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  1. I would shame my team and myself too...I had 4 shells left and stood against the enemy AT7 with fellow T-25 and didn´t know what to do.... My plan what to do was to allow T-25 side shots on the AT7, but thinking he was a scrub, I didn´t do any special effort to win the game, turned out to be a bad decision, cause he fired quite well... And my attempt to block him sucked big time. pls watch it and tell me what should I have done better... http://wotreplays.com/site/1844141#el_halluf-w1zzar3-amx_12_t thx
  2. Maybe the safest bet would be to platoon with 2 heavies to ensure maximum count of enemy HT´s (platoon mates also often go to the same area on the map), no matter the tank. Then it would be the fast ROF or high alpha, whichever you prefer. I used my T-34-1 cause it eats away HP with it´s 100mm just fine. And I haven´t got better med yet. If you got A-44, it could work just fine cause of that crazy alpha too.
  3. I think the Type T-34 is even better, feels less sluggish due to great ground resistance which is essential for a flanker and 57 gun reloads faster too
  4. I don´t think Garbad ever said he carries his 14 idiots to win in 70+% of the time. On the other hand, he answered +- the same question you asked a thousand times in this thread... Enable your scrubs to pull their own weight and do your best, even the most useless player in WoT shoots the red tanks occasionaly. Spot for them, allow them firing lanes, take a hit for the tomato if he´s worth it, deny enemy important location etc... Is that about right G ? You can never win the flank, if there´s 10 red tanks and you´re alone, not by raw force, no matter how good you are. Play dirty. Generall
  5. This is exactly why chasing any other stat than winrate is twisted. It doesn´t matter if its wn8 or eff or marks of excellence. If you were better player, you could achieve 3 MoE by playing how you play regularily (guess your T30 is a bit off this, because you need so much dmg..). If you bend your gameplay to specific direction, it always goes to shit. BTW wn8 best metric for skill MM > statpadding would actually become bad for you
  6. Still can´t figure if he was just an actor or he really meant what he said. That has to be the single most useless human being walking this world. I mean can you imagine you were as dumb as him ? I literally blushed from (his) shame all the time I wasn´t laughing my ass off, reading those words.
  7. Wish he came back M1ster_R0gers became a fucking legend in record time. He raised this forum to something that made me enjoy my life on whole another level. I loathe the world without him 2 more days and I would laugh so much, I´d become immortal.
  8. So he´s just a screb with boosted up crews and that´s why he has 76% and 5300 recent, mkay XD
  9. Ok sorry, this doesnt belong here, but wth is reward account ? I´ve never heard of it.
  10. After playing some (not retarded) but considerable ammount of battles in it, I say it is not. This tank is a piece of shit and I suggest get done with it as soon as you can. I can live with bad frontal armor on a heavy, but I can´t live with bad overall armor, so-so mobility and a bad gun.
  11. Oh my fucking god I just realized the universal wotlabs logo and came here just to make sure you really did that on purpose kekeke
  12. Yeah, the sounds are weird, when I need to get on the TS and hear shit, I turn the game volume down to 6 Well I suck at platooning anyway, so that´s not often
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