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  1. Got a TFCC tear in my right wrist. How does Urgent Care solve this problem? A steriod shot in my ass. Couldn't sit down for half an hour. Wrist is better today though, and my biceps have doubled in size. :D

  2. Congrats on hitting 1 million! I'm down for free stuff!
  3. Anyone for same thing today? 3 mil left to grind. LF High Greens and Blues. Thanks -Moose
  4. Hi, I'm playing my KV-5 exclusively to grind out the 6 million silver I need for my obj 140. Just wondering if anyone out there wants to platoon at tier 8 and teach me some stuff along the way, looking for high greens/blues, that's where I'll gain knowledge at this point. Thanks! -Moose
  5. Well atm I'm about 15k xp from the obj 140, and on the other side of things I'm trying to power through to all the medium lines, I'm at the panther and the easy 8 at the moment on mediums, and on the su-100 for tds. From how much I've played though, I'm swinging towards the higher tiers, the meta below ~7 seems a little messed up. So for a short answer, 8-10, when i get those tanks. I'll be grinding 6 million credits here soon to get the obj 140, and all I have is a kv-5 to get the job done. Just add me if what I have is sufficient. -Moose
  6. Hiya Wotlabs community! I'm just introducing myself here, seems like I could learn quite a bunch from this forums, all the purple poastin and whatnot looks extremely useful! I had an account when I was a little younger (Moosetraxx) and that went terribly wrong so I wont be playing that account again, onto Moosetracked account now. I'd say I've played around 3k games total, and I play Medium tanks almost exclusively. If there are any blues/purps out there that could platoon and give me tips that'd be great! I'm glad to be diving into this community :3 -Moose
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