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  1. figured is4 could be a good one to try for some of the ht missions for htc28 .... clicked or otherwise molested all 4 times I tried in that ... Maus ... arse thread over my head , grenade inserted and rekt asap E100...similar 'fun' stuff handed out by MMsatan and RNGesus ... So to op, if you want some fun try for faster medium lines .... at least as long as personalmissions are on and ppl play a bit more arty than usual :/
  2. Read oldschool and was thinking more like Dune or Castle Wolfenstein ... but then again i'm ancient
  3. If noobmeter got it right, your grinding the a-43 ... any stock tanks are bad (unless your AOA or similar unicum) and it's quite possible MM and RNGesus will troll you .. keep in mind that at less than 100 battles in any tank each battle is at least 1% .. so to jump up/down goes quick Hang in there, grind crew and modules and try to ignore wr to much
  4. Have suppressed the HT mission on stug line that took me 19 attempts with E-100 ... might be the last one since I sort of remember that in a slightly drunken haze I needed to get also the secondary ...? Anyhow... point being that to NOT go totally nuts the best way is to just play more or less like always yet still keep a tiny part of the brain aware of what mission you have activated.. So you don't e.g. let a team member get that last kill since he's played good ... only to see that you needed it yourself for the mission *facepalms*
  5. Bah, everyone knows the Illiminiwhatever infiltrated the MM back in 2013 causing the chaos we have ... hence the tin-foil hat theories poop'ing (just dyslectic or calculated error ,.. hmm Illumiwhatever!) up on forums all the time...
  6. And then the joy of having more or less brawled down an enemy to 1-shoot ... only to have a friendly 'accidentally' bump into you as you are about to finish him off,.. so you miss your shot ... and your friendly team-mate takes his aim and get the kill ... Think had that happen 3 or 5 times last two days ... then RNGesus and MM have been havin great laughs too ... *sigh* So will play with focus on silver to get researched tanks while they are on discount and try to ignore the pain of this special ... and should I end up with just having to buy perhaps 2 ..max 3 tokens at then end perhaps I'll go for that ..
  7. Played scouts a lot lately,.. grinding on lttb and us lights... and got Stalingrad 5 or 6 times yesterday? Think we spawned south just once .. that we won .. the rest was lost .. ppl are still learning this one but yesterday none of my teams had any idea where to go ... heavy/medium rush middle/east and ours were playing with themselves middle towards waterline ... sigh .. Had map perhaps 2 times in mediums/heavies as toptiers and think those went more ok ,... but guess this map will first be truely fun once ppl start remebering what street goes where and such... Way to many points to get lost in corridors if you dont watch minimap or have that one as default small ...
  8. No idea what mine have been... but had to grin to see that my overall stats are now 1337 edit: sigh...stats on wotlabs is that at least.. here i'm still a measly 1330 ...
  9. For me it's MM setup and map awareness that come as first ... then knowing the role your tanks is supposed to have.. OFC this goes out the window if teams are all red ... then it's utter impossible to expect any sane deployment So minimap,.. keep one eye on that one and move accordingly to how it plays out? Next comes stuff like knowing weakspots, speeds, reloads, viewranges, places on maps where U can expect certain tanks ....
  10. I never do this _pip_ , but if i meet that one i'll risk at tk for the hell of it!
  11. Havent seen anything like you say,.. but weird wins because last enemy tries to dodge the bullets...and is low health and manages to kill himself... Pretty sure the "...is lost" msg only comes from enemy dying like crashes/swiming/suicide by own HE splash death stuff...
  12. wotlabs is without, it's the forumites room that has one, play4fun
  13. Almost off-topic.. but seems some of you with stats that are light years above mine.... take a very aggressive defensive stance in defending mods that go way beyond cosmetic changes to wot? What I wonder, is that if you are as good as your stats suggest,.. just wtf do you even bother about them? Tin-foil hat on... stat pad in any way possible to ├╝bertweak e-peen?
  14. Almost tempted to ask if OP and a few others in here, who indeed have stats that are miles above mine, have bought acc on e-bay...? Because if I as barely green, find that a max of 5 arties are somewhat of a nuisance... but totally within the limits of still having a playable and enjoyable game... how come you can't? (Playing late nights or other obscure times during earlier patches... with 7 or more of them.. remember those times?) If someone should be able to deal with that... i'd expect it to be just you...?
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