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  1. Man I need to show up here more often. ^^ By the way is anyone else having issues with WOT crashing to desktop over and over again? 

  2. Huh, It seems that during my absence I was ejected from the WOT Uni clan...ah well not entirely unexpected. Now I just need to relearn tanks and try to find a new clan. ^^

  3. Wow, talk about a long break. I'm back to playing WOT now as well as WOWs. ^^ I think I really needed that break. 

  4. So I've been underway for a while and missed the 9.7 release...How is it thus far?

    1. TriggrHPY


      It's pretty buggy from my experience. Have not played a lot of it tho.

    2. Shifty_101st


      Buggy as in arty is rare in matches. It's glorious!!!!

  5. Man the high XP weekend bring out the idiots.

    1. Theaty


      People say that about every weekend

    2. Stige


      Confirmed, every weekend brings out the idiots.

  6. Hmmm, somewhat considering transfering my 3 skill T20 crew to my bulldog and my Bulldogs crew to the T20....Any ideas on if this would be wise? I don't know how the higher tier american meds perform so...

  7. On a happier note...New Avatar. XD

  8. 10 games....won 3...teams constantly left flanks and known choke points WIDE open...and expected 1 Bulldog to hold of the entire enemy team....*facedesk*

  9. Getting better with the Bulldog....no if only my team would cover obvious choke points on a map...you'd think they like getting shot in the ass...o.0

  10. My biggest question about this tank revolves more around its crew. For a fun boom and zoom tank should I transfer my Bulldogs crew into it or train up a new crew for it?
  11. Oddly, even with the nerfed rate of fire, I somehow do better in the bulldog with the standard gun. Any ideas as to why?

    1. MudDuck375


      you overextend trying to clip people???

    2. Angel_With_A_Shotgun


      That could be it. I don't think I'm playing it any different than I did my T37. There is a difference though and maybe that's it. I'll try a bit more passive and see how it goes.

  12. Bulldog finally gave me a good game today. Although running 7 kilometers in a figure 8 for scouting on a hill with a team that is WAY to passive may not count. XD

  13. So what would be the somewhat "right" way to run the Bulldog? I've tried running it like I did my T37 and it seems to just keep getting me killed. I try and scout by hiding in bushes and I somehow get spotted and blasted. That and the Bulldogs ammo rack seems to be made of paper mache. Any tips that may help me do well with this little monster. I know its me with the issues, I have seen the bulldog perform, the tank CAN rip things apart. My skill with it however is VERY lackluster.
  14. I wonder if the Bulldogs speed is getting me into trouble faster than I can find a way out of it. The T37 was great the Bulldog has been kinda rough...

    1. Tman450


      Bulldog with autoloader. Minibatchat. Hella OP. Laughs at higher tiers then sets them on fire.

    2. Angel_With_A_Shotgun


      I cap off about 2-3 rounds and then something blaps me with HE every time. Either I'm bad with the Bulldog, ( A good possibility), Or I have the weirdest luck ever to attract HE rounds to my head. ^^'

  15. Is the Bulldogs single fire gun still viable? Or is it a better idea to just use the autoloader?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TriggrHPY


      autoloader or gtfo

    3. ZXrage


      Used the single-shot, but autoloader hands down post nerf

    4. Angel_With_A_Shotgun


      Lol thanks guys. ^^

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