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  1. I recently settled with TRAX from the WoT forums. They are a great group of people, but they are more tourney focused and their participation levels have been waning. I want to play in clan wars, so I'm looking for a clan that is heavily structured and has a decent amount of clan wars activity. Being an unorganized person, Organization is paramount for me regarding clans. I'd prefer a clan that sets goals and asks a lot of it's players. I live on the East coast time zone, and can afford 100% participation for the entire summer until University starts up late August. Once that hap
  2. I run vents, vstab, and gld on my T57 heavy. I elected to go without optics because aim time drives me crazy. It could be overkill, so depending on input in this thread I may switch it out for something else. If I had a batchat it would probably be optics, vstab, vents. Time will tell, but that's how I plan to run it when I get one.
  3. One habit I've picked up on is predicting battle flow and possible outcomes based on enemy team composition. If there's lots of enemy mediums, and I'm in a medium, I slow my roll when approaching favored medium tank spots. Are there a lot of TDs? Well, pushing straight into north cap on mines is probably a bad idea. Stuff like that. The only problem is when pubbies break predictability and absolutely ruin me. There's nothing like a well laid plan going in the trash because some tomato parked his top tier heavy in a place where heavies never go.
  4. That's pretty impressive to do on the fly. I'm not sure I could ever get my brain to move like that inside of combat. It's roughly like an idea I developed playing battlefield. Shooting isn't always the best option when it can have you detected and subsequently killed. I've been actively been trying to apply it to my light tanking. Next step is to figure out where else it can apply.
  5. I should've clarified that I know about the drivewheel stuffs. It just seems totally random as to whether or not shooting it is going to track. I've blown up in teamspeak a few times about it. Great info nonetheless. Thanks
  6. I have absolutely no idea how tracking works. When I need the track to happen, it wont. When I don't need tracking shots, my carefully aimed weakspot shots sail wide into the tracks and I end up perma-tracking an enemy unintentionally. Someone mentioned it has to do with how much your shot does, and the higher the caliber / damage the easier the track. It doesn't seem like this is always the case. I often find it just as difficult to track things in heavies as I do in mediums. Is there any hidden stat or mechanic with regards to tracking shots I may not be aware of?
  7. I have no idea how you guys put up with the bullshit these people sling at you. @ gold rounds It's come to the point where I realized that gold rounds just allow me to play badly, by fighting tanks from the front that I have no business fighting at all (flanks notwithstanding). Certain conditions dictate you shoot gold, but wherever possible I try not to. Depending on fire rate and ammo storage, I usually pack no less than 5 and no more than 10. @Chinese tanks Dunno, don't play them. Type 59s wherever spotted are an automatic priority target. My first premium tank was wa
  8. I don't know what the most depressing tank is, but I know who the most depressed crew member is
  9. I don't know why people readily apply faulty logic, when reality is so much simpler. To blame the matchmaker, bad luck, rng, or teams requires so much energy. It's much easier for me to just accept the fact that I play sub-optimally. It really does take the guess work out of figuring out what screwed you. Plus you don't have to worry about arguing with people.
  10. I had to log in to express just how sad I am for that guy.
  11. God bless you sir! My tank encyclopedia finally makes sense!
  12. You don't need stats to prove your skill. Your actions in battle will show everyone how skilled you are. I have no problem with people being able to hide stats in battle, but I think hiding stats in the garage is a tad unnecessary. Unicums like carbonward have what? An 80% pub winrate? You're telling me that clan wars are more boring than loading up a super platoon of unicums and trouncing your way to a near perfect winrate? I am from the outside looking in, yeah. But competition doesn't quit because you can't see numbers. Competitive games survived for many years without stat track
  13. I've been looking to go up an arty tree as a change of pace. It was going to be the Frenchie or Brit lines because they have premies. It looks like it may be the Brit line. Kudos to rocket for dropping us a line on this.
  14. I'm not for or against the change yet, but this is a pretty poorly constructed argument. Hardcore players are in it to compete. Tourneys, companies, and clan wars cater to the hardcore. Who cares if stats can be hidden in random battles? Tools like wotlabs (assuming wotlabs is uneffected by the change) are still a thing. I feel clan wars, companies, and tourneys would remain relatively unchanged. How is the competition suddenly gone because randoms can hide stats?
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