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  1. Game that promotes base-camping, rewards passive play while penalizing aggressive play, and cannot balance sub-46%'ers ... I'm done. Anyone play Divinity Original Sin 2? Thinking about spending some of my gaming budget on it. Seems pretty deep. Thanks!

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    2. hazzgar


      @TAdoo87 assuming I know any given series is a bit silly. Even though I watched it 2 times. I'm just bad at quote references. Working in the movie industry means I focus on other shit.

    3. nabucodonsor


      @hazzgar that is because you don't have the correct training music. Here 


      And ofc it is a bit silly. No one wants to lose their hair in their 20s. As Crabs said it is a Kewei method. (For those who don't get it this is the full training regiment: 



    4. hazzgar


      I still seriously thought Kewei was doing that. Still I am loosing my hair and will probably have to shave it off in 1 year so maybe the training makes sense for me ;)