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  1. That cooler is monstrous and i ended up trading it away for a smaller/lighter one. If you have PC at place that can be moved by kids or bumped by wife vacuuming i would not recomend it even in that spacious case. Other than that .. if comp works and runs everything at desired performance and you dont mind the money spent then you can be a happy customer.
  2. Is it worth selling conq in order to transfer crew into FV?
  3. Is-4 is really an upgraded is-8 .. if you ever considered keeping is-8 while getting is-7 .. then you should get the is-4. Hope this makes sence.
  4. doesnt work on EU .. at least not anymore
  5. wonders is wonders ... before i joined LAVA he bugged me as well Its hard to find a good non CW clan, LAVA was a perfect spot, i even played CWs the only week i could and only 2 weeks LAVA did. Btw, anyone has thoughts about FS - From Rising Sun, wot-life link ?... they seem to have purges to maintain high activity players with 2k+ SH battles.
  6. Gratz on lvl up! .. Sadly iam on EU
  7. Its the fear factor E75 brings while mounting 12,8 cm in combintation of its agility & armor. If your sniping, its either late game or your in wrong position. About DPM in a E75 think of shells being already loaded prior engagement against hardest targets enemy has brought into the battlefield ; 10,5 cm = potential dmg from 240-400, penetration AP 167-281, APCR 214-356 12,5 cm = potential dmg from 368-613, penetration AP 185-308, APCR 233-389 not mentioning beastly HE on 12,5 cm
  8. Sad to see lobsters dispersing. Special thanx to our FCs Gharirey, koel76, WaterWar and ofc Nurkus! Will proudly wear LAVA clan tags until its end.
  9. Playing midnight hours CET times and always looking forward tooning with strangers. 6h difference.
  10. Not sure if still works but try to redeem code ALBANY for a tier II us premium ship.
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