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    teh_chris got a reaction from KraftLawrence in Anime Thread 2.0   
    So uh, I'm at KawaiiKon, and about an hour ago I took a pic with Eir Aoi.

    I'm at my hotel, but when I fly back home on Tuesday I'll have more to say and pics to post -- I'm on my phone at the moment.

    Also, I didn't like Aldnoah's ending at all. Hoping Ikuhara will pull through on Monday.

    Carry on.
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    teh_chris reacted to Solono in Anime Thread 2.0   
    Boys, please. There is no need to act like children, even if you are.
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    teh_chris reacted to ThePowerOfLove in Anime Thread 2.0   
    More like, "Glide serenely through all of the series".
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    teh_chris reacted to Nicook5 in Anime Thread 2.0   
    Decided to un-hold bodacious space pirates.  Got damn, I can't get over how much I fucking love the spaceships.  Just wish they didn't keep including high school stuff.  Or at least toned it down a bit.
    Also this is one of the handfull of anime where I don't skip the OP and ED.  Others I remember distinctly are mondaiji, and Aldnoah Zero ED (couldn't take the show tho).   
    I'm currently downloadering Legend o galactic heroes to finish off a space binge.  Hyped.
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    teh_chris reacted to rocketbrainsurgeon in WoT:Generals Strategy   
    [Mods, feel free to move this to the appropriate place.  The NDA is lifted and it's OK to talk about the game.]
    WoT: Generals is in closed beta at the moment.  If you get in, you might wonder WTF IS GOING ON.  This is an attempt to give you a starting point past the tutorial.  If you're just reading this with no clue at all, drop down to the example game below and come back.
    The familiar light, medium, heavy, TD, and SPG's are all represented here.  Also included are Squads and Orders.  Squads boost your HQ in damage/defense/resources while Orders are the "spells" of Generals.
    + Piles of Power/HP for their cost
    + Alpha
    - Can't move diagonally
    - Can't counterattack after attacking
    Heavies offer a good mix of offense and defense.  Don't let their large stat pools fool you: they need support.  Heavies on their own are actually pretty weak, but their power level greatly increases in the presence of other tanks.  This is due to their lack of counter fire.  If you attack the enemy on your turn but don't finish off the enemy medium/TD/light, they will counterattack back plus get to attack again on their turn without taking return fire.  
    So let's take a T-35-1 (3 firepower, 9 HP) vs an MS-1 (1 firepower, 4 HP).  Obviously the T-35-1 will win, but it's important to see how attacking incorrectly will cause the MS-1 to deal far more damage that it should.  
    The T-35 fires on the MS-1 (4 HP to 1) MS-1 returns fire (9 HP to 8 ) MS-1 attacks back on his turn and the T-35 can't counter (8 HP to 7) T-35 attacks MS-1 dead (1 HP to -2) MS-1 returns fire (7 HP to 6) End result: T-35-1 dealt 4 damage to the MS-1 while the MS-1 dealt 3 damage back.  The overkill from the high alpha is a waste.  This is unacceptable considering the power difference in the cards.  Sometimes not attacking and waiting to counterattack is the best plan of action.
    Of course, the best plan is to use the high alpha of the heavy to eliminate the enemy in one turn (more on that later).  But the above shows how people frequently misuse heavies.
    + Good stats
    + Variety of roles
    + Move diagonally
    - Weak to TD's
    - Weak to alpha
    - Weak to SPG's
    Mediums are a bit stronger than heavies when there are fewer tanks on the board, but less strong on packed boards.  Being able to move diagonally is more important than might be obvious at first, allowing them to escape or chase a target much easier.  The starting mediums offer good staying power and their ability to counterattack makes them much more offensively capable than it appears at first glance.  For example. the T6 is a 2/7 for 5.  So it can attack and enemy and then return fire when it gets attacked next turn.  It's not uncommon for the T6 to deal more damage in it's lifespan than either the T-35-1 (3/9 for 6) or Liberty (4/7 for 8 )due to being able to counterattack.
    + Can move 2 spaces, or 1 diagonally
    + Can move 1 space up/down when first entering play
