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  1. does this exist somewhere? Curious to see if there are certain days that I do worse than usual on. Also curious to see when a bad string of games will "fall off" the recent wn8.
  2. nice. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Ive been grinding credits as well. Feel free to add me as well.
  4. and like orange?? the color of the Dutch? Methinks someone is confused.
  5. Add another to your list of willing guinea pigs.
  6. Add me to your list as well. I have both tanks, and a few others. I am great at YOLOing and meatshielding, as can be deduced from my stats.
  7. worked through the su100, su100M1, and su101. Did ok with them, around 53% WR and 1150 WN8. The Su-122-54...just horrible. 38% winrate so far, and a wn8 of sub900. I thought this was supposed to be an improvement over the previous two vehicles. I even free xp'd the top gun early.
  8. An odd conglomeration of vehicles. Anyone have stats on them? A couple of them look decent. But for the cost of two, you can get 4, minus the gold. The math hurts my head today.
  9. Looking for help beyond the generic stuff. I have looked over some replays already, and the threads I have found in the tank specific stuff. Let me know here or on PM if you are willing to help. Thanks
  10. recommendations for sound mods? Last time I tried it, (long time ago) it gave me issues.
  11. I got a new set of headphones, and there was no noticeable improvement. Is the sound in the game just, meh, so it wont matter?
  12. I reinstalled wot on a new system. I copied over my res_mod folder so most of my mods work. I wanted to update some of them, but the new odem mortis client doesnt recognize my 'current configuration.' I really like the way I have it set up and dont want to start from scratch. What other files do I need to copy into the new system so when I update odem, it knows what my current preferences are? TIA
  13. I still need one if you dont mind playing with greens.
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