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  1. Congratulations on earning 1st place for the Zombie Apocalypse Day 4.
    Your account has been credited with your 1,000 gold.
    -Wargaming America

  2. I think my plan for Friday night is to get drunk and play tanks for the first time in about 7 months.  What could go wrong?  :disco:

    1. Visn0r


      hmm you might run out of boose/beer. Better stock up while you can...

  3. Personal rule #1 in WoWS...never trust a teammate in an anime ship.  He is guaranteed to be shit.

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    2. MacusFlash


      I want that anime ship so badly :cri:

    3. Mnemon


      2 hours ago, Das_Schlippo said:

      Players on NA are fucking horrid.


    4. garryallen


      I'm pretty sure anime players would be better if they weren't watching hentai at the same time as playing ships :)

  4. Whoa.  Finally got myself a ship with 16 inch guns.  It deletes broadsided cruisers with ease. 

  5. First WoWS game of the day: Get on a cap in my DD, pop smoke.  Friendly DD gets on same cap, throws torps into my smoke.  "I didn't see you."  FML. glubglubglub

    1. BiggieD61


      I hope he doesn't drive his car like that!  Buh Bye old lady in the crosswalk!

  6. Supertester!

    1. BiggieD61


      Tanks, Warships or both?

    2. Das_Schlippo


      Warshits.  I'm pretty much retired from tanks.

    3. BiggieD61


      The same, tanks went from a great joy to nauseating in a 6 month window.  It's a shame, but I will remember the fun times.

  7. Looks like my Warshits stats are finally starting to recover from the fact that I played my first 500 or so games completely drunk. :)

  8. Its been so long since I was here, I forgot how to change my signature. :/

    1. dance210


      Click on your name - Account Settings - Signature
      Also, why don't you love me anymore :(

    2. Das_Schlippo


      I have mostly been playing ships with a dash of Overwatch on the side.  I didn't think you played ships.  I'll send you an invite next time I see you in Overwatch. :)

    3. dance210


      I play ships the same way I play tanks - when I have people to play with. Sadly no one loves me...maybe because I'm never logged in lol. Overwatch is awesome though and I've been getting back into LoL :)

  9. The Centurion I stock grind is quite obviously created to make me spend gold.  Too bad I'm broke.  Ouch, my pooooor stats. :(

    1. SZXT77


      rip. I just free exp'd the turret/gun and got enhanced suspension temporarily. Still grinding the tracks and engine.

  10. I've played ~200 games after taking a 6 month break, and I am now a complete shitter.  Did the game completely change, or am I expecting the game to come back to me much more quickly than I should?  Grinding a stock Cent I doesn't help, but I'm not even breaking 1000 damage a game.  I lost what little mojo I had. :(

    1. AGK47


      Try varying up the tanks you play until you find one you feel comfortable in. That helps me when I'm not doing so good. 

  11. Since returning to WoT two weeks ago, I have been absolutely terrible.  However, I am having a lot more fun.  Filthy casual, FTW!

    1. Eagle_Peak
    2. BPX


      ignorance is bliss, ya?

  12. Had Mutz fun padding my credit total last night.  I dunno if I'd buy the tank, but it was a profitable run for sure.

  13. After hating every tank that leads up to it, I'm really enjoying the Panther II.

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    2. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      i found the 30.01H comfy to play
      vk 30.02m wasn't really.. good...
      I really liked the panther
      i found the panther 2 under whelming..
      e-50 was a bit to slow for me (also i didn't spam apcr enough in it)
      e-50m was really fun and had "gud" (3.4k) dpg at 49 games... but then i threw stats away cuz idgaf anymore... i can be a baddie if i want, its my calling!

    3. Das_Schlippo


      The E50 is really what I'm shooting for here.  I hated the Panther because being in a tier 7 game and plinking away for 120 damage per shot is maddening.  With the Panther II at least I feel like I'm doing a respectable amount of damage.  The accuracy is really nice, being able to reliably hit cupolas from medium range is a big plus.  I got a Steel Wall in my first Panther II game, which was totally unexpected!

    4. UnusualMedic


      Panther II is fine, it just can't take a single hit at all.

  14. Gave up on WoWS, went back to WoT.  Played 19 games in my first action since August and won 15 of them.  I'm...back?

    1. Nekommando


      Don't be fooled, the game is trying to slowly kill you...again!

    2. Private_Miros
  15. They're adding anime ships to WoWS?  ::hovers cursor over Uninstall::

    1. SoliDeoGloria


      You can choose to disable them. Personally, I don't care about the anime, but having neon ships sounds like fun.

    2. Das_Schlippo


      I will disable it ASAP.  It will destroy any sense of immersion for me to have neon anime crap floating around with WWII-era ships.

    3. Shackram
  16. Finally hit 50% (non-rounded) win rate in WoWS.  Statwhoring intensifies...

  17. The Mutsuki is Muchsucky, by the Aoba and New York are both a joy to play.

  18. Tried to play Tonks all weekend, repeatedly got "unable to connect to update service."  Many reboots, verified firewall settings.  Reinstall time?  Or maybe just forget tonks exists?

    1. GreyKnight9612


      I think you can actually just start it over the exe instead of the launcher and hope that it works when the next patch arrives. Otherwise just google it, there should be a solution for this problem as it is well known for a long time. I had it myself like twice so far I think.. sadly I always forget how I solved it :feelsbad:

  19. I think I'll just have to live with being a complete WoWS shitter.  I have nowhere near the time to spend doing out of game research like I could for WoT.

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    2. Das_Schlippo


      I generally survive quite a while, but I'm often not influencing the battle.  I had the same problem when I started with WoT; I was too passive and didn't have a heavy enough influence on the battle.

    3. Deusmortis


      Don't be a blue line sniper.

    4. Das_Schlippo


      I mainly play CAs and DDs, so I don't usually have the range to camp the rear.

  20. The Minekaze sure is effective, but it's not any find to play.  It's the ultimate stealth/snipe/fgt gameplay that I abhor.  

  21. First game in Furutaka...4x citadelled by a Murdermansk's first salvo and sunk.  Japanese ships continue to be utter shit.

    1. Spec


      Murmansk is OP

  22. How did my post count get reset to 6?  I didn't post a lot but it was over 120.

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      forum glitch where it resets to -1, then counts back up normally. Solono made a thread where, if you post in it with that issue, he'll reset it for you. I can't find it though

    2. Das_Schlippo


      Looks like it got fixed, someone important must have noticed my weeping.

  23. After 2 months off, my WoT proficiency has dropped from "moderately competent light blue recent" to "hopeless shitter."

  24. Umikaze torpedoes...8km range at tier 2.  Fucking hilarious!  The reactions are as good as the "hacking invisitank" tears in WoT.

  25. My WoWS win rate is so low, I can't believe I can be such a shitter and not injure myself while eating or getting dressed.  How can I be SO BAD?  RIP my pride.

    1. DingBat


      Point the long tuby things with the holes in the end at the enemy floaty things

    2. Das_Schlippo


      I think I am doing the wrong things with the wrong ships.  I can't win at all in USN CAs, I do much better with USN DDs.

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