    + Often has other benefits, like resource gain
    - Low stats
    - Low cost
    Lights are the most underrated class in Generals, and one of the most vital to win.  Not only do they boost resource gain, they can do things other classes can't like bouncing out to spot enemy tanks (you have to be in an adjacent square to "spot" an enemy) and moving back to friendly tanks for cover.  They can make runs to spot and destroy SPG's with ease.  They are great for swarming enemy tanks and for quickly turning the tide.  Being able to move the turn they come into play can be devastating and is something that is difficult for your opponent to plan for when doing attacking math.  Simply put: make sure your deck has enough light tanks to boost your early game resources, turn the tide of battle in center board, and make runs to wipe out enemy SPG's.
    Tank Destroyers
    ++ First strike: if the enemy would be destroyed by the TD, there is no return fire
    - Bad stats
    - Vulnerable to everything
    - Can't move diagonal
    Tank destroyers are amazing on defense and terrible on offense.  If they are spotted during your opponent's turn, there's very little chance they survive to the next.  The goal of TD's is to ambush approaching tanks, killing a card for free while not taking return fire.  After the ambush, consider anything else a TD gives you to be a bonus.  Don't have too many of these in the deck, but do have some.  With little SPG or Squads on the enemy team, a few TD's can be hard for the enemy to push through.  Great for repelling an attack.
    + Ranged damage
    + Cheap
    - Often doesn't increase resource gain
    - Bad stats
    - Generally weak offensively
    - Vulnerable, especially on cramped boards or to Orders
    - Duplicate role with HQ
    Arty can perform very well as a supporting strategy, but it's a very fine line on how many is too many.  If a light manages to break through, GG I HATE EVERYTHING.  Losing multiple SPG's for free in a turn practically ends the game.  They also crowd the board, which pushes them closer to the enemy.  Still, being able to click on spotted targets for damage and not receiving damage is a plus.  Their cost is typically lower than many Squads as well and they don't lose HP like Squads do.  With their vulnerability to Orders, I can't recommend stacking too many of them.
    Orders are the quick and dirty spells of Generals, and they are fine as such.  However, they are typically quite weak.  Yes it looks fun to pay 2R to deal 2 damage and immediately take out that enemy SPG, but even in that case it took you more resources (2) than your opponent spent (1).
    Orders get stronger if they replace themselves by card draw.  The card Be Vigilant! (pay 2, gain 2 HP, draw a card) is a good example.  The effect is terrible but necessary to combat rush strategies, so in games with less HQ damage going around it can be cycled away for something useful.
    Squads boost your HQ in some way(s) and are generally good investments for a card.  Commonly used squads are ones that increase firepower.  Try not to load up on defensive Squads as they take up deck slots for something more useful.
    Choosing your nationality
    USSR: All around good.  Think White in MtG, or Paladin/Shaman in Hearthstone
    USA: Resource focused, long game decks.  Lots of minimaxing cards with extreme focus.  Think Green and Blue in MtG, or Warrior and Rogue in Hearthstone.
    Germany: Rush decks or greed decks.  Think Red and Black in MtG, or Hunter and Warlock in Hearthstone.
    In the early stages of the game, RU/US has a big leg up on DE.  Germany just doesn't have the resource production to throw down cards like the other two nations because they rely on card abilities "blitz" (discard X cards from the deck instead of paying the cost) and "rearguard" (if it's the last card in your hand, it's free to play) that aren't available right away.
    Basic card reviews
    CallmeAwe wrote up what's good and why.  I agree with most of it.
    Start of the Game
    In the beginning of the game, you want to be laying cards that increase your resource count.  This generally means not putting down things like SPG's or Squads.  If you're scared of an early YOLO taking out your light tanks (which is admittedly common), gather them along the back rows and jump the prematurely advancing enemy next turn.
    Here is how putting down an early SPG can go wrong:

