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  1. got to totally agree , Wet Ammo Rack , is totally useless , fitted it in the Caernarvon and it made no difference -and I'm not the only one to find that...
  2. Yes , as if you use it right , the FV215b is a beast , and if you can keep it hull-down , the Turret is really nice - i've bounced quite a few shells off it plus the gun , already tremendous with the Conqueror , is amazing with the FV215b , laser accuracy and great DPM ,quite a few tanks underestimate the FV215b and don't live to regret it , I have a solid win rate in the Tier 10 Tank - and it rarely disappoints , Remember as long as you sidescrape ( while doing this always keep moving While reloading so the enemy cant have an easy shot at a flat piece of hull below the turret )
  3. for the Chinese IS-2 grind , I went back to using the 100mm gun , and never , ever regretted it , the USSR IS Tank 122mm gun for some reason , is also more accurate , so that was the gun that I used during the grind .........
  4. I use the Logitech G 710 + - good gaming keyboard , and reliable , with nice back-lighting for night use but be warned the most used key " W " comes off every so often - common problem apparently ( you can just click it back on in 3 seconds during a game )
  5. from memory , as I have not played the 38t for 2 years ( when I re-bought it and Ace'd it ) - its a little slower than the 38t , but the Czech gun is just as accurate at range so about equal , and if you add in equal crews , i'd say both are fine scouts - so 50/50 approx.
  6. Hi Kuroialty Yes , I know what you mean , the fact is that this took me the longest ever to Ace Tanker ( and I have 189 Ace Tankers from Tier 1 to 10 ) the awful maps in the EU server and the auto-loader tanks at tier 1 and 2 , make it a nightmare , plus the MM changes ( balancing ) mean having a good game , its the Mines or Himmelsdorf Map that give the best chances - enhanced gun laying drive is a smart choice maybe things will improve for your Ace Chances in the 2 weeks when the new Swedish Tier 1's are introduced ??
  7. here you go sir , my fitment is rammer , enhanced gun-laying drive ( drive down aim time ) and coated optics ( spot them and fire on them before they spot you )
  8. 73north


    I used to love the gun on the T-25 as well , but it has surely been nerfed - as it was never such a long aim time when I used to play it - my least played German Premium now ................
  9. This game shows you all you need to know about the FV215b and the best way to play it equipment , gun rammer , vents and vertical stabiliser - this is the most important one to fit rather than spall liner , and above all , side-scrape and angle that hull , and never expose the lower frontal hull if you can frontally - try to get hull down and use that amazing turret armour and great gun ( with Bia its a beast ) don't be afraid on a Tier 10 opponent of firing APCR liberally ,also get into the habit of reversing with your turret first round a corner to make sure there is
  10. Why do you care about low tiers but especially low tier arty ? - the answer is arties , that they are fun , and can be tricky as the low tier tanks can be fast and difficult to hit so its good arty training - and also its nice to pick up an " Ace Tanker " at any tier , for me , from T1 to T 10 - another reason is its a dirt cheap and easy way to train up a new crew for later use higher up in the tiers
  11. I owned up to that mistake , comrade in my video ( and highlighted in yellow ) I am always happy to admit to a dumb mistake , trouble was the ally valentine hadn't a clue to damage the enemy Valentine and sad to say , I was trying to save him , but at long range with an arty , I shouldn't have tried to do that till he was dead - lesson re-learnt ..
  12. I thought i would pen a few lines about the new USA Tier 3 SPG . the T18 HMC, the T18 replacement in World of Tanks. as I know how much this forum . loves artillery so what's it like to play ? its not too bad at Tier 3 and 4 , but in tier 5 games you need flank shots or deck shots to do any damage - you also need a bit of luck as well as frankly you struggle to hurt tier 5's -I would also forget using HEAT shells as they never seemed to penetrate a Tier 5 or just track them , I only carried 1 shell of HEAT , the mobility is okay , but the traverse is bad , if you face an e
  13. I have played just a few games in this Tier 3 Tank and been impressed as the auto-loader makes this tank work , fast reload ( 6 seconds ) and nice and accurate at distance . It's the best of the guns available although the average AP damage is only 40. It works ok in a tier 5 match as a passive scout but you'll be looking for flanking shots The upgraded turret which you need to mount the auto-loader gives better armour than stock and makes hull-down positions viable . Overall, fully upgraded it's a fun little tank. Of all the tier 3 tanks I've played, this is not too bad
  14. What a NIGHTMARE this tank was to get Ace Tanker - 6 kills is not enough - I needed 7 kills and 561 damage ( base xp needed was 820 to get the Ace Tanker ) I recommend fitting vents , camo net and binocs , and using food and fuel consumables to buff the fire rate and mobility respectively I also used the struggle to get the Ace Tanker to get sixth sense and recon on the commander and camouflage training on the driver ( this really helps to avoid you taking return damage in a game ) - but its not easy to play , especially on that awful Mittengard . I agree that " The shape
  15. I used gun rammer , enhanced gun laying drive and coated optics - in the Cromwell I never regretted the EGLD as you see the aim time considerably reduced when you are in game - as you can see here currently the best British Tank at Tier 6 , and heavily used for Clan Wars - I love mine and swapped my 4 skills Female Crew into it for Clan Wars and enjoyment .
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