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  1. Because I personally enjoy tanks with some gun depression and a little armor the most. Also it makes credits.
  2. I no longer constantly bounce shots off the side armor of tanks. The pen buff was a MASSIVE help.
  3. Anyone know the camo rating on this? Also, besides sixth sense, im not sure how to crew this. Normally I'd go for repairs but with this tank I feel like if your tracks are visible you are doing it wrong anyways. Maximum gun handling + camo? View range? The crew will be put in the AMX 30 line tanks eventually.
  4. This is a super handy skill to have on any tank. Playing ~1000 battles in the T-34-3 taught me how to extract gun depression out of tanks that shouldn't have it. Now I can get insane shots on people from weird angles with tanks that already have great gun depression. (Comet)
  5. Is there a command / flag that I need to tack onto the wot exe in order to watch replays? Just running xdg-open replay_name.wotreplay just launches the main client, it doesn't go straight to loading the replay like it does in windows. TYIA
  6. wartzay

    T-34-2 Help

    I use the 122 because I have 1000 games in the T-34-3 and so the two tanks play identically if the 122 is mounted.
  7. The nightmare is over. I actually got my WR in the black prince up to 52% after a stupid-bad start. I was like 2-20 or some shit. It actually sort of fun to play too once I stopped losing all the goddamn time. Followed around other heavies and pew pew pew pew'd like crazy. If I was top tier I just drove right at the enemy bouncing everything while laughing like a maniac. T9 games sucked. Steamrolls sucked. Trying to get back to base to defend cap sucked. Manuevering sucked (traverse speed wasn't bad actually, its just SLOW). But when you got into a T7 (maybe a T8 or 2) match on flat ground i
  8. Thank god for 2x on every battle today. Just ground up like 50,000 XP.
  9. WG PLS. Not even doing -that- bad.
  10. Saving my free xp for getting the top guns on the leo PT and the AMX 30
  11. I'm liking it a lot. GUN DEPRESSION. I can make anything with some mobility and gun depression work. (low bloom helps too)
  12. Grinding this line up. How do I churchill VII before I commit suicide???
  13. I feel like the gun on this trolls me harder than the 122 on the T-34-3. I'm almost tempted to replace the rammer and optics with GLD and vents. ALMOST. Edit 1 pen in 11 shots in a T8 game, nuked by ISU. >:|
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