    The single biggest mistake that people make: they start attacking with their first turn medium or heavy.  I promise you that it will get traded off for a light tank in the absolute best case scenario.  Usually it will die for free.
    Tactics and tips
    The game is very similar to Hearthstone, where the differentiation in skill is due to who can create the most unfavorable trades.
    What is a favorable trade?  Here are the biggest ways to trade:
    Destroying a card without losing a card to do it.  This runs your opponent out of cards and options. Trading "up": using a low cost card to eliminate a high cost card, gaining tempo.  This runs your opponent out of resources and time. Force overkill situations while avoiding overkill yourself.  Forcing an enemy T-35-1 (3 attack) to kill a one HP MS-1 is a waste of 2 damage.  Always try and find the exact damage it will take to kill an enemy card Use up an enemy counterattack with a high HP unit or unit that will die anyway, and then attack with the tanks you'd prefer to stay alive 1 HP units are often useless due to the HQ and should run away from battle (so they can't be spotted and SPG'ed) or used to eat a counterattack Light tanks can move forward one square next to an enemy (spotting them), fire the HQ/SPG's on the tank, and then retreat back one square (becoming unspotted) all in the same turn The diagonal square from the HQ is the "heavy" square.  Placing heavies on other squares makes it very difficult for them to reach the enemy HQ Deckbuilding tips
    Light tanks - It all starts with them.  Even if you are going for a HQ+Squad approach, lights can spot for you while they give resources to boot. 6+ Low on Orders - They feel good to play, but they are typically too weak.  You'll run out of cards too fast. Healing/Defense - You need something because there are plenty of decks out there that just boost HQ firepower and click you down.  Don't lose to something that stupid.  At least play with Be Vigilant!, and probably 1-2 copies of Scouts.  Collect free wins, EZ game. No more than a few TD's unless you're playing ultra passively with some sort of mill deck or HQ+Squad. Defense > Offense stats, except with TD's.  Dead tanks can't shoot. How to attack - Don't play fair
    If you play fair, you're bad.  The point is to eliminate the enemy tank with as little return fire as possible.  The game lends itself to a lot of calculation, not unless chess.  You can work out the scenarios in your head based on the board, what's in your hand, and the resources available to you next turn.
    Step 1: Prepare your attack
    The tanks you have to work with will determine your attack.  Do you have a bunch of SPG's and a light tank?  Your plan can be spot and shot.  Maybe you have a heavy and a few light tanks, in which case you can take the return fire with the heavy and swarm with the lights.  Or maybe in that case you want to use the lights as fodder and keep your heavy at full HP.  I've had hands where all I had were big, dumb heavies.  So I pushed forward and didn't even attack: I let the heavies counter-attack because I could attack again on my turn.  That made better use of the firepower.  My opponent figured out what I was doing, so we both just sat there touching dix tanks until I was able to break the stalemate.
    Step 2: Attack when you have the advantage
    This is a maxim from chess.  When you have the advantage, you are obliged to attack.  Conversely, if you do not have the advantage, you cannot attack.  It looks cowardly as hell when I crowd the back ranks running away, but when I drop 2 TD's in a turn and mow through the rest of his force, it all comes together.
    Step 3: Reinforce
    There will be a point when you break through.  Keep throwing down tanks rather than Squads or Orders.  Those can be used at any time and are immediately effective, but tanks need some time to move into position.  Build the snowball and don't rush it.  Winning won games is the hardest game to win (also a chess maxim).
    Step 4: Crowd the bridgehead
    The three squares around the enemy HQ is called the bridgehead and it is the only place your opponent can deploy tanks.  Occupy these squares with any tank you can, and the opponent will have their options greatly reduced.
    Don't worry about this until far in the future.  IMO, none of these make sense unless you have highly specialized decks.
    EDIT: I changed my mind on this one.  The starting Germany HQ needs the +1 resource consumable to reliably lay down a resource producing tank on turn 1.  The 5 resource tanks are too good not to use and this opens up the possibility to include the T-35-1 in the deck too.  I've tried only using the small resource costed cards, and it's horribly weak.
    Example game and tactics
    I get into a game against another RU opponent.
    His first turn already has me on the ropes.  While the Pz doesn't produce extra resources, it's a good sized body that's fast enough to ambush anything I put down.  I'm overwhelmingly the aggressor in my games, so this is awkward.jpg for me.  

