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  1. Yeah, I got a 100,000 credit supercontainer. I already have 41 million credits.
  2. Reporting myself for the least deserved Kraken of all time. WG should create a Vulture achievement for shitters who do this.
  3. Patch Day is so clearly evident in my win rate graph. I can't stop the fucking bleeding.
  4. It didn't take long to start seeing divisions of two Atlantas and a Fiji. Perpetual smoke with flamethrowers and machine gun AP. GGWP Wargaming. I'm this close to uninstalling Warships.
  5. 8 games played, 1 win. Top XP in each game. Guhhhhhh.
  6. Congratulations on earning 1st place for the Zombie Apocalypse Day 4.
    Your account has been credited with your 1,000 gold.
    -Wargaming America

  7. Wi9sh I could comment on the 'grad. :/ Played 3 games tonight, got friendly torped in all 3. Teamkilling penalties are not stiff enough.
  8. From what I saw, they are too busy crashing into and torping each other to worry about the humans.
  9. I accidentally played a game of PvE when I meant to select ranked. I know some people enjoy it, but there is no challenge and I hope I never mis-click the game mode type again. I need a challenge, even if it does aggravate me at certain times. Last I checked, the server average win rate for PvE is something like 93% I like to win, but I think a session of PvE might put me to sleep.
  10. I think my plan for Friday night is to get drunk and play tanks for the first time in about 7 months.  What could go wrong?  :disco:

    1. Visn0r


      hmm you might run out of boose/beer. Better stock up while you can...

  11. I have been getting this error every day for the past week. Latest snapshot not available. Either the player has hidden his or her statistics or connection to WarGaming has failed.If this is your profile and you'd like to access it, please go to your profile at the WarGaming site and click on 'Profile Privacy' below your service record level to change the setting to public.Then wait around 30 minutes and check this page again.
  12. I find the shell arcs to be a weakness. I just can't make myself islandkemp and lob. Trying to hit enemies beyond 12km is stoopid hard, at least for me. I ground through mine before the AFT nerf and didn't play it again for close to a year. I broke it out a couple of weeks ago, lost like 8 or 9 battles in a row and ragesold it. I repurchased the Nurnberg, which I think is a more flexible ship.
  13. Personal rule #1 in WoWS...never trust a teammate in an anime ship.  He is guaranteed to be shit.

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    2. MacusFlash


      I want that anime ship so badly :cri:

    3. Mnemon


      2 hours ago, Das_Schlippo said:

      Players on NA are fucking horrid.


    4. garryallen


      I'm pretty sure anime players would be better if they weren't watching hentai at the same time as playing ships :)

  14. I had no problems with the economy last night playing in tiers 7 and 8. I can't speak for 9 and 10 because I don't have any ships of that tier. In most games I was clearing 130-150k in profit with premium. There were plenty of people bitching in chat about the terrible new economy, but they tended to be the ones doing circles in the far corners of the map. Even my DDs were making money. I had a sweet game in my Benson that produced a 220k net payout.
  15. Whoa.  Finally got myself a ship with 16 inch guns.  It deletes broadsided cruisers with ease. 

  16. I hadn't played my Cleveland in about 8 months. I took it for a spin and was shocked by how trash the shell arcs are. Maybe I've been playing too much of the KM and VMF cruisers or maybe it got altered since I last played it. I couldn't hit squat, so I ragesold it and repurchased the Nurnberg. I sucked in the Cleveland anyway, couldn't even pull 47% in what was then an OP ship. Of course, I was a complete shitter then and mostly played drunk so I guess it didn't offend me at that point.
  17. First WoWS game of the day: Get on a cap in my DD, pop smoke.  Friendly DD gets on same cap, throws torps into my smoke.  "I didn't see you."  FML. glubglubglub

    1. BiggieD61


      I hope he doesn't drive his car like that!  Buh Bye old lady in the crosswalk!

  18. TFW you should just ragequit a bad session but keep trying to turn it around. Tier 8? Nope. Tier 7? Nope. Tier 6? Nope. BBs? CAs? DDs? Nopenopenope. Ugh, that splash of autumn on my signature. Boo.
  19. No, I have the upgraded FCS. I have been playing the Yorck and Shchors lately as far as cruisers go, and they both out-range the NO despite being down a tier.
  20. It'll be another year at least before I have a tier 10. Hmm...despite being surprised that the NO is not complete shit, I am struggling with its short range. Whenever I find myself in range of the enemy, I am promptly dead.
  21. I couldn't stand the sight of 20+ million credits in my port, so I bought a New Orleans. It's...not as bad as I thought it would be? With the concealment mod, the detection range is down to 10.8 km. That feels almost destroyer-like after the Pensacola, which can be seen from low Earth orbit.
  22. I think my damage and kill numbers are partly hindered by the fact that I will break off an engagement in one part of the map if I feel the team has it under control. I'm always looking at the map to see if there is anywhere we are weak or if the enemy team is breaking through somewhere and needs to be delayed or distracted, If the enemy are making a push and I'm not in a position to directly confront them without being deleted, sometimes I will go jump on a cap under their control so someone from the breakout force has to come back and deal with me. So there are times when I hit the pause
  23. Bought my Gneis yesterday and retrained my Bayern captain in two games thanks to the dragons. I'm trying to figure out why my WTR is totally stagnating, but my win rate is skyrocketing. I've been playing mostly solo lately, too.
  24. I'm really struggling to put up decent damage numbers in the Bayern. I mostly fight from mid to close range but I feel like I either miss too much or I take a ride to Overpen City. I want to like this ship. It's comfortable to sail and it's tough as fuck. The guns and I just don't seem to get along.
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