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  1. Bots are better than a good chunk of the pubbies anyway, they probably bring up the quality of games in mid-tiers. The Japanese are a good addition to the server and are generally good quality, I just wish more of them could speak english (or I could speak Japanese).
  2. played once, liked the chance to test out the e5 and the 50B which i don't have. On SEA the one time i played no one seemed to know what to do with the flag and kept running to the wrong cap circles so no one was able to capture a flag. I just ran around and killed things and made a decent amount of credits. It was kind of a shitshow though.
  3. that E3 MP turret is really deceptive.
  4. I had a tier 10 with just under 3k games on my SEA account it's definitely within the realm of possibility.
  5. what's the game server address for NA and EU servers of armored warfare so I can tracert it and see if I should be even considering this game at all, or if I can safely dismiss it from my mind because of where I live?
  6. Rudy > Cromwell B There. I said it. Radley Walters High Caliber Pascucci's hitting for the cycle. http://wotreplays.com/site/1896510#arctic_region-teantis-t-34-85_rudy
  7. the gun that leads to the obj. 140
  8. sure I should be on almost every night of the next two weeks
  9. Play it the same as a t-34-85. It's literally almost exactly the same except with a slightly better view range. Despite not having the top engine and 100 less HP than an elited t-34-85 the mobility feels just about the same. The 144 pen gun can pen most things frontally except for a few exceptions at tier 8. You can chew up just about any tank frontally t6 and below with basic knowledge of weakspots. With 144 pen you only really need to flank things like an IS-3. You can brawl, you can flank, you can passably snipe and the gun is the same gun the t-43 is expected to live with at tier 7 an
  10. Yep, well you pay for everything. Maybe not in money but you always pay in the end.
  11. They were $15 for the Cromwell and Rudy each on SEA and could be bought individually without a bundle, one of the few times being on SEA is a plus
  12. Yes but I just assumed that was because it was a new tank and not incorporated yet. My session statistics mods seem to treat it as a normal t-34-85.
  13. So gold retraining right now gets you a free skill essentially on top of the BiA they gave you for free? Sweet.
  14. Does it compare to just the russian server? Because when I use XTe on SEA what it tells me is everyone is just terrible at whatever tank they are driving. Which is probably true, but one that was relative to the server i'm on would probably be more useful. I rarely see anyone above yellow ranking, and I'm only green or above on a few tanks. Not all that useful when I'm trying to determine who to prioritize in game.
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