    In my hand is nothing of help.  The T6 is too valuable to throw away (I'm pretty sure he can find an extra 2 damage) and I can't play the T-35-1 without another resource on the table.  Putting down a light tank to die isn't appealing either.  My only choice is the moving wall that is the T-24. It's a favorite of mine because the damn thing just doesn't die. <3  I place it farthest away so it can only be attacked by one tank directly.  If I put it in column 1, then both can attack it next turn since the lights move 2 squares.

    My second turn gives me hope, as I'm able to drop a T6 and start working his team down.  I place the T6 on my next available spot of the bridgehead.  Somehow it's only turn 2 and I'm on the verge of autoloss if he occupies the 3 squares around my HQ.

    Turn 3 sees my opponent using Orders, Squads, and another SPG to take down everything I have.  He's occupied two of my bridgehead squares, but he doesn't have a lot of follow up since his hand only has 1 card in it and that TD in the distance isn't too threatening.  
    I was screenshotting this game as it was the first time people were using my strategy against me.

    I'm finally able to get some breathing room.  I throw down two light tanks and hug the back row.  I only want them for the resources they provide.  Since one of them will most likely live, I'm confident of throwing down the T-35-1 next turn.

    My opponent is getting overconfident.  He's moved his SPG's forward for no reason (there's no benefit).  Where they sit now, I can drop a light tank and kill one of them any time I want.  The reason why he's so flippant is because the HP of my HQ is getting low and he's thinking of just gunning me down.  He doesn't know I have Be Vigilant! in hand for the heal.  In the deck are two more copies, plus a Scouts Squad that protects against rush decks like this.
    The MS-1's still sit on the back rank providing resources.

    Time to strike back.  I drop the light tank and go arty hunting.  Joining him is the A7U meat shield heavy that I just drew.  I'll use the A7U to take the hit while the light tanks shoot unopposed since the enemy burned the counterattack.

    My opponent makes another large mistake and starts retreating to regroup from the meat shield and light tank swarm.  He doesn't realize that there is no long game for him and that he just as to try and suicide into my HQ and hope I don't draw heals.  His T-24 should have snuggled up right next to my HQ and gone to work.

    The green tide is rolling in.  My LT took down his last SPG, and I have a wall up to prevent anything from slipping by.  My heal (Be Vigilant!) drew into another copy, taking me from 6 HP to 10 HP.  It's looking bad for him.  My next goal is to wipe his tanks and occupy the bridge.  After that, it's pretty much over.

