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  1. Game that promotes base-camping, rewards passive play while penalizing aggressive play, and cannot balance sub-46%'ers ... I'm done. Anyone play Divinity Original Sin 2? Thinking about spending some of my gaming budget on it. Seems pretty deep. Thanks!

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    2. hazzgar


      @TAdoo87 assuming I know any given series is a bit silly. Even though I watched it 2 times. I'm just bad at quote references. Working in the movie industry means I focus on other shit.

    3. nabucodonsor


      @hazzgar that is because you don't have the correct training music. Here 


      And ofc it is a bit silly. No one wants to lose their hair in their 20s. As Crabs said it is a Kewei method. (For those who don't get it this is the full training regiment: 



    4. hazzgar


      I still seriously thought Kewei was doing that. Still I am loosing my hair and will probably have to shave it off in 1 year so maybe the training makes sense for me ;)

  2. Bit of a whine. I suppose I can deal with the roll back to ultra-camping maps, cloaking-device bushes, and invisible TDs, but HTs that consistently snipe from 300m + is the thing that will make me quit this game. Like when you are stuck in a shitty job, I am going to start looking around now. And when a new game inevitably catches my interest ...

    1. Fulcrous


      I've seen mice camo snipe in glacier. Mice.

    2. lavawing


      I snipe a lot more in my heavies because a lot of the time theres no other way to play, given how the teams go.......

  3. The randomness/waiting-for-the-starts-to-align point is definitely true. But, at least for me, it seems like my chances increased with burst damage (6 x ~300) against opposition. I was getting frustrated seeing in the end plates that I had damaged multiple fuel tanks and engines w/o any fires. With the b-c, though, I was able to blast away at an Obj 430's fuel tank until it caught on fire. Again - totally agree about the randomness. But at least it felt like I had some control with the burst.
  4. Sorry to keep posting here but I appreciated the advice in this thread and want to give back. I was struggling with MT-12 for the 260 missions (cause equal or higher to burn; 3k damage) - E50, Obj 430, Obj 140, T-62a, and various other lower-tier tanks. The suggestion I have read to use the B-C 25t AP did the trick for me easily - got it in just a handful of tries.
  5. Ok this was a fun game. I really enjoy the LTG (clicks with me). Towards the end of the game, I run out of ammo, VK on cap goes off for some reason ... and then drowns. Made me laugh so I share.  http://wotreplays.eu/site/4220868#malinovka-dr_hilarious-ltg

  6. Does anyone have any Intel on when the new tier X Russian heavy (after the T-10) is coming? Could it be released in WoT 1.0?

    1. TheChang


      I believe a Q&A said it would be after 1.0

    2. leggasiini


      Its not coming in 1.0. It would have been released ages ago, lol.

      It havent even hit the supertest yet...

    3. Dr_Hilarious


      Thanks you two.

  7. Just a quick note to those like me who are still working on the 260 missions. @StranaMechty suggestion to use Obj140/T62a for MT-4 (track 4; damage 4 immobilized) worked great for me after I had been struggling to get this one done with other tanks..
  8. I blew through them using the US line. Give it a shot, even if you have to start the line from scratch. And then promptly sell them ( f arty).
  9. Apparently the Type 59 rumors are true - bought an 11-pack and won a Type 59! Nice!


  10. Sacrilegious? Hilarious? Not a "booty shot" but 1k+ damage to another T-49. First attempt at a gif but got my first MOE so why not?
  11. Confirmed great streamer! Very helpful commentary. Thanks for letting us know!
  12. At one point I was trying 12.3 in the T29, T32, OI, E75, and then ultimately the Maus line. In my experience (again - perma green), each time I took the VK100 out I felt like I had a chance and it happened in the course of normal play. With the others, I never really felt close, just hoping for the perfect conditions. My advice (which is really WTS's advice) is if you are an average/good player and you want to maximize your chances, the Maus line is definitely worth the grind.
  13. i did it in the VK 100 initially (and then also in the Mauschen). The grind up to the Mauschen was pretty relaxed tbh, and the VK 100 was fun to play. I am not a huge fan of the Mauschen, though. In both tanks, I found that side scrapping is not as effective at baiting and bouncing as poking my front out at an angle. Gl!
  14. Thanks again WTS; was able to get HT-15.3 with the Mauschen on game #34 and now have the T-55a. Much appreciated! It probably seems like obvious advice to many, but the mental hurdle of starting a new line from scratch was pretty big without knowing this was the best way to get HT-15.3.
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