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  1. Tested it a few games on 2 tanks. It's useless. One time on my Panther I got detection and moved backwards. Basically to move right onto the arty landing spot. I am going to remove it from the few tanks I put it on.
  2. Hey Guys, Wondering what your opinion is on the new arty detection. I played around on Sandbox and CT with it. But I don't have a clear answer to what tanks to put this on. Mostly because arty is so inaccurate. If you put it on a light and you get a warning and start moving, it can very well happen that you move directly under the shell instead of away from it. For heavies, you can turn your tank towards the arty. But if the arty hits next to you or behind you, it does a lot more damage then hitting your front. So the turn is not guaranteed to help. It might even make it w
  3. Thanks for the article. It really helped me find some more enjoyment in the game. I used to play for wins and always try to make the winning moves. Since I kinda suck, that hardly ever worked. Now I just play as you say "a PVE game focussed on damage". And I don't even look at wins/losses anymore. Makes it all a lot more fun. I am a person that wants to improve. But often times I am just soo tired (from work/family) and I just want to get an hour in with Tier 8s with boosters on to make some money. Those games are usually horrible because I can't focus/think. But my playtime is very limit
  4. So which gun is the consensus better gun nowadays?
  5. I only have 17 battles in it and I am only a wn1500 player. But I had a lot of fun in it. And had no problems with pen so far. Go where the lights and meds go and you can pen most things
  6. I hate these balanced Premiums :-) Makes it so hard to decide if I want one or not :-)
  7. I just checked a video on youtube of a guy who just bought it. Looking at his garage, it still has a Tier V engine.
  8. I put optics on and promptly got a Patrol Duty medal.
  9. What equipment are you guys using? I plan to play mostly in attack mode and am considering Optics. Since I don't intend to stop moving. Others seem to prefer spall-liners. Are they really that much better? Is this because of Anime-tanks?
  10. I really want to get rid of my JT88. But I have just about everything there is in premium-land. My 4 options would be STA-2, T-34-3, FV4202 and Panther 88. But Since I have things like Patton KR, Rev, Mutz, Panther M10, they aren't that different to tanks that I already have.... 1st world problems, I guess
  11. PieterJ

    The Chinese 112

    So I picked this up earlier this week. Sofar 31 battles, 64% winrate and 2400wn8. Which is absurdly high for a casual like me. I think I average about 1.5k bounced per game. This thing is so nice. It's fast and has good frontal armour. Perfect for less-map-aware players that just want to shoot stuff :-) Edit: had a 1450 base xp game in it and only got a 1st class. Seems like mastery requirements are quite high
  12. maybe because it was his first damage? Also, you don't get a message that they are banned. They just stop moving and stop spewing bullshit in chat....
  13. Ramming also counts as damage. I once got somebody banned that had shot me 3 times and then I rammed him. We both took damage, so it was his 4th damage on me. So he got banned.
  14. I am sure everybody hates the fact that I am even trying the arty missions. Well, so do I. But I am not good enough to actually get all the others with honours. Cola + Prem ammo does help. Had an Ace tanker game in the M53/M55 but some random LTTB had a few more xp than me. Also, I feel the french T9 arty is actually quite nice for SPG15. The premium HE almost doubles the (normally shitty) splash radius. So it feels like you get more improvement for your buck then with the premium M53/M55 shells. Also, it's quite accurate and fast firing, giving you a lot of flexibility. M44
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