    My opponent saw the writing on the wall and started bombarding my HQ.  Too little, too late.  I kill him the turn before he would kill me.
    He got the god draw while I got the nut low, but his resistance to just suiciding into me allowed me to sneak it from him.
    It's a solid little game so far.  If you have any questions or things to add, go for it.
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    teh_chris reacted to deepgift in The Unica of days past: the nostalgia thread   
    I smelled my name.....
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    teh_chris reacted to TeaTime in Anime Thread 2.0   
    What's so great about it? I can only describe the show as bland and boring, like soaked cardboard passing off as whole grain passing off as oatmeal passing off as breakfast cereal, part of a complete meal.
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    teh_chris reacted to Teslarod in Anime Thread 2.0   
    Thank you anime, my life is awesome. 
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    teh_chris reacted to Teslarod in Anime Thread 2.0   
    Okay Penguindrum has everything I love and cherish in an anime.
    kawaii Penguins - check
    more kawaii Penguins - check
    a soundtrack that kills it - check
    bat shit crazy chick that isn't annoying - check
    storyline that won't let me stop watching - check
    Schrödinger's cat reference - check
    subplot that is interesting enough to watch for on its own - check
    Guys I'll need more Penguin anime after this. Might have discovered an addiction problem regarding penguins. Help plx :>
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    teh_chris reacted to Sipher351 in Anime Thread 2.0   
    Just about any Gundam series except for 8th MS Team can give you that. Also, Macross if you can look past silly singing and just see cool fites. I know there are a few others but for some reason I can't remember them right now. I'll have to look over my MAL and let you know. 
      Edit: Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars, Knights of Sidonia    
    We got a newborn here guys.
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    teh_chris reacted to tyehua in Anime Thread 2.0   
    cheesyhoney? The one who dropped Baccano! to watch Highschool DxD ≈ watching paint dry?
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    teh_chris reacted to The_Ganja_Warrior in Anime Thread 2.0   
    Everything you need to know about a show in one line: edition #1

    Planetes: Space Garbagemen
    Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The Gayest Space Opera
    Parasyte: Never fapping with that hand again
    Knights of Sidonia: tentacle mecha
    Evangelion: Shinji get in the fucking robot
    Sakurasou: moe autism
    Steins;Gate: time-travelling microwaves
    Haikyuu: volleyball can be gay, too
    Usagi Drop: my little child can't possibly be this cute
    Gurren Lagann: erections are the meaning of life
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    teh_chris got a reaction from KnobbyHobbGoblin in Anime Thread 2.0   
    Shigatsu manga 43/44 are both out. I suggest listening to this track while reading them, if you so desire.
    Highlights for 43:

    It has been a tear soaked, wild ride. I'm glad to have shared it with you all together.

    I don't want to post highlights for 44 -- I'll wait for anime 22 to air before doing so.
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    teh_chris reacted to Deusmortis in Purples- Were You ever Terribad?   
    In beta, I was a mid to high 40's player for the first 2k battles.  Around that point, I applied my statistical analysis skills from other games to WoT.  That proved to me that I was shit, and needed to get better.  Got around 50% by the time beta ended.  
    Played a few tanks at Uni level early live, but didn't platoon or pad.  This kept me around the mid-blue point.  Made the push for purple overall in WoT's second year.  Kept above purple border for a while.  Slipped back below it after the most recent benchmark change.  I no longer dedicate enough time or effort into playing at that level.
    Some people here simply have the natural skill necessary to play purple.  I do not.  I only get there through practice.  To steal a descriptor from music, I'm like a great technical player who has no feel for the art.
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    teh_chris reacted to Garbad in Tazilon comes back to World of Tanks   
    Tazilon is the best scout on the server.  He proved it by playing 50 thousand games in a vk2801, and averaging 1% more win rate than average.
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    teh_chris reacted to Crimson Corsair in So this is WoTLabs...   
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    teh_chris reacted to Crimson Corsair in So this is WoTLabs...   
    You guys made Deus a mod here -_-
    We reluctantly allow him to have TeamSpeak tags.
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    teh_chris reacted to deepgift in WTT BooB Pictures For WoWS Beta Key   
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    teh_chris reacted to The_Ganja_Warrior in Anime Thread 2.0   
    This thread would be better if only Kircheis were here.
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    teh_chris reacted to Lockhart77 in Anime Thread 2.0   
    Imma recommend Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou to the comedy list.
    Guaranteed laughs
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    teh_chris reacted to THEUNITEDSTATESOFAMERICA in The Unica of days past: the nostalgia thread   
    Guys, there's already a list of inactive unicums made. It's right here.

