundamentally change how the game plays, which might turn off a lot of players as opposed to bring in new ones. The main reason that's happening is because they're trying to do too much at once. Again.
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    ZXrage reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    Jesus. I just logged into the test server and looked things over. If this is the end result, what a disappointment. No apparent nerfs to anything that needs it, they just scaled everything almost flat. At high tier everything has +20% HPs and +20% to damage. Even the arty nerf just basically boils down to forcing people to shoot gold arty shells in order to keep their current damage output. So costing more credits and removing stun is basically it. They haven't changed the cost of ammo at all, so gold ammo appears proportionately more expensive than ever. They haven't even scaled up how much ammo you can carry past tier 5, so the fucking T67 is fine but something like the Type 64 is stuck with even lower potential damage against the hordes of power creeped tier 8 heavies.
    Basically low tier gameplay might improve because the HPs scale up better, but the three tier spread is actually going to be worse than ever because your gold ammo is weaker. Without compensating for it elsewhere (such as by scaling HPs by class) this is going to make heavies the dominant vehicle and make fighting up suck even more. I was optimistic they had come around, but they really are just steaming forward with the shitty original sandbox plan for World of Red E-100s.
    EDIT: The more stats I look at the more triggered I get. For a lot of the low tier changes they just moved shit up a tier and gave it some more HPs, maybe +10 view range, blam, this fine. I kid you not they took the Valentine AT which is already bad at tier 3 and just made it a tier 4 with a few more HPs. Same guns, same view range, same everything else. A-20 is now a tier 5 with a few more HPs and +20 view range. Crusader is now a tier 6 light with a few more HPs and maybe +1 RoF. It goes on like this. Amazingly half-assed.
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    ZXrage reacted to Never in the Black Market rumor mill   
    So... Wargaming just bamboozled the shit out of everyone by selling the Death Star for 22 mil then nerfing HESH into uselessness.
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    ZXrage got a reaction from Archaic_One in Are These Tanks Relevant Today?   
    I really like this tank, although I have to set my APCR as my standard round. Hulldown you're practically unstoppable + 400m base means you're a really good bait spotter. The gun hits decently for alright handling as well.
    Too bad it's horribly powercrept like the other tech tree heavies bar IS-3 because IS-3.
    Type 62:
    It's still pretty decent considering its same-tier opponents, although like most light tanks you're going to get shit all over by wheelchair tanks.
    Tiger I:
    This tank has always paled in comparison to the all-mighty T29 and the myriad of IS clones at the same tier, it may even suffer a lot more these days since it will struggle a lot fighting tier 8 (premium) heavies. I'd barely call it relevant, it's kind of just there.
    Camo TD's have gotten a resurgence due to the broken bush mechanics, so this one can still be relevant even though it's squishy. 490 alpha is nothing to scoff at, and the 15cm is fun for HEAT/HE memes, but I wouldn't pick this tank over the Skorp/S1/WZ-120 FT, which goes for most tier 8 tech tree v. premium tanks these days.
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    ZXrage reacted to Ogopogo in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    The tanks being made into reward tanks (for anyone not looking at the video).
    KV-85, KV-13, T-62A
    VK 3001D, Jagdpanther II
    T21, M4A3E2 (the jumbo), T71 DA
    AMX 30, AMX 30B
    Churchill GC, Firefly
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    ZXrage reacted to Tarski in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    Yeah, I was okay with the pruning when I thought it would amount to combining some of the low tier tanks that are variants of the same tank. Removing 92 tanks, including tier 8, 9, and 10 tanks, is moving backward. One of the most popular things WG ever does is add new tech tree branches to the game, and this undoes that. My first reaction is "too much change and some of it is bad." We'll see how this develops. 
    If memory serves, you were required to have the vehicle in the garage the last couple times this happened. 
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    ZXrage reacted to Ogopogo in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    This is stupid. I have a number of issues with this.
    Removal of content which will later be issued as rewards or purchasable in game on special occasion (perhaps for inflated prices). It feels like they are removing previously unlock-able stuff to give themselves more to work with and encourage monetization. Removal of more iconic tanks and generally quite historical ones. Like it or not, one major draw of WOT is in the tanks. What does it say when tanks like the firefly or the hetzer are being removed? Some loss of mobility on a tech tree. As an example, from the Pz 4H you can research 4 tier 10 tanks currently. With the changes you can only research 1. Tiger P, 3 to 2. HWK 12, 2 to 1. Panther, 2 to 1. Just to pull examples from the German tech tree. Removal of tier 10's. Besides the obvious, this is absolutely horrible to players who aren't so aware of changes being made to the game. Some poor sod somewhere is working towards the AMX 30 as his first tier 10, and then fines that suddenly his tier 9 with 150,000 experience is made a reward vehicle and leads nowhere. (sorta) Are players who have researched the tanks going to recieve the tanks even if they don't have them in the garage? If you want any of the removed tanks, and they don't receive any tank (or don't offer experience refunds) seems like great way to sell some garage slots for those who don't have a ton of them. 
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    ZXrage reacted to Never in the Black Market rumor mill   
    And it still sold out in seconds. Say what you will about WG, but they know their audience too well.
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    ZXrage reacted to Tarski in the Black Market rumor mill   
    Yeah, but do you have a shiny gold one with shiny gold dragon trim and shiny gold dragon heads on either end of the log and at the end of the barrel?
    If the price weren't so insane I'd want one just for that hilariously over the top look. It's the same reason I love the Patriot. 
    Edit: Wow, the next deal appears to be the Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f), a tier 2 tank, for 9500 gold. 
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    ZXrage reacted to Never in the Black Market rumor mill   
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