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  1. bobdaxx

    9.20.1 Personal Missions

    One thing on the changes list that has me confused regarding MT-15 t55a. In game my t55 mt15 version says kill 2 TDs 1 tier above you...yet the changes quoted state that the Kill 1 td is changed to do 2500 damage to TDs... Is my kill 2 Tds that are listed incorrect? Or is the quote from WG incorrect in that the listing in the in game mode is the right one.
  2. bobdaxx

    9.20.1 Personal Missions

    So tell me if I'm get the reward tanks but skip playing arty you will have no orders to spend but will have a female crew f each tank you acquired. This change will be an incentive to go back to the stug/htc/55 and play arty in order to help you w the 260 missions
  3. ranked was cancer-not fun at all. And in ranked I saw a lot of really shit play-3 arties (now down to 2) was total cancer. 2 is too much as well. Everyone camping waiting for the other team to mess up, red line corner sniping for damage...too much rage for me. I saw a lot of shit players on the leader boards just due to their volume of play -hours and hours a night- no thanks. Im actually having fun playing random Xs. You get in all 10 match and do well you are going to get bonds. You dont get in an all X match, you are going to stomp 8s/9s have some fun and earn some credits and all these rewards WG is throwing out to the NA server, you will get consumables. The bonds in randoms are a nice change WG introduced.
  4. bobdaxx

    How about some WZ 111 5a Love

    Ill hazard a comment and say this tank is fun to play
  5. bobdaxx

    T10 NA Marks Broken

    I did 6-7k in my wz 1-5a and shot up from 63 to 78% lol; 1 fight
  6. bobdaxx

    How about some WZ 111 5a Love

    Took me a while but i finally aced it yesterday w 7.5k damg and 3.5k blocked along w 6 kills. I was a 1 shot so It would have been just enough for ht 15 (t55) but Im one away from that one 1.5 base In pubs 3/5/7 as carbon says, this thing is unfair. Its so much better than the 9 as well. Look at my recents-playing 8s on a laptop in Maine, grinding credits for this 5a. Just a brutal lesson in how much pub 8s are not fun any more, at least for me
  7. HP and gun handling mentioned in the new article today but speed buff was left out...wonder if they going with speed buff after all
  8. bobdaxx

    9.20 extras

    Glad the bat is left alone As to the IS7, I see they make mention of hp and gun handling buffs to IS-7. What of the speed? Is this just a poorly written article or is there anything to indicate that the speed buffs are not going to be implemented?
  9. this guys shitstain prick-I had him on my black list, obviously for a reason. He just for the hell it parked behind me and pumped and e50m round into the back of my tank ammo racking me. I returned the favor about 3 mins later ;-) and he then turned around and chased me down....tking me and of course he was banned. Total shit bird
  10. This tank is sick. 1500 base f ace wanker. That's 5k combined. I did 5k twice yesterday . Each time was only 1.5% toward moe. I sold this a long time ago after winning it in some tourney. Wg just gave it back to me lol after I put in a ticket
  11. bobdaxx

    Panther/M10: The Clearance-Aisle Comet

    I like the tank A LOT Easy to make marks and credits
  12. bobdaxx

    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    its back on sale this week
  13. bobdaxx

    WG posted a new Illegal Mods Policy

    locking onto tanks one cant see, behind walls, say like in Ensk, needs to be done away with. Good riddance to that cheat in particular
  14. I've reported stickygreen over and over and over. Sent in replays...nothing happens lol I dont sweat it any more
  15. bobdaxx

    E-50/E-50 M Fan Club

    so 800 fights in with the e50....win8 in it is steady 2400+ which is 700 above my overall