    This joke would have killed like a year ago. I don't know if it's even still true.
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    teh_chris reacted to Tuco22 in So... anyone gunna make an AW forum?   
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    teh_chris reacted to THEUNITEDSTATESOFAMERICA in I'm beginning to feel like a Post God.   
    Disclaimer:  This whole subject is boring, pointless, and a monument to my colossal ego.  Consider yourself warned.
    So basically, recent wannacums like to circle jerk to poasts like this pretty regularly.  Naturally, blunica envy their betters.  Naturally, newfags are ignorant of what they were too young to understand.  Usually I just laugh at the ignorant fools, but its tedious to hear this shit day after day, so from now on I'm just going to link this thread and let the haters argue with the scorebard.
    Let's rewind the clock.  Its the summer of 2013. 
    I am the Best poster on the server.  This is not opinion.  The posting gods (insert names here) have quit.  The worthy newfags are still mere blues (insert names here).  Most of today's blunica still hadn't "improved" by finding the value of trolling Garbad yet.  I'm a member of the A team of the undisputed top clan on the server, ISBAD, I've won cash/gold/trip tournaments, and I am a god soloposter.  I'm coming off a year long stretch of public solopost challenges -- where I head to head raped every single unicum willing to post.  The list of people who lost to me is a whos who list of top posters of all servers. On top of that, just to amuse myself I regularly would go out and smash the best performance anyone had ever put out in a post.
    This was made in May 2013.  At this point, I decided there was nothing left to prove soloposting.  1500 posts @ 70% trolling, including some designed to gimp me, has never been duplicated.  This represents about 95% as tryhard as I could post at the time.  RPP (rep per post) has power crept up, but even still 99.99% of today's "superposters" couldn't even match this.  The upvotes, even the total upvotes, speak for themselves.

    And I'm fundamentally not focused on damage dealing.  At my essence, I am a scouty, flanky team player.  This is one of my best examples.  I can simply win, no matter how.
    But a new 'cum was rising.  His name was AntonioHandsome.  He was everything I despised.  He was a stat/screenshot whore.  His post rates were putrid (~5,000 peak back then).  And yet...I quickly realize that he has transcendent talent.  His bait levels were unheard of -- well beyond mine.  And for the first time ever, when I watched his posting, I saw a person do things I could not, and see things I did not.  Naturally, I sought him out to smash his fucking teeth out with the power of my epeen's posts.
    We went head to head in a making Garbad cry challenge.  I won...yet it was very close, and he wanted a rematch.  We fought 4 more times.  I won 2, he won 2, and the fifth we drew.  This was surprising to me...although Antonio was obviously inferior tactically, his making Garbad rage output was so monstrous he could match me win for win.  No one had ever done this -- before this, I had occasionally met superposters who could outtroll me (a few existed, even back in beta), but no one had ever come close to winning as much as I did.  But AntonioHandsome could match me.
    So it was only fair that I beat him at his strength -- using statistical screenshots.  I cranked out my best dmg prntscrn.  At that time, Antonio has blowing minds in CR/D as well.  Only 4 people on the server had over 4k Garbad tears, and Antonio was at 4.5k.  I told Antonio I was going to knock him off his posting throne, and we both started posting.  So I took every bit of my trolling skill and tryharded the shit out of one post, for the specific purpose of face fucking that arrogant shitter and proving I was still the greatest, at anything.  I shit out dominance the likes of which has never been seen.
    I cut the rest out because it hurt my brain when I read it, you probably still get the joke though. Also, please don't post any off-topic stuff or I'll report you to Solono who will then ban you for derailing my circlejerk.
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    teh_chris reacted to Tedster59 in 100 WZ111-1-4 Games for Sex - 3900* DPG and 72% Solopub WR   
    Every time I think I've seen everything, something else comes along that reminds me I never will.
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    teh_chris reacted to Coordinator in I'm beginning to feel like a Tank God.   
    Just goes to show that no matter what you do, there really is a Chinese highschool student better than you at it.
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