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  1. I died, now I'm back. The Shigatsu OVA was great.
  2. o7 Oke. Good to see you on the forums again. Will at the very least share it around on my social media sites, since I'm a destitute college grad. Hoping for the best.
  3. So uh, I'm at KawaiiKon, and about an hour ago I took a pic with Eir Aoi. I'm at my hotel, but when I fly back home on Tuesday I'll have more to say and pics to post -- I'm on my phone at the moment. Also, I didn't like Aldnoah's ending at all. Hoping Ikuhara will pull through on Monday. Carry on.
  4. I knew the ending. I read the manga -- hell, I've been posting bits of it week in and week out over the past few weeks. Still, A-1 did an excellent job adapting the final 2 chapters. I wasn't prepared, and it hit me a lot harder than it did when I actually read manga 44. The power of an emotive OST, for sure. I've seen the first couple of episodes of the first series, but I felt like so little was happening I was ready to drop it. Hopefully this second try will hook me.
  5. I can't wait for WhyNot to finally finish subbing the god damn Bodacious Space Pirates movie blu rays. God damn it, Quattro. Watch Banner/Crest of the Stars for delicious Lafiel. Banner of the Stars II is a goddamn masterpiece, by the way. It's okay. I'm still sitting here waiting patiently for Tytania to get a second cour, or for the Banner of the Stars IV and V novels to be adapted into anime. Hell, I've been hyped ever since LoGH was announced to get a new adaptation. Instead, I'm meanwhile tiding myself over with trash like... you guessed it, Shinmai Maou no T
  6. It reminds me heavily of the movement mechanics of M&M: Duel of Champions. I need to get more games under my belt. Really wish that it wasn't in a browser window, and that it had a client to play in. I'd like that.
  7. Tell me somebody in this thread is watching Yuri Kuma Arashi. That show has gone full Ikuhara (think the final arc of Penguindrum, for those in the know), and I'm constantly wishing for it to be Monday already so I can watch a new episode. To illustrate my point, a few screenshots from this past Monday's episode: Banner/Crest of the Stars, Tytania (to a degree) You loved Penguindrum, but have never seen Utena? nanisore Go watch that (along with Yuri Kuma Arashi I can't read, you're waiting for it to finish airing, that's ok), posthaste!
  9. So I'm a day late, but Shigatsu 21 aired yesterday. Next Thursday can't come fast enough.
  10. No DeepGift? [RS] beautiful women threads were all due to his hard work.
  11. Shigatsu manga 43/44 are both out. I suggest listening to this track while reading them, if you so desire. Highlights for 43: It has been a tear soaked, wild ride. I'm glad to have shared it with you all together. I don't want to post highlights for 44 -- I'll wait for anime 22 to air before doing so.
  12. It's ironic, I watched Nisekoi to get away from thinking critically about anime and yet... *sigh* Need recommendations on what to watch next: Haikyuu!!, Kaiba, Nodame Cantabile, Sidonia no Kishi or Uchouten Kazoku? Doesn't necessarily have to be from those 5. Nisekoi S2 next season, I believe. Anywho, I'd pick up in order of quality/interest: -Uchouten Kazoku (top 5 anime on my list all time gg no re) -Nodame Cantabile (and all the seasons) -Sidonia (in time for S2 next season) -Kaiba -Haikyuu!!
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